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  1. Save your receipts for buying the oil & filter, in case dealer gives you hard time on warranty.
  2. Very good info, ChevyBeat, thanks for doing the research! I will most likely buy on is not much more there.
  3. Hi chevybeat,,,exactly what I am looking for!! Thanks !! But I am not familiar with that web-site. Have you bought anything from them? How is the summer going in India? Monsoons should arrive soon haha
  4. Anyone knows of a gadget which would plug into the computer port under dash (left side) and display coolant temp? I prefer to not use the phone. TIA
  5. The intercooler mounted on bumper looks like it belonged there! Very cool!! Too bad MN requires front license plates. Here in FL we don't, and that makes front end look clean.
  6. Short trips in cold weather will kill cars faster than Secretariat on a fast track
  7. 2011 HHR seems to be a really good car made by GM, since my wife has been unable to break it after 7 years and roughly 60k miles of digital driving. Still has original brakes, battery and tires! (digital driving = foot is always on either gas or brake pedal, no coasting ever)
  8. If synthetic oil turns black after 3000 miles, it can mean that one or more cylinders are mal-functioning due to bad valves or messed up spark plug firing. JMHO.
  9. Best luck with your project!
  10. Men tend to change oil and girl friends more frequently than necessary compared to women changing oil and boy friends. Just an observation! After 57 years of driving car, here is what learned about oil changes. It depends on your driving habits and health of your engine. oil which looks fairly clear on the dipstick and does not have a burned smell has more life left. Motor oil has 2 main functions, lubricate piston rings and remove some heat. Those 2 qualities are retained by oil if it passes the visual and smell test. If you make lot of short trip, your engine will collect more water condensation and that can can cause rust inside the engine. Oil has additives to fight rust, and those properties can wear out with age of oil. We have a HHR with a 4 banger engine and since last oil change in April 2017 with semi-synthetic, we have driven 11,000 miles, all highway mostly. Oil still looks great and should be good for another 6 months or 8000 miles based on how we use it. OTOH my 2017 Spark does all in town driving, and I will change oil by 6 months or 5000 miles whichever comes first.
  11. I am using the standard gas from gas stations which says 10% ethanol mix. My 16 month old 2017 Spark LS with CVT is running very quiet, and while idling, it is hard to hear the engine.
  12. a triple yes! Do not fix what ain't broke. Keep in back of your mind, all those recommended maintenance items are skewed towards extra margin of safety. Because not every one treats their cars well. If the engine oil looks good, don't rush to change it. It is good for a reason, that you have driven carefully. If tranny fluid is not leaking, leave it alone. Any good filter will do good job of trapping harmful particles. If coolant fluid looks good without any hint of brown rusty look, you can ride more with it. This was a lesson I learned the hard way. I simply got nervous when the car turn 9 years of age, and had a coolant change done. That messed up the engine. The fluid still was looking clear rosy red. Probably good for 3-4 years more! Because I had only 55k miles on a garage kept car.
  13. Looking at owner's manual for my 2017 Spark LS, there is no fluid change specified/necessary for the CVT under normal operating conditions. Under severe operating conditions, owner's manual recommends changing transmission fluid every 45,000 miles. "Severe" applies if any of following applies: . Mainly driven in heavy city traffic in hot weather. . Mainly driven in hilly or mountainous terrain. . Frequently towing a trailer. . Used for high speed or competitive driving. . Used for taxi, police, or delivery service.
  14. Did ya get a kit or had it done at the dealer? If it was a kit what was aprox cost? TIA.
  15. I totally believe about the Benz. Any model of any year can produce some problems. Even multi-million dollar space ships have blown up on occasion. Then there is this story about a Rolls owner whose 20 year old car's tranny broke down while on vacation, and he called the company for help. Rolls Royce flew in a mechanic with a new tranny to his vacation town and the car was back in business. Several weeks went by and the car owner had not received the repair bill. So he called Rolls Royce asking how much he owed for the repairs. He received the following reply from the company.."Dear Sir, there must be some mistake in your inquiry because our cars never break down. Please consider this matter closed."