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  1. I took the spark on it's first drive today. It was very short but I am finally able to log good data and not have the car stall. This should make things so much easier. If I did it all over I would look at the injector duty cycle of the stock injectors and keep them if possible. Otherwise get good injectors with good injector data. I had to guesstimate on a lot of the injector data as I bought cheap decapped injectors. After tinkering, I was able to get them close enough so I can now log good data and fine tune the fueling.
  2. Thanks, it's been a slow learning process but I'm finally starting to see some results. The idle is pretty good now for park, neutral, and drive. It runs a little rich in park due to the unnecessarily large injectors I went with. I think I can lean it out more but it isn't too bad.
  3. Holy crap! I apologize for my lack of progress. I have been learning a ton doing research on how to tune the E78 ecu. My plan is to get all of the quirks worked out and put together a how to video. I can also send out the scanner settings that I used to make the changes which should help others who are looking to tune this car. If everything is set up correct it is literally a copy paste after that. This is all assuming I am successful, of course. I plan to hit it hard this weekend.
  4. chevy sprak drivers door doesnt close all the way!

    On the door, you may be able to move the catch in a bit. I'd loosen the bolts and push the catch in bit and tighten it back down while still pushing in. By "catch" I mean the part attached to the car that the latch grabs on too. Hope this makes sense might not work but free and easy to try
  5. Lawyer here :). Active license but I switched to compliance after I realized I hated most of what I saw as a practicing attorney (it just wasn't for me). Not sure what OPs claims would be specifically or what they would be based on but I love my 2014. No complaints here. Sorry to hear about your troubles Chuck, I hope you find a positive result in whatever recourse you pursue. I'd be curious to hear more about what caused the issue and the routine maintenance. If you do pursue this legally, I anticipate those questions will come up.
  6. Sorry to hear. That would royally piss me off as well.
  7. Has anyone tried ceramic coating on any of their cars, either DIY or professional applications? I just put some on my black s2000 and I love it so far. It adds tons of shine and makes the water just roll off the paint. I used cquarts uk 3.0 it cost about $60
  8. Thanks for checking, I appreciate it! I have found a few local places that may work. One quoted me at $579. I might end up trailering my car there but they are booked until July 12th.
  9. Would your mechanic do a remote tune? I have learned a lot on what I need to do but I haven't seen any significant results so I'm becoming more and more open to the idea of just paying for a good base tune. I'd certainly be interested if your mechanic is open to remote tuning.
  10. If this works and I ever get my car running, this could be a very good upgrade for me. My intercooler and turbo piping are 2.5 but it bottlenecks into a smaller pipe with the MAF sensor and throttle body. Friendly reminder, careful unplugging the throttlebody. Otherwise, you could end up like me with a broken clip. The connection is obviously important and if your plug is loose at all it triggers limp in mode. Zipties to the rescue for now
  11. After dragging my feet and many distractions I'm ready to start seriously trying to get the tune dialed in. From what I have read, I will want to disable the mass air flow sensor and long term fuel trims to adjust the volumetric efficiency table. This is called open loop. Once that is successful, I will turn back on the MAF sensor and the tune should be very close to complete. Hopefully, I have this thing on the roads sometime next week. Update: the idle has improved quite a bit. My wideband is reading in gas scale so 14.7 is ideal.
  12. Thanks! I did have to modify the fuel pump basket but not the actual fuel pump. The fuel pump was quite a bit bigger so I had to cut the basket a bit to allow the pump to fit. I also soldered the plug for the pump. Other than that it was pretty much plug and play. Hope that makes sense. I took quite the break on this project but I have the wastegate mounted and I plan to resume tinkering today after work.
  13. Good stuff subbed.
  14. I would think smaller first personally. I'm not sure what your mechanical experience is but I would start tinkering with the existing engine and once you reach the limits consider the swap. I'm working on putting a turbo from the Cruze on my 14 spark. I just have to work on the tune now. I'd do something like that maybe a supercharger. I definitely think you could do the swap. You'd probably need the ecu and wiring harness from the Sonic but both ecu are tunable via HP tuners. Also, you would obviously want a daily driver while you do the work just something else to keep in mind. Dowhat you want in the end, if you really want it you will make it happen.
  15. This does not sound right to me. This isn't how my 2014 spark works. I didn't see the year of your vehicle so I apologize if yours is much newer. If that ends up being the only symptom I might let it be but it's probably something electrical. Best of luck!