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  1. I don't know about recommend pressure there but this need to consider that it is good with low temperature. With increasing temperature (atmosphere) it should be avoided as tyre itself adding temperature due to friction which directly increasing pressure inside. So if you are living in high heat areas, can think about it. This I am referring with incidents happen here. Best example is Yamuna expressway (India), it's good road, straight so one can easily go above 100kmph for long time and there are more incidents of tyre burst, especially in summer.
  2. I always wonder what GM doing sometimes. In my car (2010 LS, India), the instrument panel have dte, trip duration, avg speed etc onboard but they haven't given a switch, may be costing 1-2$. 2nd like LS don't have fog so I was surprised to see that they have added the harness till fog unit, only missing were fog lamp + inside light stalk with fog switch + small item relay, fuse.
  3. 1st gen of M300 (2010) like mine have this kind of issue (peeling rubber outer) but for gear knob. But steering wheel seems still good even after 9 yrs. May be sunlight & high temp could be a reason. And for me it was awkward to hear from Chevy service centre that the complete shift lever need to be replaced. I mean for 3$ item why one have to pay 25$+.
  4. Finally, got success. I took the 6 screws holding the v shape cover on steering. Tried pulling that slowly. Then stuck as I was not able to pull the top cover. The 4 plastic poles felt as one time fitting in the metal frame. I used the dashboard prying tool (fork shape) to press the poles so these can come out. Again 2 were easy and rest two I took chance to pull forcefully. In short I had to just pull those 4 places. Instead of all jugglery. Inside I feel this is most simple, old school type steering wheel with top & bottom cover. Just 1 wire was going through the wheel to spring coil. Although, I didn't got final result as I was looking way to route a wire to make diy remote for my Sony unit. But yup, it's a great learning for me. I have seen some clock spring online but I stopped here as I am neither good for removing steering wheel, nor I have help at hand with guidance. If someone who have non-airbag wheel and want more pics of metal frame, I will upload.
  5. I guess there could be much different due to the big airbag assembly. As I could peep inside the cover and wheel, I have seen 4 metal contact at those 4 post but as I have seen in YouTube video for volt or sonic it's totally different. Anyway, I am not loosing hope and will do some trial and error. At last if nothing happens, I will try to get info from nearby garage or Chevy service centre as next month I am taking it for annual service.
  6. I want to wrap/paint the small plastic part on steering and want to check for possibility to route wire for steering remote (diy one) for my Sony stereo. As normally that era all siblings got airbags as standard across globe so all video on YouTube are showing how to deal with airbag. BUT mine is not having airbag and it's just a cover. I tried to pull it after looking the inside pic but no results. Anyone across forum have non-airbag variant and tried separating steering cover, please guide me. All I can peep from gap between, is all 4 poles are having metal contact for horn. Similar to airbag version, there are slot at bottom of steering wheel, but it's not working that way. Pic of cover.
  7. I guess you can still do that at own, if you have right tool. Hot glue gun is sceptical as that part is taking much load. The plastic part is torn into two and need replacement. As I remember, that is held by a screw and 2 rivets. I understand rivets are used to avoid any alignment issue. So if you have tool to apply these rivets, it's a easy job. The rivets are like this: After pushing into hole the rod is pulled by tool. The metal part too got good amount of damage. As I think it is held by some bolts and that holds wheel well liner with plastic rivets, those are easy to remove with prying tool.
  8. I hope the vertical part of bumper, which fits on retainer, is saved as that is connected/moulded to rest of bumper with very thin, it's just 1mm, I guess. I am still facing the alignment issue as same place is broken in my car, after one van pulled bumper (inside support, liner and resonator) with its (illegal) bullbar, I can't see that happening as for me it's passenger side.
  9. Kschumake83, It's BEATer only, it was called Beat in India, until Chevy shut it's shops.
  10. The white piece is front bumper mounting bracket and you need to buy bracket along with metal rivets. (Oops, in US that seems to be a retainer) The metal part is fender itself. I suggest if you look for GM service centre or local garage before placing order.
  11. Hi Dean, Welcome to forum As we both share similar era and type (mine is 2010 LS India, left hand traffic vehicle). I have a question is your have after Market or GM accessories remote kit? If so, can you just disconnect the RKE (remote keyless entry) module and then check for lock unlock by key and hand. This will confirm that atleast spark's basic central locking is working fine. Then it may be the RKE module may have a problem. I am asking this as the details you have given are very strange. In my car the RKE module was hung above cabin relay module, behind lower steering column filler panel. For the rear door window winder thing, I am with you. I too want to know how to remove that handle. I tried many thing from YouTube got nothing but just scratch around the lever.
  12. Have you swapped headlight bulb with LED? If so, how's your experience?
  13. It looks really great. Now it's complementing your display name, Little-blue.
  14. chevy sprak drivers door doesnt close all the way!

    Hi Maryann021, It's feels terrible reading about the finance team's fraud. As I am from India so can't suggest anything about that. For the dash light point, is it Red car symbol you are getting, and the dome light is on, then it could be because the door is not fully closed. As Bobby mentioned that it's not case of bent frame, so I assume this could be due to damaged latch. Mine too is a used car and sometimes when pulling door with less force, it doesn't closes properly. So I have to open and apply little more force while closing. Changing latch is easy in my 2010 (similar to 2013 in US), just remove door panel, remove 3 screw from side of door and then remove any electrical connector. For door panel removal, there is a YouTube video is available.