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  1. Change tranny oil if your car has undergone SEVERE OPERATING conditions. I would guess at around 36k miles. What is severe operating conditions? These are MY DEFINITIONs: A. lots of stop and go driving in heavy traffic on regular basis B. Driving on steep hilly roads routinely C. Carrying heavy loads or trailers frequently D. If you or other drivers drive in digital mode (foot is always pressing either gas or break pedals) (coasting to oncoming red light is very good for your car & pocket book In absence of above conditions, just watch for pink fluid leaking under car. If none is leaking just save your money and keep on driving.
  2. My 2017 SPark LS is powered adequately by the bigger engine than some previous years. So yes, these newer Sparks seem to handle highway speeds with ease and seem better suited for the CVT. After 2-1/2 years my Spark sprints out rapidly from standing start.
  3. I am retired with everything (restaurants, stores, medical etc)is within 5 miles from my house, so my car records very low miles. Now 2 years and 4 months old, my Spark 2016 had only 2 oil changes so far. Last one in December 2018 with full synthetic.. Oil looks clear, with no burned smell, and is at full level on the dip-stick. Of course I live in warm climate of Florida, so temps seldom dip below 40F. The car is running like the day I bought it new.
  4. My 2016 Spark LS with CVT is running like a clock, almost the same as when it was brand new. My last oil change was full synthetic, and I noticed a bit more power and a bit smoother engine. And Spark is a 100% Korean car, even the GM name plate is made in Korea
  5. Looks very close to my 2017 Spark LS. After 2 years, I still enjoy driving this small car which does not feel so small from inside. I remember driving a Volkswagen Bug in the 1960's, and it felt really small and closed in. One day driving a borrowed bug on Lake Shore Drive, it was windy (Chicago is called windy city for a good reason) and the side wind shifted my car into oncoming lane! Luckily it was empty so no harm done except heart palpitations lasted about 10 minutes. Those bugs were very bad with side winds.
  6. Nice thread..nix480!! Quite useful for someone who wants to lock /unlock car from distance. Such as an individual getting back into the car during dark hours without security. Don't have to fumble with keys and keyhole. I depend on "My Chevrolet" App to open my driver side lock. I tested it, and works fine. Nobody has robbed me since I dress to look like a ...well....wear baseball cap backwards or wear a hoodie in dangerous neighborhoods and walk fast LOL Last time I traveled to south Asia, which was long time ago, I had plastered a large address label on my suitcase showing my Chicago address. And I wore a felt hat pulled down on my forehead. People actually gave me space, probably thought I must be associated with Al Capone who is quite famous worldwide.
  7. chevy sprak drivers door doesnt close all the way!

    If door does not close properly, chances are the car has probably been in an accident. Just my 2 cents. Hitting the curb with tire/wheel should not bend the frame enough to cause door closing problem. At worst you might get a bent axle, at best a wheel mis-alignmnent. My 1977 Chevy Malibu (an excellent car!) slid on icy road and hit a 3 foot high boulder on the side of road with the rear wheel. The rear wheels began vibrating at speeds over 30mph. I though it was bent rear axle and had it changed by a friend mechanic. That did not correct the problem. Then I had both rear tires re-balanced, and voila...smooth again. So I am guessing the impact with the boulder must have knocked off the balancing weight attached to wheel rim.
  8. How much you want for your house?
  9. Phone is one gadget which does not need charging while driving. My fully charged Android phone lasts the entire day with power left to spare. Another thing, it is very bad practice to use phone while driving. But if you must need to charge your phone in the car, try looking for a cable which fits into cigarette lighter at one end and the suitable terminal at other end which fits into your phone receptacle. My Garmin GPS works that way.
  10. Common young man, why not wash your car yourself? I am late 70's and wash the car myself. My last car, a very nice Pontiac G5 was messed up by the dealer mechanic who changed coolant. He obviously left an air pocket in the system, and when I picked up the car, it was immediately running 10 deg hotter than last 7 years. That destroyed the valves! Now I avoid dealer car monkeys unless warranty is active. Do as much yourself as you can!
  11. What were you thinking to buy a toy car like Spark for towing a 38ft motor home?
  12. Trade in for a gasoline powered 2017 Spark. Seriously, I bought one 2 years ago and couldn't be happier. Many positives (gas mileage, handling, acceleration, quality, lack of problems, comes with spare, love the rear camera, quiet running engine, great visibility all around, etc). Only negative is road noise inside the car at freeway speeds.
  13. Now that you mention how easy it is to park, my wife (who thinks she is a better driver than me hahaha) and I were at the Beach the other day and the parking lot was jam packed. There were at least a 1000+ cars already parked. After a thorough parking lot tour, I noticed the only open slot. It was between 2 adjacent cars which were parked over the lines, leaving very small space for a car to park between them. I said to wife I am taking that spot. She says no way anyone can park in that small space. I zoomed in there with my 2017 Spark LS with no problem and there was enough room to open both doors enough to get out. Wife was totally shocked! After driving this Spark for 2 years, I still enjoy driving it. There is absolutely no problem getting on the Interstate and merging into 75 MPH traffic.
  14. I concur! My spark 2017 LS is a peppy little car. The only thing not good is it is lot more noisier at speeds above 40 mph than other bigger cars I have driven. No problem with the CVT, actually I like there is only one gear shift at 40 mph instead of 2 or 3 or 4 with geared automatics. And that shift at 40 is jot jerky. The gas mileage is great so I have stopped worrying about gas prices. I stop to refuel when down to 1 bar on gas gauge and she drinks only about 7 gallons to fill her up. Speaking of sales scams, I was offered to win a 4 day cruise if I entered their contest. Except it was valued at $3960, which means if I win, that will be taxable income and I would owe IRS additional taxes based on my tax bracket. I can easily buy a 4 day cruise for 2 for the additional taxes I would have to pay. And I can choose the cruise I want instead what they would send me on.
  15. Nice job of an extremely detailed description of the car's components. Best luck. I have a 2017 Spark as well, and I love it.