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Found 4 results

  1. 2016 Chevy Spark LS this is a post to show what I have done so far to my car and what I will be doing in the future. 1. Magna flow race series straight through muffler 2. custom weighted shift knob 3. mud flaps(cheap) will be putting on rally armor mud flaps soon 4. 5% tint all around 5. white light head light bulbs 6. smoked out tail lights 7. manual sport pedal package 8. OEM fog light kit this week I will be adding a tinted sun strip to my front window as well as deleting my resonator to make it a little louder and meaner sounding. I have a set of rims picked out for it I just have to save a lil more. im have on order to front splitter connecting rods and a sheet of black acrylic plastic to make a custom front splitter. I will be purchasing Megan Racing coil overs as well in the summer. I have a 10inch carbon fiber cone sub woofer that is ready to be installed. I will be installing a cold air intake and a stage 1 engine tune will be happening this summer to make some more horse power. car is a little dirty but there's my 5%tint all around plus I took a pic of the sticker I have on the back which I thought suites the car pretty well lol its fun but a lil bit slow. . . and so far that is my 2016 Chevy spark!! thanks and feel free to comment and leave any tips you may have !! ENJOY
  2. I was thinking of putting a thrashglass pack muffler on my spark and I was wondering has anyone else tried? Would it fit without having to chop off anything
  3. I see some people on this forum talking about how they deleted the muffler and just went straight pipe. I'm wondering how this sounds and if anyone has a video for reference? Also I have a 2016 model so it would be nice if you had it the way it sounds on the new model Spark.
  4. Hi guys and gals, I just wanted to drop in and say hello, and show off what I have done thus far. Some of it, you may all not agree with, but that's okay, and by no means do you have to go out and do it yourself. First, a little precursor. I purchased my '13 Spark LS manual in Salsa red from a local Ford dealer for as near as makes no difference to $8800 with 23k miles on the clock. I had been unceremoniously thrown into the car buying game again by a careless driver in an Exlporer, who crossed the center line and totaled my '03 Beetle. I am a tinkerer of sorts, the Beetle and vehicles before it were never left alone, so neither was the Spark. I will try, to the best of my ability, to remember all the little things I have done so far, because I think they improve upon the car from a "fun" perspective, and I want to share my experiences with all of you so that you may choose to try some of them. Basic stuff, like plastidipping wheels and blacking out the chrome on the front grilles, is straightforward enough, there are only a million how-tos on that all across the internet. But that is done, first graphite then white on the wheels, as well as badges. I unbolted and removed the rearmost muffler from the car, I find this creates a pleasing, yet quiet exhaust tone, comparable to that of a stock motorcycle. Considering these engines are only a few 100ccs away from liter bikes, this isn't too far fetched. If you don't like it, simply bolt it back up. I plan to cut the stock muffler off and reuse the piping, just to "delete" the muffler and continue the exhaust to where it initially ended. More serious things (read irreversible) entail lopping 2" give or take off the shifter to shorten the throw and add a nice aluminum knob. (Use a hair tie or ziptie to hold your boot up) Also, (gasp) I gave the springs a trim. 1 coil each from all 4 offers what I'm assuming is about a 3/4" to 1" drop. Maybe just a tad lower in the rear. My car is well out of it's bumper to bumper warranty, and I've had generally positive experiences with lightly trimming springs, both stock and lowered. I know this is by no means the proper way to lower a car, so spare yourself the time of telling me I'm a hack. Worth knowing, however, is aside from needing an alignment, the car still rides remarkably well (firmer, although I thought the car was already firm) with very minimal trouble or discomfort over large bumps. Handling, is also improved, as the spring rate is slightly higher, the car tends to take longer to initiate body roll. By no means do I recommend doing this, but if you are curious, the results are here. Modifications that actually costed money included the Metra dash kit (an EXCELLENT piece/kit, fit and finish is phenomenal) to install a Pioneer DDIN radio paired to some various wal-mart speakers. Better speakers and a subwoofer to come. As many have said, the rear speakers are a nonstandard size and require some creativity to install. I used large washers on the holes that did line up to hold them down...or up, rather. No issues as of yet. My favorite mod that cost money was the DC Sports CAI. This is a beautiful and easy to install piece which really in my honest opinion is worth the money. The ugly mess of stock intake is removed for a single, clean looking pipe routed down to the inner fender where a lifetime K&N style DRY filter resides. Better yet is the wonderful intake noise...oh the noise. Quiet, at low RPMS, very unintrusive. But step on the skinny pedal and the 1.2 gasps for air and the resulting howl is reminiscent again of a motorcycle. Throttle response and pull all over the rev range seem to be better too. But, fair warning, I do have a CEL for being too lean, which is wishy washy and goes in and out. I feel like a new MAF or the JET MAF would alleviate this situation. I am not overly concerned as of this writing as it has not shown any signs of detonation or otherwise poor running. I think my last and most recent little mod was an EZlip from eBay. I think it looks nice. Just peel and stick... I hope you enjoyed my thoughts, and please feel free to share yours. I just thought I finally had something worth posting. Thanks!