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  1. Hi Dean, Welcome to forum As we both share similar era and type (mine is 2010 LS India, left hand traffic vehicle). I have a question is your have after Market or GM accessories remote kit? If so, can you just disconnect the RKE (remote keyless entry) module and then check for lock unlock by key and hand. This will confirm that atleast spark's basic central locking is working fine. Then it may be the RKE module may have a problem. I am asking this as the details you have given are very strange. In my car the RKE module was hung above cabin relay module, behind lower steering column filler panel. For the rear door window winder thing, I am with you. I too want to know how to remove that handle. I tried many thing from YouTube got nothing but just scratch around the lever.
  2. Have you swapped headlight bulb with LED? If so, how's your experience?
  3. It looks really great. Now it's complementing your display name, Little-blue.
  4. chevy sprak drivers door doesnt close all the way!

    Hi Maryann021, It's feels terrible reading about the finance team's fraud. As I am from India so can't suggest anything about that. For the dash light point, is it Red car symbol you are getting, and the dome light is on, then it could be because the door is not fully closed. As Bobby mentioned that it's not case of bent frame, so I assume this could be due to damaged latch. Mine too is a used car and sometimes when pulling door with less force, it doesn't closes properly. So I have to open and apply little more force while closing. Changing latch is easy in my 2010 (similar to 2013 in US), just remove door panel, remove 3 screw from side of door and then remove any electrical connector. For door panel removal, there is a YouTube video is available.
  5. The 6*4 COB LED last very less time. Replaced that with 48 SMD LED matrix (6*8). It's really bright. I tried some LED festoon bulb, straight swap with OEM, those are brighter than OEM. But after using this 48 SMD LED matrix, I didn't changed. Other LED change are T10 in license plate. So far I did it at non-critical one only. Changed the T10 for parking but after turning headlight combination of white and yellow doesn't look good so back to halogen. I need to dig pics of license plate and dome, will update later.
  6. I have completed the cargo lamp. Check that out in below post. Those who have trunk light already they don't need much work as they can simply replace existing bulb with LED or if they want to put light in 2 place it's still easier. The flexible light I used is the one sold normally as "Audi style DRL" having silicon tube outside and LED inside.
  7. Thanks LittleBlue, Bobby for your valuable suggestions. So this time again it turned out a false alarm. Today I went and 1st started looking for sensor location. Luckily, pointed sensor 1, although alarm was for sensor 2 which I can't able to see, it need car to be lifted up. Finally, decided to try my luck. Kept fingers crossed, turned engine and the ugly "Yellow" check engine light is gone. Cleared P0138 via obd adaptor and turned engine again to verify and its all good. Thanks to this episode, I learnt a little about O2 sensor. Now, I assume that the water jet possibly hit the sensor and due to moisture it generated higher voltage than 0.3V and ECU estimated it error. Keeping it under observation for driving some miles.
  8. This is type I mentioned, I am using with earphones. Only you need to keep it charged and turn on every time. Also, one more type Bluetooth adaptor I have seen similar to this one. They have USB port at one end and Aux at another. But those usually give mono output, instead of stereo.
  9. You can try the Bluetooth device which can sit directly in 12v socket and have Aux connection to car stereo. These have usually 1 or 2 USB port for charging + basic button like call, prev & next. For ref. only. (Car Kit Handsfree Bluetooth 3.0 A2DP 3.5mm AUX Stereo Audio Music Receiver Adapter DC5V 2.1A USB Charger For Smart Phone There are other devices (FM transmitter with Bluetooth), I doubt those as they connect phone on Bluetooth but with car audio they transmit over FM. Downside, they actually broadcast the audio on phone to car stereo, anyone nearby can listen with same frequency tuned and audio quality over FM is already a big question mark. For ref. only. (Bluetooth Car Kit Handsfree FM Transmitter AUX Audio MP3 Player Bluetooth Stereo A2DP Music Player 5V 3.1A Car Charger I have used a Bluetooth earphone, which have 3.5mm out port, but everytime I need to turn on that when going in car. Although, it auto turn off if disconnected for 5 or 10min. I never tried option I gave above as now a days I drive very less. Hope this may clear some doubt for you. I personally don't prefer to modify existing audio for port swap.
  10. Thanks LittleBlue. I will certainly check which is easily accessible since I can't get a helping hand and I really novice for car working. And yes, I am also following your turbo project. Wishing you good luck for that!!!
  11. Hi Bobby, I don't have parking place in house and it is parked at nearby friend's house. I do dry cleaning of my car myself as the place I park, I can't go for water washing. I love to make it clean and do betterment small things. I normally outsource cleaning job when I drive out of town (especially going into village or some dirty road area) to get underbelly cleaned. I certainly prefer to do job myself for learning and off course because GM service centre guy are not good. They overfill the liquids and create so much mess. I do one visit a year as these people make noise when you met accident and call for insurance.
  12. Struck by luck again!!! This time I got P0138 (O2 sensor circuit high voltage (Bank1 Sensor2)) and more importantly "check engine" light. I didn't try to clear it as I was on way. But this time I am more concerned due to check engine light. Can someone tell where are these O2 sensor located. I am afraid this may be caused by loose connection or so. Just to add, my car got a wash yesterday and I remember guy cleaning bonnet area with compressed air (or water). P.S. this time I am ruling out battery as problem since I have driven car for good amount (400km in 2 weeks against 100km in a month) recently.
  13. Another idea you may like. I have seen someone on forum or on internet, used his old android phone as head unit with aux to OEM. I too interested in that but stuck as I didn't find any Bluetooth dialer app on phone which I want to use as head unit. I used a car dashboard app, this can add shortcut to other app Torque, music app radio etc. Further, you can turn on the phone when it start charging, with no option to turn off with car. Biggest downside I see in this setup is battery, I don't want to leave any battery in car when it's cooking summer heat outside, 45°C.
  14. Hi Aaron, I can suggest, if you're not specifically looking for reputed brand like Sony etc., browse the AliExpress. There you may find many Android 2din units. Here, you need to replace 2 things, main unit and the bezel around. As the current bezel is designed for OEM player. For bezel, you may get same from GM as the lower variant have 2 din space. Otherwise, same is available on AliExpress. I am not Chinese item freak but browse for things which are not available off the shelf or I want for experiment purpose. Link for bezel for ref. 2Din Car Radio Stereo Frame for Chevrolet Spark Beat Daewoo Matiz 2010+ DVD Panel Front Bezel Fascia Dash Trim Kit Double Din