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  1. Sounds like a computer/software malfunction... With all the computers and sensors on the car, there are many strange issues. In the old days something like what happened to your 2017 Spark would never happen. I recall one incident when my 7 year old 1957 dodge would not start in the parking lot at work at quitting time. It was cranking alright, but engine would not start. At that time I did not know jack about cars. One of my colleagues opened the distributor cap, and saw that the points were almost shut close. He bent them slightly with pliers and the car started! Those days are long gone.
  2. Good advice! In the old days before internet, and when I was a young man without much money, I bought only cheap used cars usually 7+ years old. My experience with those cars was constant minor problems. So I gave up buying used cars and since 1964 Corvair Monza I bought only new cars. That has worked out very well. I seldom need car repairs and get 7-10 years of trouble free service. The 1964 Corvair was a lemon but all cars since then have been great. Corvair had air cooled engine with a V-belt which twisted 90 degrees going from pulley to pulley. Very bad design! The belt broke on my new car and over-heated the engine without giving me any warning such as idiot light coming on. The engine was a disaster for the 3 years I kept the car. But I never had a transmission repair needed on any cars, and serious engine repair only once on my 1971 Chevy Nova at 75,000 miles when the engine began making a hammering loud noise. I was able to diagnose the problem and rejected the dealer mechanics recommendation to overhaul the engine. It was simply a bent rocker arm and 45 minutes repair time for the dealer mechanic at another dealer. I drove the Nova for another 75,000 miles without problems.
  3. I measure tire pressure when car is sitting in shade outside. So yes, in winters I have to add more air than in summers. Tire bursts are caused mostly due to under-inflation, not over-inflation. That is because under-inflation causes tire walls to flex more back and forth and that weakens the tire. Of course older tires will burst more often than newer because of fatigue and wear.
  4. To get better gas mileage: 1. Inflate tires 2-3 psi higher than recommended (ride will be slightly harsher, but not noticeably) 2. Install correct oil grade recommended in user's manual (I think it is 5-30W) I get oil changes at dealer who emails me coupons for full synthetic oil change for $49.95 so I have not memorized recommended grade of oil. 3. Most important, anticipate stops coming ahead and coast there. Do not drive like my ex who is a digital driver meaning her foot is either on gas pedal or break pedal, and never off of both pedals, 4. Do not stomp on gas pedal to accelerate, instead try to keep RPM below 2000 until you reach 30 mph. After reaching 30 mph, you cam increase rpm's to 2500. This only applies to CVT tranny. 5. Use Shell's highest grade gas (or equivalent) every 10 fill-ups. It seems to clean fuel injectors and other gunk built up better than the regular grade gas, but may not give you any better mileage. By getting higher MPG's your car will last longer, need fewer brake jobs and save money at gas pumps.
  5. I noticed this right away in my new 2017 LS with CVT of course. My guess is it is a quirk in the software which controls CVT actions. The software has to correlate several inputs from sensors and gets confused. I learned to not press gas pedal down hard when car is moving forward at slow speed in cruising mode (not pressing gas pedal) and I want to accelerate from that situation. If I press the gas pedal gradually, instead of stomping on it, everything works fine. This quirk does not appear when car is moving above 25 mph.
  6. What year is your latest Spark? I have not noticed any wear on the steering wheel in my 2017 Spark LS. Although a good steering wheel cover is always good idea. The last one was on my 2007 Pontiac G5 and I took my time to do it properly, and it was all suede leather and turned out well.
  7. Short answer is NO. But your wallet will feel a bit lighter. Now if you increased compression in the cylinders, it could help reduce knocking & pinging.
  8. Dealers hide the Sparks in the back parking lots. Anyways that is where I found my new Spark 2017 CVT. Dealers don't like selling a low profit car to a customer who otherwise would buy a higher profit car. I have driven so many new cars in my almost 80 years of life, but except for the 1964 Cadillac Eldorado coupe, this little Spark is more fun to drive. It has taught steering, it is peppy, can park in ridiculously small spaces, I can push it single handedly on flat surface (not needed so far except to move around in my garage) gas mileage is best I ever had, it has less rattles and more solid body and love the CVT for smoothness and gas mileage. Only item missing is a cruise control option, but I use my bigger HHR for interstate driving anyways.
  9. I installed Android Auto on my Motorola phone, and soon after my phone started acting up. I removed Android Auto from phone, rebooted phone, and not acting up since then. Merely a coincidence? Could be. Phone was losing sound, so could not hear conversations and recipients could not hear me.
  10. About what I usually do in my 2017 Spark LS CVT. 70 miles round trip to Jacksonville, FL for some Indian food which is not available in my town. Cross country trips are much better in our Chevy HHR. We did 7000 miles in it from Florida to Wash state, then Sun City in AZ and back to Florida. Passed through majority of American states. The worst roads and rest stations were in Illinois.
  11. Are you sure those ignition coils have really failed, or is it the repair shop replacing them as easy fix for misfire? If compression in cyl #2 is up to snuff, then time to check voltage being delivered to that cylinder's ignition coil.
  12. So if you had a trunk release button and you activate it, you still have to get out of the car to take things out or put things in the trunk, right?
  13. Amazing that the cheapest car on the market can actually last past 100k miles. I think poster "oldgearhead" has very high miles on his Spark, but he is highly skilled on car issues, so his car does not count
  14. I have been able to unlock drivers side door lock using the Chevy App, and I am NOT On-Star subscriber.
  15. Pretty much what MrTozzi said. Another option worth looking at would be 2 parallel red stripes on black hood about 2.5" wide each, and 2 parallel black stripes on both sides from wheel well to wheel well.