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  2. I took the spark on it's first drive today. It was very short but I am finally able to log good data and not have the car stall. This should make things so much easier. If I did it all over I would look at the injector duty cycle of the stock injectors and keep them if possible. Otherwise get good injectors with good injector data. I had to guesstimate on a lot of the injector data as I bought cheap decapped injectors. After tinkering, I was able to get them close enough so I can now log good data and fine tune the fueling.
  3. Oh i see, thank you. I don't see why would they put the light sensor on this model then
  4. Most features need to be enabled in the bcm to work, so just having a switch doesnt really add the function to your car if the computer doesn't know it exists. It is a trial and error thing, assuming all components are in place and the computer already has the function enabled then adding the switch would make it work. But if the function isnt enabled then you would have to find a dealer or shop that can enable it in your car, and most places are not very willing to do so due to the risk of turning your cars computer into a paperweight.
  5. Thanks, it's been a slow learning process but I'm finally starting to see some results. The idle is pretty good now for park, neutral, and drive. It runs a little rich in park due to the unnecessarily large injectors I went with. I think I can lean it out more but it isn't too bad.
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  7. Hey, i have a 2010 Chevy Spark and i was wonderin if i could have the turn signal lever for a newer version with the AUTO headlights. Because from my understanding my car has already the light sensor in the dash, so a simple change of the lever would be enought ? I will leave the images of the levers i am talking about.
  8. Which is the best product among those listed in this site?
  9. Hey guys, I have a 2012 Cruze lt 1.4 and I’ve run into an issue, P0171 I looked on Cruzetalk and it pointed me in the direction of the PCV failure I took it for diagnosis to confirm and sure right the PCV has failed aswell as the air intake so from what I’ve seen there’s a fix kit, can anyone point me in the direction of someone who can install the fix kit, I’m located in ontario Canada, any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. I just noticed I’m leaking coolant again from the back of the engine. It’s coming from the intake manifold gasket area. This is the second one I’ll be replacing in two years on this truck. I know this has been a problem with these engines in the past. Is there a “fix” for this problem? I’ve been trying to find info on line about the solution and all I’m finding is people complaining about the coolant leak and how to fix it. GM must have come up with a fix for this problem.
  11. Hi, Has anyone try to remove roof rails. I watched on youtube this video and try to remove plastic caps(With plastic levers). It's too hard, but at this video too easy looking.
  12. My 2013 has almost 73K on her. Had to do a lot of things to her that I didn't expect I'd ever have to do so early on. Manual transmission linkage cable snapped at around 40K miles. Air conditioner, completely SHOT at 55K. It was crappy since new even with the TSB and updates. Replaced oil pan gasket (LEAKING badly!) and ignition switch at around 60K miles. Front driver's seat vinyl was already splitting at 50K miles. I've been using a seat cover ever since. Front passenger side wheel bearings replaced at 65K miles. Exhaust leak was recently found at 72K miles.
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  14. Holy crap! I apologize for my lack of progress. I have been learning a ton doing research on how to tune the E78 ecu. My plan is to get all of the quirks worked out and put together a how to video. I can also send out the scanner settings that I used to make the changes which should help others who are looking to tune this car. If everything is set up correct it is literally a copy paste after that. This is all assuming I am successful, of course. I plan to hit it hard this weekend.
  15. Thanks...already in process of buying the MAF cleaner.
  16. The owners manual clearly states the Spark is not intended to tow anything.
  17. I am guessing you won't have a passenger with any legs in the seat behind you.. I too am the opposite of the usual demographic, 66 yo male bought the car initially because it fit in the back of my toyhauler. I no longer have that requirement, I just like the car, it's economy, comfort and stability, for a small car. I intend to have it for a long time.
  18. Definetely not needed for the spark, its port injected just Drop a little bottle of injector cleaner in the tank, wipe down your throttle body with throttle body cleaner, spray some maf cleaner on the maf sensor and make sure your air filter is clean.
  19. Hi I've just signed up as I'm thinking of purchasing a 2011 1.0 Chevy spark in the UK. There doesn't seem to be any UK forums for this car which is making me hesitant in buying a Spark. Is the US model mechanically the same as the UK? Is there a workshop manual that would cover the UK version? Is it a reliable car? Thanks
  20. Oh mam, really !!! Thanks!
  21. Another scam the service department tries to sell you that isn't needed.
  22. Hey all!! I was wondering if anyone did their own Fuel Induction? See, my last visit to the dealership they recommended I get a Fuel Induction done. I told the to hold off for now. So, I'm trying to do my own repair once in a while to save money. I changed my own front brakes and rotors and also my own oil & oil filter change. I'm trying to see if anyone performed there own fuel induction maintenance on their Spark.if so, what did you do, was it easy and how much did it cost you?
  23. Go by the manual. The 13's had a four speed automatic. The 14's and up went to a cvt.
  24. General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) today announced the second major expansion of its full-size pickup production capacity this year: a $150 million investment at Flint Assembly to increase production of the all-new Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra heavy-duty pickups, which begin shipping to dealers this week. View the full article
  25. Does this go for the 2013 as well? That could save me some cash right now. The manual says different, but I am open to real world answers.
  26. See below.
  27. Hey! Just picked up a used 2013 Spark LT manual, she's my green little jelly bean. Needed something to commute 100 miles and the truck wasn't doing me any favors so I got this to be my second car. Twinning with my cousin! Looking forward to having something small and cheap again so I can do little mods and have fun without being terrified to mess anything up. Will be creeping on here alot for ideas/suggestions. Feel free to chat!
  28. The electrification of transports among other things is very important to save our planet. 

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