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  1. Thanks Ray. It's 2010, India. As I can visually compare its equivalent to 2013 US. Both are powered by same smartek-ii 1.2L engine, with certain change to US requirements legal & personal. As I understand its by cable only. But will confirm before moving forward. If its cable, I will get it replaced at service centre as its a critical component to my books, better safe than sorry. When you mentioned binding or sticking, It striked me that this happens to my bike's cables too. Some of strands from cable cut loose and start sticking to inner liner.
  2. I experienced a really strange thing. The gas padel stuck for a moment. It happened couple of times in last 4 yrs. I usually ignored, as tapping padel gently resolve it and it very infrequent. But today I had to go little more than a gentle tap. It happens when the padel is totally released (e.g. bumper-to-bumper traffic) & then I press it to start moving. I drive very less, especially for last 2 yrs. Its Manual transmission. There is no light on dashboard, forgot to check on obd.
  3. Bobby, as I understand the golf cart steering is not complex and you can simply run wire through it but any idea how can I do it on Spark. Sometime back I got, how to generate command for my old sony cd player but got stuck on how to route it through steering column.
  4. Like Bobby said, you can connect directly to battery with a in-line fuse and a switch. Same you can get from spare location in fuse box. 1st you need to check on box label where it is. 2nd you need to verify that it's powered all time. To check this you best have a multimeter, connect -ve lead to chassis and +ve to spare location terminal. Now, if its 12v without key, you got it, else move to next spare one. Then, use a fuse tap to get power from that spare location. As you just need 200mA, I guess 2amp or 3amp fuse is good. If you don't have a multimeter and have some electronics + soldering idea, I can share a very small circuit which actually can check 3 distinct state, i.e. +12v, ground and open lead.
  5. Hi, That extraction tool you have shown is for removing terminal from plug. Now, after looking 360 view of connector and the other end on purge valve body, I understand that you need to push down (press inside) the white tab and then need to pull whole plug, it seems it need much force due to 2 guides on side and 2 inside connector. I haven't checked on car as I am not sure where to look for it, so I searched the purge valve on Google. Below is link for pics. ( I can check this on car if you can guide me little for location (further, mine is 2010 LS India).
  6. I hit so far 150-155kph. It really need a big stretch of straight road to go above 150 and that I haven't found near me to check beyond 155. Although some people on YouTube tried 170kph.
  7. Finally, installed the trunk lamp. Being LS, it took everything from scratch. 1st finding trunk open detection switch. then after searching for months to get matching connector, work around is done. I tried many LED modules but single on one side was not sufficient, no place to mount in centre. At last decided to use a flexible strip I bought year back, cut into 2 piece and result is really good. Except for heating of strip, everything is good. As I will not keep trunk open for long, guessing it will be fine. Further, I connected the wire to existing door switch so now my remote locking detect if trunk is opened with key, without unlocking the whole car.
  8. Welcome Jo!!! I don't have tpms in my car but after looking for many option on net, I have this basic idea. May be helpful to your case. As I understand the valve is same across the rims normally used, so using same sensor (that is usually sensor module screwed to valve) shouldn't be a issue. Even if the valve is different, you may get valve body for new rims and attach sensor module on that. In short, you 1st check if valve fits on new rim and if not, check of valve body with sensor mounting option, which can fit to new rim. Although, best if someone who did it already can tell precisely.
  9. Larry, pardon, as major vehicle I have seen are using H4 as headlight bulb, even bikes. So I was in that impression. Have you decided to upscale wiring harness?
  10. Hi, anyone from India, do you have service manual for 2010 Spark (Beat)? If yes, do you mind sharing it. I asked the GM support (India) but they are very reluctant and just say we will search for it. 1st they shut there shop and now support is terrible. Even my authorised service centre shut. Luckily, old manager started his own with half of old staff.
  11. Hi Larry, why h13, I mean standard fitting is H4. Are these physical compatible? I mean can you put h13 bulb in H4 socket? Anyway, coming back to your point of wire. Although each manufacturer keep some design margin so upgrading to 85 from 60/55w H4 should not be a issue, this is what I got reply from many people when I was working out for fog lamp (mine projector low beam 60w, factory std 35w). I prefer to lay higher thickness wire to avoid any heating due to additional load I am putting. And better you go with automotive grade wire, these have thin insulation and high heat resistance.
  12. The BEAsT is out on hunt.
  13. Hi metal, There is a thread for this. Unfortunately, person have posted pics from FB so those are not available. This is thread: Although, the front speaker removal is easy. 1. You need to pry open the grill. 2. There are 2 or 3 screw you need to take out to remove spaker. The speaker you have shown is premium one, available with chevy audio system I guess. Mine is LS too and were after market fitted. If you're not in hurry, I will try to open grill and take snaps for you in 1-2 days. P.S. go through this video on YouTube. At 2:20 you can see how its done. Credits to the video creator.
  14. Hi, anyone tried removing rear door panel? I asked here as that is part of this job. I am installing door LED strip as puddle lamp but stuck with rear door panel. I already tried pulling it apart but its not moving. Also, I want to know how to remove mirror crank handle.
  15. Yes. You are right. There is an screw behind the tail lamp. I got some leak in trunk in rain and I opened tail lamp, just to see the grommet was loose. Then I found a screw just at bottom corner for bumper. Its like this. (Tab of bumper in centre.) Pardon, I forgot to check for inside fender liner screw. In front, its hex screw. you may need to clear dirt around it to see clearly.