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Found 7 results

  1. What replacement batteries fit the 2014 Chevrolet Spark LT? I found the GM part # 88864528 but it appears to be out of stock. I found a battery group size of LN1 / LN1PS Ideally I'd like something with higher CCAs, as winters are cold where I live. Some other posts mention that the 2013 Spark will fit an Autozone Gold Edition. Does the 2014 Spark have the same battery tray? Thanks in advance. It's so hard to find a battery for this model.
  2. On December 31st I accidently locked my only key for my 2013 Chevy Spark LS inside the car. So I called triple A and the guy tried to pump my door open with an air bag looking thing (my car door didn't close all the way, I rushed to grab it/stopped it from fully closing, but it still locked) . He couldn't get it to open, and even tried lifting the lock with a long fork like object, but it wouldn't budge. Then, it finally occured to me I have my power lock by the steering wheel for the trunk. He hit the unlock and I crawled through the back to open my car!! Yay!! Now I'm thinking my little mistake might have ruined my car. A couple of weeks later my car had trouble starting (chug, chug....start) and the anti theft light was on (car symbol with lock on it). Sometimes the light would stay on while I drive & go away after a while. Other times it wouldn't start at first till I waited about 5 minutes. However it has never flashed at me like I've seen in other cars, it's always been solid. So it dissappeared for a couple of months (it's very sporatic) and then last Saturday when I was driving home at night, I flashed my highbeams & my radio short circuted (two seconds of no music and no Aux or Fm/Am info just pure blue screen) and my lights would dim as well. This would keep happening if I flashed my high beams or rolled down my windows. Luckily I made it home and as I went into reverse to park (I have a manual) the whole car almost shut off/stalled/short circuited. The radio/clock reset this time though back to 2011 and 12:00 which didn't happen while driving. Then I shut off the car and waited a few seconds wondering what the heck was going on. So I tried starting my car again, and there was nothing. Not a crank, light, or even grasshopper chirping. Completely Dead. So the next morning my boyfriend jumped my car, and it revved back to life! But, the solid anti theft light was there. I drove around for about 25-30 minutes and my car didn't die or have any issues. I bought a battery from Autozone (not the one they have listed for the '13 LS because that one is too big, but the smaller one that fit my car) back in April 2016. We used our black & decker alternator checker/battery charger and my alternator checked out as good on there. I unplugged my battery for a few hours, and have not had any issues since, but I'm worried I'm not out of the clear as that anti theft light is really random.....I had not seen it for a good month when my car had its episode last Saturday, until we jumped my car the next morning. Anything else mechanical that could be causing this? Or is it simply the anti theft causing mayhem on my car? If so, what can I do about it besides go to Chevy and pay them an arm & a leg (if anything???)!! Thank you for reading and getting this far!!!
  3. Does anyone know where the fuse is for the reverse lights on a 2013 spark?
  4. So I have had my 2014 Chevy spark since Feb of that year and have had more than a few electrical problems with it. Now that I am having battery trouble I am having a devil of a time finding a battery. Whats more the dealership wants to charge me $198.89 for a glorified rollerskate! Can anyone give me any ideas as to what you guys have done when faced with this problem?
  5. I have a 2013 chevy spark it's still under warranty so I cannot change the alternator I gotta keep it otherwise I would be getting a high output alternator but I cannot get it cuz it would void the warranty I was gonna get a optima deep cycle 34r battery I got a kicker 400watt amplifier and one alpine type r in a ported box if I got that deep cycle battery would it be fine and would my car be able to handle it? Or would it fry my battery or alternator or possibly both of them?
  6. I'm looking at the optima 34r battery from autozone I haven't had them test to see if it fits inside the tray or not it says it fits my spark lt would It fit and would I be able to close the brackets or would it not fit with the brackets able to close in it? Because I need a deep cycle battery for a subwoofer
  7. chispa

    From the album Chispa

    Behold, the chevy spark 2013 is here.