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  1. That height is right on the money for the spark.
  2. I have stretched oil life way beyond the reminder when I used to run amsoil xl. In that car the service interval was 5k i used to run 10k before changing. Now I follow the manufacturers recommendation until Im out of warranty. I usually change oil every 6months as i dont drive enough to hit mileage, if i wait for the oil reminder my oil will break apart before i change it. I also dont plan on keeping neither one of the cars that i have for a looooong time so I dont spend money on better oil.
  3. Extreme dieting and removing all your interior trim and seats.
  4. A lot of newer cars dont have a spare. You can get a spare tire kit from a chevy aveo for around $100 and it fits the spark.
  5. Thats the gamble of buying a car be it used or new, some are good and some are complete piles. You can check for recalls here
  6. You can drive it until it breaks completely. It could take 5 min and it could take 5 years. Replacing the boot only, is bad medicine, the ripped boot is the cause of the clicking noise not a symptom.
  7. Just Pry the black surround the one with the air vents not the screen frame with your hands or a plastic panel pulling tool, and there is a couple screws on the side of the radio, after removing those just pull it out and undo the connections on the back.
  8. I get filters from amazon, ac delco pf68 i paid $6.80 shipped just a couple weeks ago.
  9. If i was driving 170miles per day i sure as hell would not do it in a spark.... if im spending 4 yours of my day in a car it needs to be more comfortable.
  10. Havent found one, but the car is super simple, if you have worked in anything that has obd2 and airbags you can find your way around it.
  11. Don't know where the pcv is on the spark. The spark plugs are under the top plastic cover that says s-tech so no need to remove anything other than the cover and coil packs to replace them
  12. Bad battery, bad starter relay, bad starter, blown fuse, bad key, fried alternator. It should also start in neutral so if the sensor is bad in park.
  13. Until your warranty expires follow the book regardless of what the dealership says. If you have an extended warranty contract follow the requirements on the contract or you may be denied coverage if something goes wrong. If your dealer is putting conventional oil in your engine they are putting the wrong oil as the spark takes synthetic. I change my oil every 6 months and rotate the tires at the same time, I don't drive enough to reach the mileage.
  14. Your amp documentation should give you the answer, but most amps will not need a remote lead when you use the speaker level input, it also eliminates the need for line out converters.
  15. I would use the original wiring to trigger a relay if you are using lamps that draw almost 4 times as much as the original equipment.