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  1. reply to the craigslist link is better not sure when ill be on here again to check.. mention youre on the forum
  2. hey guys so selling all my after market parts that i pulled out before the trade in. just going to post the links to craigslist where i have them listed. I'm in orange county CA but willl ship anywhere you just have to pay the shipping. shipping internationally not worth the cost to ship but if you want it that badly fine. everything is off of a US version 2014 spark 1.2L LT2 but should fit all us 2012-2015 sparks spike lug nuts k and n filter license plate frame gm all weather floor mats head lights also have some philips led reverse lights brand new but box was opened $10
  3. lol front stage... i got into it the other day with some guy in the sonic group about this.. I want to put 6x9s in the back shelf of my sonic sedan and hes blah blah front stage bs bs sound competitions blah blah.. its about full sound getting ever note and frequency of the music.. anyway.. very cool stuff
  4. This isnt mine but.. looking for a pic of mine already in the spark face book group I noticed that the black sticker things are an american thing.. overseas version dont have them.. weird.. anyway check the fb group for more pics or I'm sure you can find a euro version in your color without them to see what it would look like in google images. I've taken them off my spark and sonic and it looks so much better. If they were gloss black I can see it maybe looking like the one big window effect its trying to achieve, but they're that ugly plastic textured junk and it just doesn't work :(
  5. pretty sure they do most modern cars do. and I bet the speakers are the same size as what is in the sonic since theyre int the same location and sound the same but could be wrong
  6. never seemed to get tailgated but a lot switching lanes in front of me or merging into me.. never happens in the truck. lol stay safe out there guys
  7. too much money and in california salvaged cars can only have liability insurance so if it gets stolen again or an accident where youre at fault youre s.o.L your state might be different. still too much money.
  8. havent had the issue.. cause I peeled it off a long time ago.. just pull it off it makes the car look way better and classier.. use car wax to buff off the residual adhesive
  9. well I traded in my spark and took the k and n air filter out (they aint giving me more money for it) and put the stock like new one back in. I do have exhaust so this might not be typical but.. it ran smoother, way quieter which was weird, and was quicker off the line and saw a huge jump in mpg. only drove it for a day and raced it everywhere using as much gas as could cause screw them i'm not giving them my 20 bucks worth of gas too lol.. but I gotta take it back.. stay stock not worth the investment .. again theres after market exhaust but from what I experienced witht the exhaust it made it slower too just sounded louder and made it funner to drive for me any way. #staystock side note selling my K and n filter if anyone is interested lol
  10. yup. it was shifting at funky points and for no reason on the test drive my 13 doesnt do that which is weirder .. again I'm going to break in maybe? how many miles on your wifes 15? other thing I dont like about the sonic is the breaking you have to push half way down for the breaks to start engaging like a honda. all other gm cars break normally as soon as you touch the break pedal you get response. is hers like that as well?
  11. thanks guys .. after the last road rage thing i was scared to drive around in it (PTSD??) it super noticeable no there one out there that looks like mine and with the crazy f*ck still out there waiting to see me in it again. I was driving around with weapons in the car for protection. getting into to a road rage battle in a land rover that can actually crash into another and survive or has enough power to evade the other car is a whole different ball game. I know how easily this guy can take damage and become undriveable with no way to get away. I loved my spark and you guys know that I had one of the good ones without issues but I wouldn't drive it .. It really does suck but last night I was finally able to sleep easy with out worrying about some psycho trying to kill me in my car. I did drive the trax around for the day yesterday and it drives really nice, plenty of power, which surprised me having the sonic with the same engine and everything. trax is a bit bigger (taller etc, I haven't compared weight yet) different drive ratio but seemed just as quick but more powerful (torque-y). only thing i didnt like is the font lip/airdam on it is super low. lower than the sonic with had a plastic airdam that scraps on every driveway. its an LS trax not sure if the other models differ or AWD is higher. 10 minutes in and pulled up too far in the parking space and almost pulled the rubber part underneath off lol. its a rubber pieces so you dont hear it scrape. its all scratched up but I just pushed it back into place. seems like its an easily removed and replaced part. but for an "SUV" its ground clearance is pretty terrible.
  12. sadly this car has become a safety concern for me.. not the car itself but the other careless and dangerous drivers.. 2 road rage incidents (one spitting on the car one trying to run me off the road and kicking in my car door) one terrible accident (that was only a side swipe and was $300 short of totaling a 6 month old car had it been a t-bone I probably wouldnt have survived) and numerous they didnt see me and it could have been really bad moments. I love this car have put a ton of freaking man hours into it making it the most awesome spark out there but.. it's too small and they just dont take it seriously.. tomorrow it's being traded for a 16 trax for the misses to drive and i'm taking over her sonic sedan.. something new to play with but i'm really going to miss the spark and I hate that theres so many fu*ktards out there that I have to do this, plus I'm eating about $3500 of negative equity in the trade.. *siiiigh* I'll check in every now and then but any questions or concerns join the facebook spark forum group I'll always be there.. #RIP
  13. well trading in my spark and taking all my goodies off of it.. will up date with exact models n such but gm all weather floormats $100 sylvan crystal white headlights (clean bright white, not that annoying ghetto blue shtuf) h13 $40 philips led back up bulbs $15 Lug nut spikes $50 Stock muffler and resonator $100 K and n air filter (stock replacement) $30 im in orange county CA .. local is better but will ship. you pay shipping costs.
  14. test drove a sonic hatch automatic and it might have been a new car thing but its shifts were super harsh (i have a 13 sonic sedan and it doesnt shift like that so might need breaking in but) I was like cool more power but the shifts hurt (the car anyway i felt bad) and I was like I like my spark with the cvt way more..
  15. yes. most gm cars (the ones Ive driven anyway) drive smoother and seem have "more power" with traction control off .. weird stuff but it is noticeable and seems like theyre in a lower gear with it on..