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  1. Just wondering if you got my old car.
  2. You didn't buy it from a ford dealer in central new York did you?
  3. I'll stay out of the arguing and say the above is what I did, and even with a Spark that pulled to one side I managed to keep it out of the ditch on the worst of days with my 30 mile each way commute through the hills of central New York. Snow tires on a separate set of wheels is the only way I will go through winter. You can fit 14 inch wheels to the spark which opens up a lot of choices in tires for a lot cheaper than 15 inch sizes.
  4. I agree, the snow performance of the USA version was pretty good with my snow tires, didn't really drive it in snow without the winter tires so no idea how the stock tires will function.
  5. Actually, mine was up right at my shoulder. But there were other places where you could see the seams were being strained.
  6. That's probably a bit far for me as it would be more than 300 miles. I'm pretty much in the center of the state. And for some reason I didn't get an email saying there was a reply, so sorry it took a couple days to get back to you. I don't come in here very often anymore since I got rid of my Spark.
  7. Mine did that too, dealer had someone stitch it up. Take a look at the leg bolsters, mine was starting to crack in the gray part just before I ditched it.
  8. The tire plug kits actually work pretty well, something that you might want to keep in the car for repairs.
  9. The tires on my Fiesta are junk too, they flat spot after about 6 hours parked. Not really noisy and seem to grip OK, but looking forward to the day I have money to junk them. Probably find some decent low rolling resistance Michelin or something high quality. Need to pump my tires up for the colder weather, hit freezing last night and really close this morning when I left for work (thump thump thump thump...) That said, the stock Spark tires on my car were pretty much done after 30,000 of which at least 10,000 was on snow tires (december through march for two seasons). But there was no problem with the alignment as I was told many times. Pressures were always run right around 40psi like the sticker says and obviously rotated a few times. Wish I'd had a better Spark experience, could have used the money that I spent toward the Fiesta right now on something else important.
  10. You are now doomed to pick up a nail the next time you drive it.
  11. They don't put as much light down the road as the Spark did, and they spray to much around the sides and straight up in the air. They may be very poor when the snow starts flying.
  12. Need a jack and 19mm socket wrench too. This goes a little beyond normal, but the spare in my Fiesta is an alloy with the same 8 spoke pattern as the main wheels. Couldn't believe that when I had to use it for a screw in the tread! Ended up stuffing a plug in the hole and it has been fine for 1000 miles now. The tire plug kit now lives in the car for other repairs and for rapid response for other cars.
  13. I think Sonic has rear disks and I bet the hub mounting flange is pretty much the same. Caliper mount might be the only thing you need to make. And then you need to make a bracket to put bigger rotors up front. There is a popular mod for the Fiesta that moves the front caliper out for larger disks, still using the stock caliper and pads. With the larger rotor people say it stops a lot sooner, couple that with a rear disk kit for all around gains.
  14. Since you want an auto transmission, I'll say to hold off on the Fiesta or Focus. The dual clutch system has had problems and pretty much anything you currently buy is going to have the old clutches and will probably give you issues. My manual has very good cruise control, barely ever notice it adjusting speed, nice and subtle in operation. I know you aren't an import guy, but for fun go check out Kia Rio and Forte. Versa Note is another small car you may want to look at, a guy at work has one and I was surprised by the features packed into the base model and the room in the back seat.
  15. I miss the parking lot handling the most, and what were pretty good headlights.