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2016 Chevy Spark LS


this is a post to show what I have done so far to my car and what I will be doing in the future.


1. Magna flow race series straight through muffler

2. custom weighted shift knob

3. mud flaps(cheap) will be putting on rally armor mud flaps soon

4. 5% tint all around

5. white light head light bulbs

6. smoked out tail lights

7. manual sport pedal package

8. OEM fog light kit


this week I will be adding a tinted sun strip to my front window as well as deleting my resonator to make it a little louder and meaner sounding.

I have a set of rims picked out for it I just have to save a lil more. im have on order to front splitter connecting rods and a sheet of black acrylic plastic to make a custom front splitter.

I will be purchasing Megan Racing coil overs as well in the summer.

I have a 10inch carbon fiber cone sub woofer that is ready to be installed.

I will be installing a cold air intake and a stage 1 engine tune will be happening this summer to make some more horse power.

car is a little dirty but there's my 5%tint all around plus I took a pic of the sticker I have on the back which I thought suites the car pretty well lol its fun but a lil bit slow. . . 


and so far that is my 2016 Chevy spark!! thanks and feel free to comment and leave any tips you may have !!








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Got any sound clips of the exhaust? Been curious to how the 1.4 in the newer Spark sounds with an aftermarket setup.

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How was the install for the fog lights?

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How do you like those sport pedals? Do they grip your shoes better than stock? My stock pedals are a little slippery especially when wet and I'm afraid my foot will slip off the clutch and cause an accident some day.

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