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  1. Anyone else heading to this years auto show in the motor city? I fell in love with my spark 2 years ago when I first saw it at the 2012 Detroit show. Looking forward to seeing what GM has in store this year!
  2. Welcome!!
  3. Welcome!
  4. Welcome!
  5. My Lil Snow plow we have gotten about 20 inches in the past 4 days made it to work and back without problems even plowed the driveway a bit with the front
  6. no problems with the spark in the snowbelt last winter...
  7. I found the spark to be very decent in the snow last winter. In the lake effect belt just south of Erie, PA here
  8. the ABS self test would make sense. I had a volvo v70 that made the same noise i always wondered what it was.
  9. Welcome Fellow PA Spark owner!
  10. correct me if I'm wrong but this engine was built and designed by Opel and is used in many of its cars in Europe. Here are some Specs From GM. Displacement: 1249cc (73 CID) Engine Orientation: Transverse Compression ratio: 10.5:1 Valve configuration: Dual Overhead Camshafts (DVCVP) valves per cylinder: 4 Assembly site: Changwon, South Korea Valve lifters: Direct acting tappet with hydraulic lash adjuster Firing order: 1 – 3 – 4 – 2 Bore x stroke: 70.50 x 80.00 mm Bore Center (mm): 75.50 mm Bore Area (cm2): 39.04 Fuel system: MPFI Fuel Type: Regular unleaded Applications Horsepower hp (kW) Chevrolet Spark: 84 hp (62.6 kW) @ 6400 rpm SAE Certified Maximum Engine Speed: 6500 rpm (MT), 6850rpm (AT) Emissions Summary: GM System 0 Engine Management System with E83 ECM Federal: Tier 2 BIN 4 California: BIN 4 (ULEV2 Qualified) Materials Block: Cast Grey Iron Cylinder head: Cast Aluminum Intake manifold: Composite Exhaust manifold: Fabricated Stainless Steel Maniverter 4-1 Crankshaft: Cast Iron Camshaft: Assembly camshaft Connecting rods: Forged Steel Additional features: Double Continuous Variable Cam Phasing ( DCVCP ) Electronic Throttle Control Electronic Controlled Cooling System Hydraulic Tappets Individual Coil on Plug with Driver Silent Chain Driven Camshaft Long life (100,000-mile) spark plugs Read more: http://gmauthority.com/blog/gm/gm-engines/ll0/#ixzz2h2Kd4eYy
  11. Hey NW PA here too! hope you get your problem sorted where did you purchase your Spark?
  12. Greg just recently passed the one year mark here as well 09/13 So far so good no issues. Maybe I don't notice the ac since its not blistering hot here in the northeast but I'm happy with my purchase! I'm at 10,700 miles
  13. The first time I saw the spark was as the Beat concept at the Detroit Auto show. Then in january 2012 as the show they had a neat display of sparks in all the bold colors and I knew I wanted one
  14. I use this http://www.poorboysworld.com/natural-look.htm So there is not a filter installed from the factory correct? I never understood why they do that. I found several on amazon, I'll pick one up.
  15. My parents have a CVT AWD Kizashi and I find myself using the paddle shifters when I drive it since it reverts to 6 preset ratios for cruising, its great!