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  1. Nobody stocks anything for the spark. If you need something order online, it will take just as long to get and you wont need to call around for it.
  2. In the US we only got the spark for the 2013 model year and forward with the 1.2l s-tech engine from 13-15, and a remodel for the 2016 model with the 1.4 ecotec n/a. The early 1.2s had pcv issues that were solved by a recall, the 13-15 has a problem witb the coolant reservoir which cracks at one of the fittings and some of the cvt cars seem to have problems with the transmission operating smoothly, (which in my opinion most of those are just picky drivers comming from more expensive vehicles) I owned my 2014 for 3 years, bought it used and it was a dealership loaner car before i owned it. Only repairs done were ac recharge on warranty, 1 ac flap cable under warranty, coolant reservoir cracked, and one battery. I traded for a ford fiesta because I disliked driving automatic cars and i needed the trunk space.
  3. Does not sound right to me, I would try swapping that coil to another cylinder to see if the problem follows it.
  4. Call their customer service and make sure it is the correct one before you purchase.
  5. It should come out the same way as a airbag wheel, i dont see why gm would make a whole new steering wheel for a non airbag car.
  6. The car is 5 years old, gm will not do any service for free on a car that is out of warranty. No dealer/mechanic will properly diagnose a car for free.
  7. Too busy, hood back to red, leave the black stripe, should probably follow that stripe on the roof and rear loose the black gas cap and door handles, needs some tire shine, red letters on tires are just silly. why is there an rs badge on it?
  8. Rivets shouldnt make you afraid of doing the job, they are not any harder to do than screws. A rivet tool is about $25-30, and you just need a metal drill bit to drill the old ones out.
  9. You probably need to download the book for your model. We dont have the ltz trim in the usa so I'm no help.
  10. Its probably safer to drop the whole cradle and split it out of the car
  11. Any dealer or automotive locksmith should be able to get you the code and replace the lock.
  13. For best performance and fuel economy you should run what the manufacturer recommends. Running 85 octane fuel is not recommended. Read the book.
  14. Seems like chevy designed a way to sell trunk handles for the spark just like door latches fortheir work vans. "Lets put a plastic piece that wears out super fast, and can only be sold with a new handle!" I lost count of how many times i have locked myself out of the back of my work van because of the pastic cable retainer breaking.
  15. Damn.. a whole lot easier than a 2.3 mazda/ford that needs the whole intake manifold out to be replaced, 2hr job to replace a $7 part