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  1. that's fine and all most people feel that way about dealers and techs from dealers. but why would you ever replace one with out the other?? if one is bad, the other is bad no matter what.. no matter what the car, truck or van, always do both . if not you will pay for it down the road when your new pads rubbing on old shitty rotors decide to go ... listen or don't listen.. don't matter to me. just personal experience from working in and out of dealers .
  2. no matter what when your doing brakes, always put on new pads AND rotors. never just do one and leave the other. I know this from experience and working at a dealership
  3. hey the stock shift knobs are pressure fitted on (smashed on with force lol) and use an extra strength adhesive. I changed my and just cut it right off about an inch under the knob.
  4. 40,000 km up in Ontario and runs great, I baby it like crazy and work at a dealer so I can do every thing early and often
  5. hello hello glad to be here, I own a 2016 spark
  6. yeah man when you explain your satiation it makes perfect sense, and with you doing most the repairs your self it makes even more sense to buy the one your talking about. I was just giving you a heads up but the cars sounds like its in great shape and has been looked at its entire life. so I would say to go for It for sure man enjoy the spark life :p !!!!
  7. if you can make the jump in money I would just get a new 2016. there fully redesigned with no major issues. once you get over 100,000 you may start seeing problems show up. they are the most high end cars out there so you cant ask too too much of the little car. some people even call them disposable cars kuz once you get past 100,000 people usually get rid of them. but the car you listed sounds great, just want to warn you. but like I said if you can make the jump and/or get financed for a brand new one I highly recommend it!!
  8. I don't know if anyone on here knows but the new 2016 sparks with the new LV7 engines in them have a high compression ratio of 10.6:1 if you want increased fuel economy plus better performance, put in higher octane gas. I use 91 in my spark. throttle response and overall performance is noticeably better! the better gas works better with the high compression ratio
  9. be careful what filters your using though.. the OEM ACDelco oil filer for the sparks has a little pressure valve right inside the filter in the center. it just helps to regulate pressure, but the sparks and the avalanche trucks use it, and without it will most likely set off oil pressure lights and engine lights the proper acdelco filter is called UPF64R
  10. the stock shift knob is pressure fitted on plus has a super strong adhesive bonding it right on there... which is almost impossible to remove.. me and a buddy took a metal cut off saw and just hacked the shift lever about 1.5 inches beneath the stock knob. with the shift lever cut shorter if gives the shifter a shorter throw into each gear making shifting faster if your a good driver. plus the knob is weighs about 7pounds by itself so it just slaps into gear which is a nice touch. hope this helps someone !
  11. 2016 Chevy Spark LS this is a post to show what I have done so far to my car and what I will be doing in the future. 1. Magna flow race series straight through muffler 2. custom weighted shift knob 3. mud flaps(cheap) will be putting on rally armor mud flaps soon 4. 5% tint all around 5. white light head light bulbs 6. smoked out tail lights 7. manual sport pedal package 8. OEM fog light kit this week I will be adding a tinted sun strip to my front window as well as deleting my resonator to make it a little louder and meaner sounding. I have a set of rims picked out for it I just have to save a lil more. im have on order to front splitter connecting rods and a sheet of black acrylic plastic to make a custom front splitter. I will be purchasing Megan Racing coil overs as well in the summer. I have a 10inch carbon fiber cone sub woofer that is ready to be installed. I will be installing a cold air intake and a stage 1 engine tune will be happening this summer to make some more horse power. car is a little dirty but there's my 5%tint all around plus I took a pic of the sticker I have on the back which I thought suites the car pretty well lol its fun but a lil bit slow. . . and so far that is my 2016 Chevy spark!! thanks and feel free to comment and leave any tips you may have !! ENJOY
  12. Hey I'm new to forums and have a new 2016 spark ill be doing lots of mods to in the future. Glad to be here!!
  13. Just finished my custom shift knob project . Also the knob is now polished metal with three black lines on the top.



  14. Looks great dude. I have the exact same car and same color. I'm getting ready to get rims for it. I havnt having seen a 2016 with rims yet and I cant wait to do mine now! Klhuffman@outlook.com is my email if you wanna talk about our builds!