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  1. That looks a lot better thanks for the info. That stuff is defiantly coming off mine.
  2. Wanted to know if anyone else had this issue. The black area between my drive and passenger windows is bubbling up and starting to peal off.
  3. Just had this done and now my steering wheel radio controls do not work. So it's back in tomorrow for another appointment 😡
  4. I have a nice variety of cleaners I use. These are the best I have found out of trial and error over the years. Eagle One spray wax Armor All Detailer Mother's foaming wheel cleaner Windex foam Mothers California Gold car wash
  5. Pittsburgh, PA so not far off from WV
  6. I like my 2014 1LT CVT but I do not love it. To me it offers the base function I need out of a vehicle with no real issues it does most things well but nothing great. Would buy again because it meets all my needs but at the same time everyday I drive it is another day I miss owning a V8.
  7. Have an appt. on Sept. 9th for the repair will update on how it went after.
  8. Was going to do that same install but I have to take the cover off to get my golf clubs in so I axed that plan it just wasn't worth the hassle for my needs. But, overall really nice install with good pics to show others.
  9. I have only had this issue one time since I have been driving mine waiting for it to happen again to see if i can find any reason why.
  10. I bought my Spark because I have an 80 mile round trip commute to work in medium to heavy traffic at times and my previous vehicle a 2002 Chevy S-10 4x4 was getting around 13MPG sitting in traffic all the time. The initial price and the amount of features I could get on a 1LT for such a low price is what helped and after driving the other cars in the sub-compact class I really enjoyed how the CVT ran compaired to the others.
  11. Thanks I was wondering about it for when mine needs replaced
  12. Milage update. I am now at a little over 4000 miles on my 2014 LT1 CVT Spark and I love it I could not be happier with how my car is performing. Over all I have been able to fit 2 sets of golf clubs in it and I am 36.3 MPG with a lot of sitting in traffic every day so it is doing everything I need it to . The few CONS I have are it does leave a little to be desired when merging on the highway but I expected that and the A/C does suck but I would say it is comfortable atleast when hitting high 80's to low 90's and the controls for the myLink could be better would have been nice to be setup with the same one the malibu uses. Overall though I am happy with my purchase.
  13. Very nice and welcome.
  14. How do I post photos just installed my weathertech inchannel vent visors wanted to throw them on here since I have yet to see them on any one elses spark.