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  1. Need help with the code PO341 on my Chevy Spark 0.8, 2010 model. We have checked the timing settings and it's spot on. Changed the camshaft sensor, checked the wiring and so on. Please help!
  2. Can anyone please provide me with the torque settings for my Chevy Spark, 0.8 Litre, 2010 model. Need it URGENTLY PLEASE!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi, please provide me with the valve clearance settings for the above mentioned car
  4. Hi Guys Anyone experiencing some grinding when shifting gears on their chevy spark 0.8 L, 2010 model. Please help!!! Bernie
  5. chevy spark 0.8 litre 2010 model

    Hi guys I'm new to the forum and hope to contribute to the forum as well as getting loads of help!! Bernie