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  1. I love this. Did you just use random stickers you came about while shopping and stuff? Did you put them all on at once or were they gradually added on?
  2. You have inspired me my 15 spark is the same color and I was hesitant on the black. I thought it would make it too dark but yours looks really good. You accented all the right parts. I'm still on the fence about doing black myself but at least I know if all else fails I can fall back on black.
  3. What size is the donut did you all use or are they all the same size?
  4. My driver's side and rear windows were broken a few months back. (My rear window was actually broken twice in 3 days.) I didn't immediately fix my rear window the second time and it ended up draining my battery. (It took the dealership a week to figure that out.) They disconnected my wiring in the back untill I got the window fixed and when they reconnected the wiring they didn't disconnect the battery witch resulted in my driver's door controls for both right windows inoperable and my rear wiper arm sitting on the car under my spark emblem instead of on the window and breaking. They're basically blaming this on the windows being broken and not take ownership for their fuck up (pardon my french), so I'm wondering if there is a way to fix this without paying alot of money. Any suggestions?
  5. I've had my spark for jus over a year but I'm new to the forum. Jus wanted to say hey. Hey!
  6. How did those undercarriage light work out? I wanna put some of my spark but I think it sits too low and they would be knocked off. What's the pros n cons in your opinion?
  7. I need a whole new arm for my 2015 is this easy to replace? I've shopted around parts stores and the only places that have them are my local dealerships. I found 1 for $9 (does not include installation)
  8. In my 2015 I have the option to turn them off but have been advised by dmv, the dealer, friends, etc not too. Plus no matter what you turn the knob too it's resting place is auto so as soon as you turn the engine off all the lights are back on auto with the start of the car.
  9. I have a lime green spark but in cali so does everyone else. I'm thinking of doing something like stripes to make it stand out.
  10. I went with Lime Green. Mainly because it was the only other sparkly color in the 2015 line up besides the granite working in cosmetic car inspections black is a color you quickly grow to hate. I would of loved to have the techno pink tho and the 2016 marshmallow color is really nice too although it's not sparkly.
  11. body kits

    Where did you find this kit and is it compatible with all model years?
  12. This looks AWSOME! I hella wanna do this to my 2015 spark. I've had serious visibility issues in this car with other ppl not seeing me over the past year and my car is lime green. This is the perfect answer. Not sure if I will do black or green tho I'll have to look at the tapes. How long does this last and how does it hold up in weather? I'm in the bay area so our weather is similar right?