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  1. Usually with 3 people in the car around town I have been getting about 32mpg. Highway with the same 3 people I get around 42-45mpg. I don't baby mine, I get her up to speed as fast as that little motor will go. 2014 CVT and over 17,000 miles.
  2. Pictures of the headrests you used might help. In fact anyone that has swapped theirs out I would be interested in seeing.
  3. PM sent about this and my Transmission Shuttering issue.
  4. Today it did it a little bit one time, AC was not on and it was around 75 Degrees. I am going to wait a little longer and notice the exact circumstances when it occurs and if I can duplicate the conditions so the service people will know how to make it act up. Right now there seems to be no pattern.
  5. I really haven paid any attention to whether the AC is on or off at the time, but if it is it may be due to the higher ambient temperature more than the AC being on, and that is just a coincidence.
  6. Looks like they fixed one problem but may have created another one:(
  7. Did you give him the TSB number and have him look it up? You won't get a code.
  8. I have noticed a couple times recently if I don't come to a complete stop, maybe going around 5mph then give it has the transmission will shutter and shake the car befor grabbing and accelerating. Today as I was approaching an intersection and was slowing, the light turned green, as I got on the accelerator the transmission made a big clunk noise and the car lurched. Has anyone else had this issue? I am calling the dealer in a little bit to get an appointment.
  9. I have found my radio on FM when I start it sometimes when I know I had left it on XM or on my USB stick when I shut it off... It's not every time, just occasionally.
  10. Heaters and evaporators were also much larger back in the old days and had R12 as the medium for heat exchange in the AC units which is much more efficient than what is used today. I have found leaf debris on my cabin filter in other cars, what if that had gotten into the ac evaporator or heater core? It's more important to keep those fins clean now than it used to be.
  11. I would be worried about the long term effects of removing the filter. Short term gains may cause long term problems like coating of the heater core and ac evaporator fins with dirt can be the same as a dirty cabin air filter and much harder to remèdy, changing the filter is easier than cleaning the fins off. I would try finding a less restrictive cabin air filter.
  12. I replaced my air filter with a K&N and then removed the resonator tube and replaced it with a 90 degree elbow facing down. It seems to have helped the seat of the pants feel and I now get the cool wooshing sound like you get with a CAI... Much cheaper too.
  13. I will mention this at my next oil change. Thanks
  14. I usually take the compliments with a thank you and when I hear the ugly comment I try to see what kind of car they get into, so far most of the time it's a ratted out Honda or Toyota... I still get asked if its electric, then the what kind of mileage does it get... I have never heard a bad comment about the interior....yet.
  15. Is it a recall or just a TSB? Recalls have notices sent out, TSBs will only be done if an owner complains about that condition.