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  2. I agree I want the ground effects really bad too ! Yes I also agree this is a very fun car to drive . Almost 1 year in and 19,000 on the clock i still get excited to get in and drive.
  3. Looks really nice !
  4. I agree , The black one is really nice looking !
  5. I agree I like them as well !
  6. Looks really nice , sometimes i miss the looks of my 2013.
  7. I decided to order the cold air intake pictured above from DC sports. $150 which isn't ideal just for the MAF sensor housing but I'm minimizing welding, so it is what it is. I'm planning on running the cold air intake while I get the rest of the turbo system ready, so I will report on that. I also ordered new tires and a rim to replace a bent rim and hopefully get rid of some awful road noise. Considering what I paid for the car, I don't mind throwing in a little $ to keep it loveable.
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  9. Almost forgot, The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor has to go after the intercooler and blow off valve but before the throttle body (TB). I'm considering using this cold air intake for the MAF sensor housing and hopefully use the remaining parts if possible. I would cut it to fit my last bend into the TB. Any thoughts? I'd really like to find a cheaper option in a 2.5 pipe with a MAF housing that fits for the 2014 Spark MAF sensor.
  10. Looks great. I love those little mag wheels.
  11. 2013 never had a fin antenna...just a straight-up rubber enclosed unit. My rubber enclosed part that sicks up about 6" was sheared off by my garage door..still get same reception.
  12. I would ask the dealer for synthetic first..if not offered for the free changes, mention it is recommended in the manual by GM. If they still insist on free conventional..well..then do it yourself. As Bobby said..keep all receipts..not just for oil..but every service item done by anyone..including the dealer. If there is ever any dispute you will have the paper to back you up..Right?
  13. Save your receipts for buying the oil & filter, in case dealer gives you hard time on warranty.
  14. i have little or no radio reception with factory and after market radio. My spark is 2013, have't changed my shark fin yet. i plan on trying either replace the fin or using a after market powered ampified antenna.
  15. It's a 17 spark.
  16. Do I need to use to free oil changes and if I don't will it mess up the warranty? I don't know if they will use synthetic blend or full synthetic I'd rather have full synthetic used which I filled up at the first oil changed at 1000 miles. If I do my own oil change will it mess up the warranty? I'm guessing the correct oil filter to use is the UPF64R? That's what I saw in the manual but the car had PF64 on when I bought it new. I'm taking a 1,900 mile total trip in about a month and I want to be ready. Thanks.
  17. Hey guys, just realized I never formally introduced myself. Here's my 2015 Spark LS 1.2 5spd that I bought back in January to replace my 2001 Toyota Echo (slid on some black ice and wrecked it..I would've fixed it, but it needed too much work to get it back to the way it used to look and drive). Overall, I'd say these are pretty cool little cars, good and gas and peppy. Could've bought a more powerful car but I decided to be responsible lol. No regrets. So far all that is done to it is a muffler delete, K&N filter, wheels, and I lowered it a bit. More to come soon. I also plan on doing a little autocross with my car when I get a chance.
  18. This is where I plan on cutting the manifold and welding the vband flange to attach to the above pictured T3 flange that will bolt on to the turbo. I have to modify the bolt on side unfortunately, but I'll discuss that more in my hindsight/lessons learned post. Happy with the progress.
  19. My T3 90 degree to 2.5 vband pipe was delivered today. I'll try and post a visual but I'm planning on cutting the stock manifold and welding a 2.5 vband flange on the pipe going down from the manifold (near the first o2 sensor)
  20. These look really cool. I was not expecting to like them but I really want them now.
  21. Very strong truck sales and a wave of all-new crossovers helped General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) deliver more than 758,000 vehicles in the United States in the second quarter of 2018. View the full article
  22. Glad to see you're still following through with this man . Hyped for the end result
  23. Nice work..looks good so far.
  24. Very good info, ChevyBeat, thanks for doing the research! I will most likely buy on is not much more there.
  25. Bobby, I just checked on ebay and Amazon (both US site). Though these seems same from AliExpress. These are available there but with increased price. If you are ok you have that option as well. You can check other online store for keywords as "obd2 coolant temperature".
  26. Yes, summer time is over and temperature in my city is getting down from 45-47°c. Major coastal states already got monsoon rains started. Like my city is close to thar desert so it got some showers and couple of good rains.
  27. Hi Bobby, AliExpress is retail site from the Alibaba group. Yes, it's a Chinese site and I am mainly buying small item only, which either I can't find in my city or Chevy is charging heavily. For example a plastic rivet I bought from Chevy service centre was around ₹40 while I got same from here for cheap ₹5, but its working well. I bought some other stuff but all small order. They accept major visa n master card and in past 1 year not got any payment related issue. If you want to buy something big order, I suggest go for registered mail option like china post registered mail or AliExpress standard shipping. They even have fast shipping but I have not tried. Biggest block is Customs, if they feel anything they will open package and could charge customs duty too. On this part, I guess someone from forum can guide if he/she bought and paid any custom duty. I so far not paid as small items are usually exempted (actually ignored) here (but lost 2 - 3 unregistered parcel as well ). They have some purchase protection program, if you not received parcel or its not as per description, you can open a dispute with seller. Chance of refund are 50-50 or seller may ask to return product, which may cost even more. P.S. just to mention, if your card provide virtual card option, I suggest to go with that for more on safety side. I am using a virtual debit card linked to account which is usually empty.
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