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  1. For $20 you can access an electronic service manual for 3 days. You should be able to see the table of contents. Print off what you need and you should be good. Just one option to consider.
  2. Man, wish I would have seen this earlier :/
  3. I have another tuning session tomorrow. I decided to break up this month's hour and I've only used about 20 minutes this month. Tomorrow I plan to focus on torque based tuning. The modifications made to my car has changed the fueling and torque. In order to determine how much I need to modify the torque tables I need to log how much torque the engine is actually making compared to what is being requested. I'm setting up a histogram that logs engine torque on a chart with the x axis being rpm and the y axis being cylinder airmass. Tomorrow I will log the engine torque and look at how far of the current tune tables are. I will start putting together some videos showing the process to help better explain this but these tables and the fueling tables are really key with these newer torque based ecus.
  4. shock absorber

    Swerve around them Jk. I'm just messing around. I have seen a few posts on here where they have modified the suspension but it seems like it is a somewhat custom job or fairly expensive. It might seem silly but tire quality and air pressure might also play a role' just something to consider
  5. My only thought on the wideband is if you go with hp tuners' I think you will have to either wire it a certain way (beyond my knowledge) or upgrade to pro. I like the one I went with from aem as it plugs into the obd2 and hptu ers reads straight from there. It is probably just a work around for newbies like me but something to consider. Loving the progress, keep it up
  6. I had my second tuning session with Goat Rope Garage on Saturday. We adjusted my torque tables, driver demand table, and the variable camshaft tables. The car is running like a top. The two areas that I would like to improve are low rpm range acceleration (driver demand table) and power enrichment. I have a cvt transmission, so I know I will be somewhat limited on the low rpm acceleration. Long story short, I'm hitting 5 psi of boost and 6k+rpm and the little car sounds like a whistling monster. Couldn't be happier with the progress
  7. Engine bay ramble while I address an oil leak in the oil return line and prepare for my next tuning session on Saturday. I am now running the 3 bar map sensor and finally hitting 6,000 rpm. Currently seeing about 5psi of boost.
  8. No joke, those oil pans are crazy hard to get off. I had to use a crow bar on mine. I used that black oil gasket stuff when I put it back on. Best of luck with the oil pan, it took patience for me.
  9. Probably not the answer you want to hear but you alluded to it, driving style has a major impact. At least, with my car that was the biggest driving factor. Try driving like a grandma for a tank of gas and see what it does as a reference. Slow acceleration and coasting. An easy check would be checking tire pressure.
  10. Nice! Unfortunately, I won't really be able to do a before and after comparison. I'm currently tuning my air fuel ratio to adjust for my turbo, e85, injectors, etc. My mileage is all over the place at the moment but no where near 42.7
  11. No seatbelt lights or issues. I thought I was going to regret removing the rear speakers as they barely weighed anything but I like the look better and I didn't even notice a change in audio.
  12. So I get this concept isn't for everyone but I basically drive this to and from work and never have passengers so I figured why carry around all this unnecessary weight. I've previously removed my backseats and installed sound reduction adhesive. I went back and forth on the idea but now I'm all in. I removed my front seat and it seriously weighs as much or more than all of the back seat components combined. I might have a seatbelt light on after unhooking the seat but I may be able to turn that off with Hp tuners so I will have to look into that. I'm going to order more sound reduction adhesive and see what else I can lose. Goodbye rear speakers. ✌
  13. I'm really interested in this. Keep us posted. I bet there is a decent weight savings involved too
  14. Here's a short sound clip. I think it sounds better in person but I like it. I was really looking for flow more than anything. This is running on e85 so it might sound better if not. I am also still working on the tune and fueling specifically. 20190824_093513_001.mp4