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    • I ordered them today. I will keep everyone posted on the arrival and the install.
    • I would give that rusty drum a shot of black or even red paint since it is so easy to see through the spokes.
    • No issues with the rear at all , lower strut cups in the front prevent this size though, as well as plastic rust / debris inserts in the rear of the front wells. It would take some pretty heavy modification to get this size in the front. If I happen to find a solution for the front, I will repost. Car really handles like a go cart right now but, it would be awesome to fit this size all the way around.
    • I had a guy rear-end my Spark in February. I was stopped in traffic on the interstate and he was going about 50-55. He said he spilled his coffee and next thing he had hit me. The damage to the bumper itself wasn't bad. The body shop said they would just have to replace the bumper when they did the quote but didn't look under the car or anything. I pointed out a gap between the trunk and the bumper to which he said that's normal but if there is something else we'll take of it with the insurance company. Went to pick it up yesterday and the bumper isn't sitting right. The top corners are sticking way up and bounces when you poke it. The big gap is still there. He told me it won't fit exactly right because it was involved in an accident and it's just the clips that aren't sitting right. I refused to accept it so they're going to take another look but he can't guarantee anything will change because it's "just the clips." I'm really worried there's damage to the undercarriage or something else with that gap and the way the bumper is sitting. Any suggestions or opinions on the situation would be really appreciated! The picture I included is of the gap in the truck. 
    • If door does not close properly, chances are the car has probably been in an accident. Just my 2 cents. Hitting the curb with tire/wheel should not bend the frame enough to cause door closing problem. At worst you might get a bent axle, at best a wheel mis-alignmnent. My 1977 Chevy Malibu (an excellent car!) slid on icy road and hit a 3 foot high boulder on the side of road with the rear wheel. The rear wheels began vibrating at speeds over 30mph. I though it was bent rear axle and had it changed by a friend mechanic. That did not correct the problem. Then I had both rear tires re-balanced, and voila...smooth again. So I am guessing the impact with the boulder must have knocked off the  balancing weight attached to wheel rim.
    • I just bought my 2015 Chevy Spark 6 months ago. Since then it seems to have so many problems, none are covered by my full warrenty. My Drivers Door closes but not all of the way, it causes one of the Dash Boards lights ( check engine lights??)  to Stay in all of the Time, which in turn is Draining my Battery? Does anyone have any suggestions  regarding this problem!  I do not know if I need to have this fixed by the Dealer or if it is a minor and my son could repair it?  I have seen quite a few articles online regarding  the Drivers Door on the Chevy Spark not closing properly! Also to prevent an accident I had to hit the Curd, Just  my front  tires hit the Curb!   Could this have caused this problem with my door not closing??  I would appreciate any suggestions Greatly!! Thanks, maryann021
    • Maryann021,  If I peel the Black  Tape off my 2015 Chevy Spark, is the Color of the Car ( Silver) under the tape.?.I just bought my Chevy Spark and after it rained the Black Tape has bubbled, it's torn and wrinkled, It looks terrible! Can anyone tell me exactly what supplies I need to take this tape off, and also what I need to take any residue glue  or anything the tape leaves. Is there any Special instructions that I need to do once I get tape off? Also if tape does not come off easily do U need to buy a special tool to take it off? Thank You, Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  maryann021
    • Careful going that large of a tire. When your speed says 60 you're actually going 64-65mph with the 215 and you're 2mph faster with the 205 tires. I'd definitely do coilovers to lower it. I'm pretty confident you're going to rub with the 215 in the rear.
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