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    • Bobby, as I understand the golf cart steering is not complex and you can simply run wire through it but any idea how can I do it on Spark. Sometime back I got, how to generate command for my old sony cd player but got stuck on how to route it through steering column.
    • Like Bobby said, you can connect directly to battery with a in-line fuse and a switch. Same you can get from spare location in fuse box. 1st you need to check on box label where it is. 2nd you need to verify that it's powered all time. To check this you best have a multimeter, connect -ve lead to chassis and +ve to spare location terminal. Now, if its 12v without key, you got it, else move to next spare one. Then, use a fuse tap to get power from that spare location. As you just need 200mA, I guess 2amp or 3amp fuse is good.   If you don't have a multimeter and have some electronics + soldering idea, I can share a very small circuit which actually can check 3 distinct state, i.e. +12v, ground and open lead.
    • I bought a new 2019 Chevy Spark on Friday December 7th and I haven't seen it much since then.  The radio audio died and I returned it to Dimmitt Chevy in Florida on the 8th.  I went to pick up my new car with a new radio on the 14th and the radio audio died again while driving home.  I returned to the dealer who said they would have it fixed today, the 15th.  Nope!  I had to call them and ask what's going on and they said it wont be ready until next week.  (I smell a lemon...)  Has anyone else heard of this problem? 
    • When I needed a heated steering wheel on my riding golf cart, I connected directly to the battery terminals with wires running to the steering wheel cover which had heating elements.  That power is always available.  Electric Golf carts run on a bank of  tandem batteries and are charged with a battery charger after the round of golf.
    • I have a 2017 Spark. I recently discovered that the electric power socket (AKA the cigarette lighter socket) is connected via the ignition switch. Thus no power is available when the car is not running.  I have a need to have a continuous electric power source when the car is not running. This would be used to run small electronic devices. The current draw would be about 200 milliamps. I have been unable to find any wiring schematics. Can anybody suggest an simple way to connect to the electrical system to accomplish this.  I suspect that there is a unused terminal at one of its fuse boxes that could be used. I am open to any suggestions as too how to accomplish this. Tnx
    • Has anyone followed up on this topic? I'm really interested in swapping a Sonic motor into my spark. 
    • I noticed driving style was a major factor. Is your dash reading also around 50mpg? Sorry, just read your comment again. Very impressive. My goal is $ per mile and power. I'm converting to e85 and throwing a turbo on. I am excited for the turbo and the CVT combo. I will not come close to the mpg you reached. What are your eco hacks? You could probably use hp tuners for more but it is spendy and 50 is pretty insane as is. You could find someone local with the set up. I'm MN based   One potential useful tip is thinking aerodynamics. Those fog light spots where there are just grey indents should be smoothed out. One day I covered them with painters tape for fun. Seemed to help a tad but I didn't do any serious testing. A more permanent option like bondo might work if the results are good
    • “I had very constructive meetings with members of Congress from Ohio and Maryland. I share their concerns about the impact the actions we announced last week will have on our employees, their families and the communities. These were very difficult decisions -- decisions I take very personally. I informed the members that many hourly employees at the impacted U.S. plants will have the opportunity to work at other U.S. GM plants and that we are committed to working with them to minimize the impact on the communities. I also informed them that all salaried GM workers impacted by these actions are being offered outplacement services to help them transition to new jobs.” View the full article
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