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  2. Thanks for the tip, ChevyBeat! And welcome to jo.grey88!
  3. Hello, Ac3! Welcome to the forum!
  4. Welcome to the forum, Elys!
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  7. Hi! I am very glad that my post was helpful. I feel that once the mystery is removed, a lot of anxiety goes away with it. For tcbnfl: The only thing that I saw was the bottom of the valve body. If we are talking about the same thing, it looks square and like where a conventional filter would go. But, according to what info I have, it is the valve body. The dealer said that the little tube filter is the only filter listed. Anyway, you are good for another 45,000 miles!
  8. I ordered a wide band guage from AEM. A wideband replaces the second O2 sensor or can just be placed in the exhaust and reads the air fuel ratio. This guage plugs right in to the obdII port and can log data in hptuners. This is crucial for me to adjust for the increase in air with my turbo and increase in fuel with the modified injectors. Here's a video explaining it a bit
  9. Now, you need to remove the intakemanifold with ten bolts, three of the ten bolts are also securing the fuel rail. The fuel rail is under the top of the intake manifold like a surfer in the barrel of a wave. These diagrams are of the back of the engine and don't show all of the tubes and wires that make this slightly more challenging. I have 9 of the 10 bolts off so far.
  10. To access the fuel injectors you need to remove the rear bracket from the intake manifold with three bolts and the two side brackets on the manifold. The side bracket near the throttle body (pictured) has three bolts and the one near the oil cap/dip stick has two bolts.
  11. Hi There - I bought a 2014 Chevy Spark 1LT as a salvage. Replaced the right axle shaft, radiator, AC condenser, and a few other things. When I bought it, it drove and reversed at the lot. Now it won't drive or go into reverse though. It goes into gear, but won't engage. Is there some type of safety switch, such as if the door is ajar, that the car won't move? It revs up but stops at a certain point. Thanks
  12. I will be decapping my injectors and sending the decapped injectors in to be flow tested.I will post the results for anyone interested. My injectors appear to have recessed caps so the process is a little more delicate and slightly less documented.
  13. I'm glad to have found this Chevy discussion forum. I'm hoping to learn more from the other members here. Have a nice day!
  14. I came across this youtube channel and specific video on decapping fuel injectors. With my turbo set up, running e30 and having hp tuners, I think this is a great option. I'm going to look into it tonight. Here is the video.
  15. Do a search of this site using service rear vision and you will find several threads of people with the same issue. You might find some ideas there. My guess is it will require q trip to the dealer for a reflash of the system. It is possible that unhooking the battery for thirty minutes or so might cause it to reset but that I am not sure of.
  16. Hi All, I own a 2013 Chevy Spark LS with the MyLink built in. About a day ago my Spark started having an issue where I cannot control the media in my link using the controls on the steering wheel and whenever I go into reverse I now get a message saying to "Service Rear Vision System" even though (at least to my knowledge) my Spark has never had a rear vision system built in. Another thing I have noticed is that the OnStar icon is missing from the display even though I'm subscribed to OnStar with the Guidance package and also the outside temperature value is null. I have no check engine or service lights on when I'm driving the vehicle and the cruise control and other items on the steering column seem to be in working order. Also, I can still control the MyLink infotainment system via the touch screen and its additional controls (volume, power, etc). At first I thought there may have been an issue with her fuses but I checked the relevant fuses in the cabin fuse box and they all seem to be OK. I've tried a resetting the vehicle to factory settings (MyLink > Settings > Vehicle Settings > Restore Factory Defaults). I haven't tried resetting the radio defaults yet. Any thoughts on what's going on or what other troubleshooting steps I can try? I'm very tech savy but I'm not too confident in my knowledge of the engine of my Spark.
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  18. Hey, to all you who are debadging (2018 Spark specifically): Would someone be so kind as to send me one of the "s"es if they're just throwing them out? Adding one to the end makes my car spell out one of my favorite bands.. Steve in FL
  19. So our 2012 Spark just hit 100k and it's going to crap. First problem started last month, front passenger door lock stopped working (just makes growling sound when triggered by key fob, gearshift, or buttons). Second problem 2 weeks ago, air conditioning system stopped working (makes squeeling noise, pushes air, but not cooling). Today, the radio doesn't want to work. We live in central Texas and after a brutally hot summer, we have had an extremely rainy early fall (rain every day for several weeks). I'm ready to push it off a bridge! Any thoughts? Everything related?
  20. Effective immediately, people buying new General Motors vehicles will have the opportunity to purchase a true, extended bumper-to-bumper limited warranty resulting in five years or 60,000 miles of coverage (whichever comes first) for Chevrolet and GMC customers, and six years or 70,000 miles for Buick and Cadillac customers. No other brand offers customers a true extended warranty. View the full article
  21. That was a great guess Alexandre, I tested out your theory, but no dice. It didn't fit. I think I am just going to assume they are for something not related to the car, but will keep them just in case.
  22. You're right. I got some additional info. They said I could order speakers, but there is no part # for wiring. My concern was the radio won't recognize the rear two speakers without being updated since it shows X's on the screen. Maybe the radio automatically detects them.
  23. Hi! I think these might be for unscrewing the tire valve caps? They seem to be the right size and shape. I don't know why someone would need a tool for that though...
  24. I hit so far 150-155kph. It really need a big stretch of straight road to go above 150 and that I haven't found near me to check beyond 155. Although some people on YouTube tried 170kph.
  25. My exhuast manifold is taking shape. I'm going to cut the bolt holes out and weld threads on the flange. The hot side of the turbo has a really weird flange so I'm forced to customize a bit. I still have a bit of cutting and grinding to do as well.
  26. just hit the 113,000 kms or about 70,000 miles, no leaks, no problem keeps going like a charm, mine is 2013 5 speed LS
  27. 70,000 miles on mine, no problems, old thread
  28. Dunno about these objects in your pic, they don't look like keys even though they are on a "key" ring. But I like the looks of your line of fortune on your palm. I predict you will be driving a Mercedes or a Cadillac in future.
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