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  1. This had happened to me a few times, and since no one else ever brought it up I chalked it up to me leaning on the switch without realizing it!
  2. That was kinda the point. You aren't driving a rocket, so you don't need a rocket scientist to look at your car since they design rockets not cars! An engineer can design many things (electrical engineer, mechanical engineer...etc) or actually "drive" a train, since as far as I know, the train driver is still called an engineer. "Casey Jones was an engineer...."
  3. When you bring your car into a dealership, you are bringing it to a "technician" - not a mechanic. A mechanic is someone that knows how to diagnose and repair a car, not just plug a computer in and replace whatever the computer says is wrong. Unless you are driving a rocket, why would you want a rocket scientist to look at your car?
  4. MPG

    I don't know about the 2016 model, but I know my 2013 (with auto trans) had hill assist. If the 2016 has it too, the roll test won't prove anything, since the car won't roll.
  5. This reminds me of a song: "Do you know the way to San Jose?" Last time I checked a map, if you go north from Washington, you're going to Canada!
  6. Just to add one small point - talking to a lawyer is fine, but do not under any circumstances actually hire one until ALL of YOUR efforts hit a brick wall. If you hire a lawyer, no one from Chevy or GM will talk to you any longer concerning your car. If the lawyer then does his research into your problem and decides that the case is either unwinnable or too iffy to fight and drops it, you are SOL. They will tell you that since you hired a lawyer (even though s/he no longer represents you) they can't talk to you and to hire another. Needless to say, if one lawyer dumps your case it will be extremely hard (if not impossible) to find another that will take it on without paying them upfront.
  7. Check the thermostat?
  8. They are pretty easy to get and replace, and not that expensive. I don't know where you are, but eBay has them for about $30. http://www.ebay.com/itm/OEM-Parts-Air-Cleaner-Hose-For-GM-Chevrolet-Spark-2010-2012-/331880376624?hash=item4d459ca930:g:7s8AAOSwepJXXmH3&vxp=mtr
  9. The honk is easily disabled through the MyLink setup. There is (or at least was on my '13) an option for it.
  10. Remember, it took over a year of being told the A/C was "normal" or "operating as designed" before GM started releasing fixes for it.
  11. My only real complaint/issue with the new layout is that when you click on "Unread Content" it shows you the new messages, but if you click on one of the messages it takes you to the first message in the topic - not the new message.
  12. Best things about the new layout is that I don't have to sign in every time I click on new messages, and I can post again!
  13. Be aware that if you hire a lawyer, no one from GM - including the reps here will speak to you again. Even if you drop the lawyer, they will no longer speak to you because you hired one in the first place. So use a lawyer as a last resort.
  14. Go above the dealer's head. Try contacting the GM reps here on the board, they can be helpful to some. If you get no satisfaction from them, contact GM directly - the number is in the owner's manual. Be prepared for a whole lotta BS, but don't take no for an answer. Always ask for the rep's supervisor if not satisfied. Keep escalating your claim through everyone you can get to in customer service. If all else fails, use your states lemon law, but do NOT go through the better Business Bureau. Good luck, hope it works out for you.
  15. First I'm sorry to hear you're going through this, however I had my own issues with GM so I'm not surprised. If you have a warranty with a 3rd party company, I would make a claim with them if the dealership is playing games. Be aware that GM will discount your father's experience by saying how their "technicians" are factory trained and have this certification and that certification, while your father wasn't and doesn't. I know this because that is what they did to me. Talk to the reps on the board, and if they can't help you out, call the GM hotline in the owner's manual. Demand that they bring in a factory trained "specialist" to look at the car, and go from there. Just remember that you should never take no for an answer - always push for a higher up. If all else fails, contact your state's attorney general's office - do NOT let them push you into a better business bureau hearing. Good luck, hope it all works out for you.