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  1. I finally ran the wideband wire and boost gauge vacuum line through the firewall. I like the placement of the gauges and do not miss the loose wires.
  2. I installed a T-fitting in the intake manifold (white plastic T in picture) to hook up as my vacuum line for the blow off valve and my boost gauge so I know what the pressure is in the intake manifold. Unfortunately, this manifold absolute pressure sensor is not set up to read above atmospheric pressure and the ecu (e78) does not appear able to monitor above 1 bar (atmospheric pressure) This is not an end all issue but it does make tuning for boost a bit of a challenge (especially for a newbie like me) On a positive note, I hooked my boost gauge up and confirmed I am making boost. I'll post a video showing the guage while I drive but on the way home I think it was around 5psi. This was at 4,000 rpm or below and there are some areas where I may be leaking boost so that number should go up. Happy Friday!
  3. Day 2 of driving the turbo spark to work. I put in a new tune and filled up on e85 before heading out. Still seeing backfires at about 4200 rpm but it is getting better.
  4. I wouldn't call it a daily driver quite yet but I drove it 15 miles to work this morning. A fairly uneventful drive. I have upgraded the spring in the blow off valve to hold boost higher. At this point, I'm planning on scheduling a dyno tuning session once my bonus comes through. Fingers crossed. Stay tuned!
  5. Road testing the rough base tune. I just took a little spin around the block to check fueling. There are still some really rich areas where you can hear it backfire. It's coming along though. I'm still thinking about taking it to get tuned on a dyno but I like to tinker with it too.
  6. Almost done with the new exhaust. It has much more ground clearance than before which was my goal. I still need to put in a spot for the wideband but that should be no problem and then I will finish welding the seams off of the car. I couldn't help but start the car up early this morning before work and it sounds so much better! I fixed a few areas that had exhaust leaks. Last item to grab is vacuum lines and possibly a battery charger as this process has been draining the battery and my charger needs an upgrade. Hopefully, I can drive around this weekend and post a video of the current status and tuning process.
  7. This morning I made a lot of progress on rerouting the exhaust. I still need one straight piece to connect the two sections but the hard work is done. I also received my section of charge pipe that will be replacing the section where the cheap ebay blow off valve used to be. Last item to gather is some vaccum hose and we're back in business with a base tune and improved system
  8. Haha yeah, I have been tinkering for quite some time now. I took everything apart to make some final tweaks and I'm in the process of reassembly. I have a few minor parts ordered but after that I should be back to tuning. I'm hoping to see what kind of boost this thing can make as soon as possible.
  9. I powdercoated another piece of the intercooler piping wrinkle black. The ends and openings were covered with tape to keep powder out of the pipe. The unfinished sections will be covered by silicone couplers.
  10. Sorry to hear about the parts issues, I can certainly relate. I seriously carried my turbo into menards one day to make sure a fitting I used for my oil feed would thread into the turbo. Ordering online is hard for some of these parts. Glad they were relatively cheap.
  11. I wanted to replace the ebay blow off valve I bought with an aftermarket one from Forge designed for the Cruze turbo. It's for the prior generation Cruze and is not controlled by the ecu. I'll hang on to the stock one it replaces as it can be controlled by my stock ecu. The new one is controlled by a spring and can be changed. I have two springs that cruze and sonic owners report seeing up to 22 psi on. Not sure what this little thing will see but I'm going to try and get it as high as I can with E85. I also removed the bypass solenoid that is also controlled by the ecu. I have to do a bit of research on vacum lines for the set up because it is all foreign to me. My plan is to figure these lines out and reinstall the turbo to see what kind of boost it can build. I will link to some of the data logs and tunes once things are starting to dial in.
  12. While trying to tune my VE table I noticed my intake temps were a bit high so I finally finished my intake. I think I will get a nice edge for the opening but I like it. Intake temps are nice and cool now. I have made a lot of progress on tuning the car. Today I drove around dialing in the fueling and the responsiveness and power has been consistently improving.
  13. Nice! I'm excited to follow your build. Enjoy it!!
  14. Today was a very successful day as far as progress on driveability. I noticed the ecu was pulling a lot of timing and this was causing the pedal response to be non existent. I tinkered with a few spark tables and raised the minimum spark allowed to 5 degrees. The delay in throttle response is almost entirely gone now. I think I should be able to continue to dial in the air fuel ratio at partial and full throttle now.
  15. Happy Friday! Big day for getting things back on track. My new ecu is installed and the car is back up and running. I actually ended up getting a sonic ecu but was able to write my spark file onto the ecu. It ended up saving me 2 credits so I saved $100. Time to start tuning the torque tables.