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  1. Hi

  2. not normal. and if its a cvt i think the "tech" does not know what he/she is talking about.
  3. i read somewhere maybe on here that someone used a blank from another gm car and programmed it to unlock drivers side door, but i cant find it now. i may have been confused on what i read it was late. i would love to find out if it can be done also would be awesome to be able to pop the trunk from the fob.
  4. i have never been a fan of those cargo trays even on a big suv with a 2" receiver but cargo options are few with the spark. i see curt makes a hitch for the spark, has anyone used it with a bike rack or tray etc.? i would only be putting light luggage on it so t think it would work. i was also thinking about building my own tray and designing a kind of outrigger attached to the tie down point that i think is under the little cover on the bumper to make it a little more stable. also am wondering since the car is not designed for towing would i have warranty or legal problems using this setup?
  5. i hear a lot on here about the cvt in the spark but does anyone like it or have any positive comments on it? i have had one for a couple months now and i like it o.k.(had to get the auto because wife isnt into the clutch) i researched it a little before i bought it and it works pretty much how i expected. i dont do much city driving but i have had to adjust the way i take off from a light due to a slight delay, but not bad. i do mostly highway driving and the cvt eats up the open road and loves it and the mileage is great.
  6. i bought an ls model a couple of months ago also and the salesman pushed the onstar button and we set it up right there at the dealership(unexpectedly i might add kind of put me on the spot , my car asking me to set up passwords an user names and such) any way my data just expired and ive been having a heck of a time trying to purchase more, website says its having problems and you may need to call. your ls should have it though,guess you will have to call or go to the dealer.
  7. just hit 1800 miles no issues.
  8. Yep I can reach all of the locks too. I live in rain country so if I have passengers they have to wait. Not a big gripe it's just a bummer because the power locks are there but we're just not allowed to control them. Ditto for the lock on the hatch. No big deal I'm just spoiled from having power everything on my last car. Also it seems to me that all of the doors lock when you drive off and unlock when you stop.
  9. ok ive had my 2016 ls with cvt for about a month now. heres my review. pros: interior room(in the front) is awesome and im 6ft 4in tall. build quality seems very nice for a low end car. love that it looks like a 2 door. it has a spare tire. paint seems decent, toasted marshmalow(my wifes choice but it is a nice color) the mylink seems very cool i know nothing about it(im an old guy) but im having fun playing with it. rear cargo space is bigger than it seems. my truck is broken so i have had animal feed and potting soil in it without putting the seat down. gas milage. the d.i.c. fun to watch actual mileage ect. i like the looks of the 2016,looked at a 15 and 16 and chose the 16 hands down with added features an similar price. nice power for what it is the back up camera is cool but unessasary. thats all i can think of now cons: the plastic wheel covers. the new lame 3 year gm warranty. no engine coolant temp gage. i dont miss the power windows or cruise, but being able to control the power locks that are already there would be nice. blind spots,but all the newer cars ive owned had them. the arm rest is useless to a person my size. the 60/40 split seat makes no sense in the us with the 60 side on the passenger side cant fold either side down with the drivers seat back. empty speaker holes in the back doors. thats all i can think of now. all in all we love the car, was a bit worried about the cvt but my wife doesnt drive a stick. it took a little getting used to but i like the trans,its kind of fun to drive and i got a good extended warranty so its covered for a good long time. also the price was fine and the dealer experience was the best ive had. a few things id like to do to it. window tint. wheels and tires. mud flaps try to find a way to add power locks without voiding the warranty. well there it is. I like it.
  10. The toasted marshmallow. Not very original but it fits.