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  2. Have you put any thought into tuning? I know that way down the road, but I haven't been able to find anyone that can tune these cars. The project looks great though. It's making me want to give it a go
  3. 2014 Spark LS, Manual Transmission - 101K Miles Driving vehicle, Speedometer stops working, Fuel Gauge becomes erratic. Pulled over, turned vehicle off and on again. CEL never illuminated. Gauges then started working properly, but the car would hesitate upon hitting 4000 RPM in any gear. Cautiously drove another ~20 minutes. Near the end of the trip the hesitation issues stopped. I am absolutely super confused. At first I thought it was a cluster issue, then the bogging made me think engine issue. All combined I am wondering if something is up with the ECU. Any thoughts?
  4. Sounds like there is a short to ground in the wiring and it is confusing the control modules. Should have a dtc for this.
  5. My Spark does the same, belt chirp and loss of power. Does this around 3200 - 3500 rpm. Doesn't matter if easing on throttle or matted. It is a 5 speed manual.
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  7. Thanks! I honestly don't have any expectations for horsepower. I'm starting out with 84 hp. I plan on starting at 5psi for boost and seeing if I can increase from there. I plan on dyno testing if all goes to plan. I will be happy to share any results.
  8. Hi All, My wife got me a remote start and installation at Best Buy and it works great. Really nice on the cold winter mornings, Doogie
  9. In the pic you posted, it looks like the fog lights on the blue LS have chrome trim. The dealer told if ordered fog lights for my LS, the lights would have chrome trim. Only the grill is different. There are aftermarket fog lights on eBay without any chrome.
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  11. I'm blacking out the front end on my black on black 2017 Spark LT. I've realized that better than painting my chrome trim black, I can just use the LS trim grill and fog lamp housing inserts which are already matte black. Anybody want to trade your black LS bumper trim (blue car) for my chrome LT bumper trim (black car)? You would have to have fog lamps already as pictured. Would love to swap instead of painting my chrome black. Let me know!
  12. Hi cimera, I don't have any manual but looking at year 2007-2015 I guess you have similar model to mine 2010(M300). I didn't opened rear bumper but what I have observed for rear bumper are: 1. There are 2 plastic rivet at bottom. 2. On the side curves, there are 2 bumper mounts (1 in each side) just like front support (white-off white). 3. There could be possible hex screw which you may need to check behind fender liner. 4. If you're planning to route some wires, there is a louver in centre of trunk wall towards bumper. I will see if I am going to clean my car today (its parked at a friend's place), I will see more on this.
  13. Ouch...mysterious shorts in the electrical harness are heavy on man-hours.
  14. Nice build. What kind of power numbers are you hoping for?
  15. If the alternator is fine and the battery also is, to me this means that there must be a short to ground somewhere in the car that drains the battery overnight. You could have a look at this article that explains how and what to test with a multimeter to try and find the short:
  16. Would like to do some repairs on the bumper of my spark but can't really find any instructions for removal.
  17. My daughter has a 2014 Spark. A couple of years ago she was driving the car out of town and it just died on here. She was towed to a Chevy dealer, where after a couple of days of trying to figure out what was wrong, they got it running. At the time it was still under warranty. Recently the battery died and she took the car to Autozone where she bought the battery, it was under warranty and they replaced the battery. The battery lasted one day and it was drained. She had the car towed to a shop, there they replaced the alternator. The car still will not start. The mechanic at the shop said that the car is losing power, but they cannot figure out why. She is thinking about trying to get the car to a Chevy repair shop to see if they can fix it. She is still making payments on a car that she can't drive, she does not live in the same city as I, so my help is limited. Does this issue sound familiar to anyone?
  18. There are a lot of steps for the technician to follow. These techs are known to make mistakes. If your Spark keeps giving you lower MPG (4-5 less is horribly bad) I would take it back to the dealer and complain vociferously.
  19. Service Procedure Note: Carefully read and follow the instructions below. Ensure the programming tool is equipped with the latest software and is securely connected to the data link connector. If there is an interruption during programming, programming failure or control module damage may occur. Stable battery voltage is critical during programming. Any fluctuation, spiking, over voltage or loss of voltage will interrupt programming. When required install the EL-49642 SPS Programming Support Tool to maintain system voltage. If not available, connect a fully charged 12 V jumper or booster pack disconnected from the AC voltage supply. DO NOT connect a battery charger. Turn OFF or disable systems that may put a load on the vehicles battery such as; interior lights, exterior lights (including daytime running lights), HVAC, radio, etc. Clear DTCs after programming is complete. Clearing powertrain DTCs will set the Inspection/Maintenance (I/M) system status indicators to NO. If the Same Calibration/Software Warning is noted on the SPS Controller screen, do NOT attempt to program the module. No further action is required. Refer to the Warranty section of the bulletin and use labor operation code 9102966, Module Programming Not Required. Important: Before beginning the programming event, be sure the computer is connected to the MDI/MDI2 through a USB cable. DO NOT DOWNLOAD the files wirelessly or via Bluetooth connection. Reprogram the Transmission Control Module (TCM). Refer to Transmission Control Module Programming and Setup MR8 in SI. The Transmission Fast Learn procedure is REQUIRED with this programming. If there is a pop-up in SPS indicating otherwise, ignore it and proceed with the Transmission Fast Learn as SI recommends. Record SPS Warranty Claim Code on job card for warranty transaction submission.
  20. Read more about recall 18089 at this link:
  21. Quick little mod. Felt like being extra lol. I love watching people’s heads turn (expecting something a bit more...muscly) and then quickly turning away when they realize it’s a spark. The gurgle from the intake actually sounds amazing. Best $40 I’ve spent in a while!
  22. I'm having 16" gloss black RT7M wheels in 205/45R16 installed. Stoked.
  23. Before shot with stock 15x6" alloys and 185/55R15 tires. Standing by for new gloss black 16x7 RT-7M in 205/45R16. Now to find some lowering springs...
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  25. Can anyone please help me. I need to find the eeprom chip in the later impala head unit. It's a 2013.
  26. Can anyone please help me. I need to find the eeprom chip in the later impala head unit. It's a 2013.
  27. Is it safe to assume I can put these 2013-2015 wheels on my 2018? As far as I can tell, the only difference is the offset (45 mm vs. 50 mm).
  28. It seems to not have as much power as before like I need to give it more gas. Yes I know this car isn't really powerful to begin with but still. I'm taking a 1000 mile trip from Central Illinois to the Florida pan handle so hopefully it'll relearn the cvt by then. Idk.
  29. Do you notice it revving up higher when (casually) accelerating than what it did before you had the recall done? The ECM may have to "relearn" the most efficient CVT ratio at a given engine load and rpm. If it doesn't get better in the next couple tanks of gas I would take it back and complain. They may have to reflash the ECM.
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