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  1. Its probably safer to drop the whole cradle and split it out of the car
  2. Any dealer or automotive locksmith should be able to get you the code and replace the lock.
  4. For best performance and fuel economy you should run what the manufacturer recommends. Running 85 octane fuel is not recommended. Read the book.
  5. Seems like chevy designed a way to sell trunk handles for the spark just like door latches fortheir work vans. "Lets put a plastic piece that wears out super fast, and can only be sold with a new handle!" I lost count of how many times i have locked myself out of the back of my work van because of the pastic cable retainer breaking.
  6. Damn.. a whole lot easier than a 2.3 mazda/ford that needs the whole intake manifold out to be replaced, 2hr job to replace a $7 part
  7. Stick your head under the dash, find where the clicking noise comes from, take car to dealer and make the guy stick his head under the dash and point where the noise comes from. Otherwise they will replace your whole brake system, 3 tires and a transmission before they find out you just need a mew brake pedal or possibly a squirt of lithium grease.
  8. Most features need to be enabled in the bcm to work, so just having a switch doesnt really add the function to your car if the computer doesn't know it exists. It is a trial and error thing, assuming all components are in place and the computer already has the function enabled then adding the switch would make it work. But if the function isnt enabled then you would have to find a dealer or shop that can enable it in your car, and most places are not very willing to do so due to the risk of turning your cars computer into a paperweight.
  9. Definetely not needed for the spark, its port injected just Drop a little bottle of injector cleaner in the tank, wipe down your throttle body with throttle body cleaner, spray some maf cleaner on the maf sensor and make sure your air filter is clean.
  10. Filled for life, change oil if a seal leaks.
  11. That height is right on the money for the spark.
  12. I have stretched oil life way beyond the reminder when I used to run amsoil xl. In that car the service interval was 5k i used to run 10k before changing. Now I follow the manufacturers recommendation until Im out of warranty. I usually change oil every 6months as i dont drive enough to hit mileage, if i wait for the oil reminder my oil will break apart before i change it. I also dont plan on keeping neither one of the cars that i have for a looooong time so I dont spend money on better oil.
  13. Extreme dieting and removing all your interior trim and seats.
  14. A lot of newer cars dont have a spare. You can get a spare tire kit from a chevy aveo for around $100 and it fits the spark.
  15. Thats the gamble of buying a car be it used or new, some are good and some are complete piles. You can check for recalls here