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  1. I decided to order the cold air intake pictured above from DC sports. $150 which isn't ideal just for the MAF sensor housing but I'm minimizing welding, so it is what it is. I'm planning on running the cold air intake while I get the rest of the turbo system ready, so I will report on that. I also ordered new tires and a rim to replace a bent rim and hopefully get rid of some awful road noise. Considering what I paid for the car, I don't mind throwing in a little $ to keep it loveable.
  2. Almost forgot, The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor has to go after the intercooler and blow off valve but before the throttle body (TB). I'm considering using this cold air intake for the MAF sensor housing and hopefully use the remaining parts if possible. I would cut it to fit my last bend into the TB. Any thoughts? I'd really like to find a cheaper option in a 2.5 pipe with a MAF housing that fits for the 2014 Spark MAF sensor.
  3. This is where I plan on cutting the manifold and welding the vband flange to attach to the above pictured T3 flange that will bolt on to the turbo. I have to modify the bolt on side unfortunately, but I'll discuss that more in my hindsight/lessons learned post. Happy with the progress.
  4. My T3 90 degree to 2.5 vband pipe was delivered today. I'll try and post a visual but I'm planning on cutting the stock manifold and welding a 2.5 vband flange on the pipe going down from the manifold (near the first o2 sensor)
  5. These look really cool. I was not expecting to like them but I really want them now.
  6. I finished mock fitting the charge pipes from the intercooler to the throttle body. I need to order one more coupler but I used the stock boot for a test fit. Moisture got into my camera lense so this was the best pic I could get for now.
  7. I started fitting the charge pipes today. I'm going to move the intercooler back (towards the radiator) a tiny bit for a better fit but I'm happy with the progress. This bumper literally snaps off and on, which has made this process a lot easier.
  8. Are you looking for bulbs, bolt on lights, or tinting the lenses? Lots of options depending on what you want.
  9. My 90 degree couplers finally arrived. I plan to pick up a metal blade for my chop saw and tackle the fabrication of the charge pipe from the intercooler to the throttle body over the weekend. I also picked out a boost gauge for around $25. The weekend is fast approaching!
  10. Not totally related but I am hooking up a PSI gauge. I'm hoping to have it on the side of the speedometer. (Left side of cluster) I didn't see anything too appealing for digital speedometers yet that fit my style. Keep me posted!
  11. The suspension looks so basic when I looked at the rear suspension. I'm definitely interested in what upgrades could be made there, possibly even on a decent budget Your car looks great! Any update pics with tint?
  12. 2014 Spark here too! Welcome!
  13. My blow off valve (bov) silicone coupler was delivered today. I did a quick test fit with my bov and the 2.5" charge pipes and everything seems to fit great. I'm still waiting for my 90 degree couplers and then I will start fabricating my charge pipes from the intercooler to the throttle body. I paid $25 for the coupler, $50 for the bov and $40 for 2ft of aluminum pipe. I'll have to see what I have in clamps and couplers and update the total budget.
  14. I'm trying to do what you are describing. I have a 2014 chevy spark and I'm working on putting a 2016 chevy cruze turbo on it. It's definitely not "bolt on" ready. I'm enjoying the project so far though. Hindsight, I would probably look for a universal turbo due to the flange shape and sizes. No major complaints yet though.