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  1. I had not considered this, thanks for the tip. I did a little research on megasquirt and it seems interesting as an option. I also came across this product bench force which is available and compatible with my car. Here is the option that works for the spark: New website: The computer is known as an e78 and was used from 2011 to 2017 on various engines. If this is accurate, the hp tuner that is available for 2016 as NSE mentioned may work. If not, bench force seems like it may work. Here's some info on tuning an e78 with hp tuner:
  2. It seems like it is available/possible but not listed on any website. I only see 2016 listed on hp tuner. I assume that covers 2016 and newer. I need the one for 2013 to 2015. I do think there is a big difference between the 2015 and 2016 because they came out with a new model for 2016+. Looking at the forum I linked above it seems the tuner for 2013-2015 is available but not listed on their site. I talked to someone on here thatsays they have one from bad news racing but it was not listed on their site. I have reached out directly to HP tuner and I will reach out directly to bad news racing. I'll follow up when I get responses.
  3. ANeeSpark, do you have any additional info on BNR tuner for 2013 to 2015 spark? I am really interested but having a hard time finding the product. Thanks!
  4. Thanks! I haven't got that quite worked out yet but I did see this older hp tuner forum that leads me to believe they may have something that could work. Like most online forums, the convo sort of just ends so I'm going to reach out to HP tuners and see what I can find out. I'll let you know what I find.
  5. Thanks! I honestly don't have any expectations for horsepower. I'm starting out with 84 hp. I plan on starting at 5psi for boost and seeing if I can increase from there. I plan on dyno testing if all goes to plan. I will be happy to share any results.
  6. Space has always been my biggest concern for this project. Last night I determined I can free up some crucial space by moving the radiator foward and towards the driver's side. I can move the passanger side of the radiator out over 1.5", the driver side/middle 2", and the whole raditator can move 4" towards the driver's side.
  7. I cut my manifold to help me visualize the next steps of connecting the dots. While everything is apart I'm doing some more in depth fitting.
  8. I definitely will. I can't wait to start it up for the first time.
  9. I installed the cold air intake tonight. I really like the set up as is and it will be great for what I need for the charge pipe. I only had time to rev the engine a couple of times but I'm actually a little surprised with the change in the sound.
  10. Boost gauge and the v clamp for the exhaust manifold/t3 connector were both delivered. I'm happy with the gauge. It should look good when it is done and it will be nice to monitor boost and be able to adjust if needed with the adjustable blow off valve. $25 for the guage.
  11. My cold air intake from DC Sports was delivered today. I did a test fit with the charge pipes and everything fits (connects) with no additional couplers needed. I'll wait to cut to fit until everything is ready so I can try out the cold air intake as is first.
  12. I decided to order the cold air intake pictured above from DC sports. $150 which isn't ideal just for the MAF sensor housing but I'm minimizing welding, so it is what it is. I'm planning on running the cold air intake while I get the rest of the turbo system ready, so I will report on that. I also ordered new tires and a rim to replace a bent rim and hopefully get rid of some awful road noise. Considering what I paid for the car, I don't mind throwing in a little $ to keep it loveable.
  13. Almost forgot, The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor has to go after the intercooler and blow off valve but before the throttle body (TB). I'm considering using this cold air intake for the MAF sensor housing and hopefully use the remaining parts if possible. I would cut it to fit my last bend into the TB. Any thoughts? I'd really like to find a cheaper option in a 2.5 pipe with a MAF housing that fits for the 2014 Spark MAF sensor.
  14. This is where I plan on cutting the manifold and welding the vband flange to attach to a T3 flange that will bolt on to the turbo. I have to modify the bolt on side unfortunately, but I'll discuss that more in my hindsight/lessons learned post. Happy with the progress.
  15. I researched how to clock a turbo and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of freedom it offers you with the orientation of the inlets and outlets. This information means I will not be using the 90 T3 flange and that frees up some much needed space.