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  1. I went to the dealer for a oil change and they fixed my radio. It's nice having my radio working right.
  2. I went to 2 places to try to get a oil change. Both said they can't get the oil filter for my Chevy spark. So I have to go to the dealer to get a oil change. Can I buy the oil filter online?
  3. the volume controls on the steering wheel don't work and the temperature doesn't show on the radio. I'm going to get this fix soon.
  4. Thanks, I will call the car dealer about it soon. My Chevy spark has been to the dealer a lot.
  5. My 2013 Chevy spark says my rear view camera is defective. But it does not have a rear view camera. The Chevy dealer updated the software to fix the door chime. Also temperature doesn't show on the radio anymore. How do I fix this
  6. If you put dnyomat on the package self it will reduce noise a lot. But will make it heavier
  7. All you have to do is go to Amazon and buy some dnyomat. Take everything out of the trunk. And install dnyomat. And the the car will be quit. You can also use fatmat
  8. just turn your defroster on.
  9. bringgo works fine for a few mins then the map because stuck on mylink. has anyone else had this problem?
  10. I thought someone said the back ones are 4 ohms and the front ones 8 ohms. But its way to cold to work on replacing my front speakers now.
  11. there a big tube attached to the speaker. so I cant get the speaker out because the windshield gets in the way.
  12. The volume will be 2 times higher and it will pull a lot more power from mylink. Will mylink work with 4 ohm speakers?
  13. I got the grill off and the 2 screws, but there's a long tube thing attached to the speaker. How do I pull the speaker out without hurting the windshield? thanks
  14. They don't look good anymore there covered with salt from the snow and I had a lot of water in them from snow. It should be easy to clean when it warms up.
  15. The fit good. The drivers side uses the factory hold downs. the passenger side does not. here is a photo of the passenger side