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  1. glad to hear that so many people like the spark ! i was beginning to worry a little ! but i love driving mine . i have always owned GM cars and they were all very good to me
  2. I see a lot of people complaining on here about issues , but how many of you really like or love your spark ? I am new to the spark community, only 500 miles on mine so far , but i like mine, it is fun to drive and looks good , i am adding graphics to mine soon, just trying to find the ones i like
  3. went on a 200 mile trip with it over the weekend , i am impressed with this car i was averaging 40 mpg during the trip and running 70 mph with no issues , so far so good
  4. i owned a 2011 chevy aveo prior to this 5 speed and this is so much nicer , more comfortable ride take off speed is way more in the spark , and looks so much better also
  5. so far so good , the cvt seems to make the 84hp motor alot faster , i only got 180 miles to date so i will keep you informed as to how it keeps going , but i am impressed with this car so far
  6. in washington pa here got the green 1lt this past monday ,,,really like it so far got the cvt auto