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  1. I dont think Oldgearhead is on here anymore. I haven't seen him post in a long time.
  2. The 2015 doesn't do Android auto. The 2016 and up do but it wasn't offered in the 2015. It may do Bluetooth but that depends on which model you have.
  3. I have never heard anybody mention or complain about it. When I replaced the battery on my old 2014 I had no issues,
  4. Unfortunately I am sure you are going to have to pay. Everybody else having issues doesn't mean anything to them. The customer satisfaction program ended three years ago. The car is five years old and things go wrong. I think you are expecting a bit much from the car and Chevrolet. I mean we all want the car to last but reality is things fail.
  5. They don't hang out in here any more. Your best bet would be to call Chevy customer relations and open a ticket with them.
  6. Wow. The post you replied to was almost three years old lol
  7. Meant to quote you with my post above. He is looking for the service manual. Not the owners manual. Big difference.
  8. He is looking for the service manual, not the owners manual. Big difference.
  9. They should be able to look it up by the VIN. If they say they can't I would check with a different dealer.
  10. How would Onstar know that the bearing was bad? The bearing is mechanical. When Onstar performs the diagnostics its only on the electrical parts the computer monitors.
  11. Its just saying the oil life is low. No big deal. May be they forgot to reset it last oil change. Just drive it and make sure they are aware when you turn it in.
  12. I don't know how much you searched but I found this.
  13. I wonder if you are hearing the brake light switch.
  14. Another scam the service department tries to sell you that isn't needed.
  15. Go by the manual. The 13's had a four speed automatic. The 14's and up went to a cvt.