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  1. My exhuast manifold is taking shape. I'm going to cut the bolt holes out and weld threads on the flange. The hot side of the turbo has a really weird flange so I'm forced to customize a bit. I still have a bit of cutting and grinding to do as well.
  2. these modern airbag systems do tie in together. If a selt belt sensor is activated or an air bag sensor it can be bad news for the system as a whole for functioning. They replace or reset the piece that is the issue and the system should work again. Think full circuit. So did 3 airbags go off or was it just a sensor issue?
  3. This is a bad picture of the matte black because the picture was taken while the clear coat was drying but I wanted to show off my door jam and interior color scheme. Some call it lazy, others call it art.
  4. The flat black helped clean up under the hood and I like the cleaner more discrete look.
  5. I've decided to paint my car matte black. Here's a preview of the color. I'm pretty excited about color. I plan on finishing painting before winter.
  6. Here's a preview of the painted intake pipes. I painted them flat black. I plan on painting the car matte black in the spring. Little blue, no mas. I got my 45 degree elbow yesterday ( as seen below) it fits great with the rest of the pipes.
  7. I installed the boost gauge in my dash. I still have to run the hose through the firewall but there is a nice hole/boot for wires and I have a straight shot so it should be good. I'm happy with the look. This gauge has a backlight for night driving. I have read you should wire it to the dimmer switch which is convenienly just down and to the left a tad. I will have to do more research but that is the plan for now. I also decided to paint my intake pipes/boots and clamps. I'm happy with the results. I'll post pictures after they're installed.
  8. I finally cut that brand new cold air intake. I will probably tinker with the final fit a bit but not bad for a first timer. I'll have to change one 90° to a 45° but that isn't a huge deal and I can use the 90° on the intake side. The blow off valve and MAF sensor are after the intercooler which is how it should be set up.
  9. Not quite finished but the bumper cutout is getting close.
  10. Here's the table for throttle %. Assuming no other limiters are active this is the % of throttle at various RPMs. Notice wide open is limited to 87% (13 on the table) from 3,200 rpm to 6,000 rpm. I will change that to 0 and hopefully that will open the throttle 100%. Once I get my car back togetherand running I will be able to verify this with the scanner. However, this 87% max is consistent with my previous scans of stock settings.
  11. Tuning is what would allow you to change what the computer does in response to the new parameters. There are options out there that are compatible with the spark. Hp tuners has 2014 to 2017. The Spark's computer (e78) seems tricky to me but there is some decent info out there. Here's an example: there is a maximum air flow (lbs/hr) set in the computer. If you go beyond the max with forced induction the throttle body will close to stay below the max. With tuning software you can just change the maximum.
  12. Awesome! Thanks for sharing
  13. The roof rack looks really cool. Any info on the rack? Nice ride!
  14. Took the canoe out on the lake and I was too lazy to take it off before starting to work on my intercooler and charge pipe. A cool look for little blue that I thought it was worth a picture