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  1. Little late, 80,000 miles, gotta move the airbox
  2. 75,000 miles 2014
  3. Just took off plastic cover. Removed bracket off end manifold, remove coil
  4. Got a new one. Couple 10mm bolts and some clamps and some Dexcool
  5. My picture is kind of fuzzy. and upside down I am not sure if this is it. Just to the right of the radiator. Right behind the grill
  6. Ha, ha, It leaks at the top hose on the right side, looking from the front of the car. Ordered another one, tried Gorilla glue to get by for a couple days
  7. Trying some JB Weld to fix leak at seam
  8. Replaced brake pads and hardware. Used Centric from Rockauto.Watched YouTube video for Aveo
  9. Got new tires, Hankook Optima H418. That's all Discount Tire had. 57,000 miles on original Goodyear Integra. Not bad tires, Hum at 35mph. Also replaced front wheel bearing. Yes, low milage, however only repair I have had done. $400 for bearing, $500 for tires
  10. Take bracket off passengers side of intake manifold. disconnect connector from coil. Remove screw. Lift up coil and twist so connector clears manifold. Had to remove 2 at a time to get them out. Last vehicle had 80K when I replace the original sparkplugs I bough t it used. They were very hard to remove. I scares me to think how hard they would be to remove at 100K
  11. Tryying to replace the sparkplugs. Didn't have to remove the manifold,however, I removed the bracket at the end so i could get the coil out.
  12. Six Screws, cleaned out dirt and bugs
  13. I used 2 194 from Walmart after I got stopped at 10PM. Good gravy those screws are tight
  14. I got a 12" from Valeo. Had to carve a lot on the joint to get it to fit. Still doesn't contact the glass all the way, but oh well.
  15. Bled the brakes, not too hard, had to use screwdriver to get screen out of master cylinder reservoir to remove old fluid, rotate tires. TMPS light didn't come one. I was going to use tape to cover light until I got new tires. Pads looked fine, 35,000 miles