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  2. I had not considered this, thanks for the tip. I did a little research on megasquirt and it seems interesting as an option. I also came across this product bench force which is available and compatible with my car. Here is the option that works for the spark: New website: The computer is known as an e78 and was used from 2011 to 2017 on various engines. If this is accurate, the hp tuner that is available for 2016 as Anewspark mentioned may work. If not, bench force seems like it may work. Here's some info on tuning an e78 with hp tuner:
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  4. Lol
  5. Do you notice any more power?
  6. If there was any threat of engine damage at 4000 rpm the engineers would have put the redline on the tach there instead of at 2200 rpm higher. Stop worrying.
  7. Selling almost new steel wheels with hubcaps from my 2018 LS. The hubcaps had 200 miles on them before I pulled them off and have no scratches on them. The rims had 600 miles on them before I pulled them off. $50 for each wheel w/ hubcap. I'm in Central Florida (Cocoa Beach) and frequently travel to South Florida (West Palm Beach) if you want to pick them up. If you want me to ship them to you, tack on another $100. It seems it's about $25 to ship each wheel via USPS.
  8. You may need to look into a standalone ECU like a megasquirt.
  9. looks Awesome !
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  11. Thanks for your help, I just want to remove it to do some repairs, I bought it with a couple of bumper cracks so it would be way easier to do so without it being on the car. There looks to be a screw behind the fender liner, can't see if they're hex or torx screws though. I'm assuming there are also some screws behind the rear headlights. Hoping the reverse sensors will just unplug, too.
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  13. I had these installed. All good.
  14. It seems like it is available/possible but not listed on any website. I only see 2016 listed on hp tuner. I assume that covers 2016 and newer. I need the one for 2013 to 2015. I do think there is a big difference between the 2015 and 2016 because they came out with a new model for 2016+. Looking at the forum I linked above it seems the tuner for 2013-2015 is available but not listed on their site. I talked to someone on here thatsays they have one from bad news racing but it was not listed on their site. I have reached out directly to HP tuner and I will reach out directly to bad news racing. I'll follow up when I get responses.
  15. The product is not on the Bad News Racing web page. You’ll have to send an email and contact them directly. Still going strong ring with my Spark. It’s at 95k miles with no issues. Never did anything with the exhaust, put money into other projects for the Spark. I will be doing a little tune up here soon though.
  16. ANeeSpark, do you have any additional info on BNR tuner for 2013 to 2015 spark? I am really interested but having a hard time finding the product. Thanks!
  17. I reached out to a few local tuners near me, and I was told that the 2016 spark can be tuned. No one has answered yet about why only that one year. I can't imagine Chevy doing anything that much different for the one year, that would allow it to be tuned. Any ideas?
  18. That brings me up on another issue though. While I was driving especially through hills the engine would rev high like 3500 to 4000 rpms to get it up to and keep it at the highway speed. Is this going to hurt the engine at all like blow it up or anything? It has synthetic oil at proper weight 5w20 and filled to proper level. Just curious. Thanks.
  19. Well actually yesterday came home from a 980 or so mile trip home from Panama city Florida to Central Illinois (Peoria) consistently getting 38-39 mpg on fill ups so I'm not really too worried there.
  20. Thanks! I haven't got that quite worked out yet but I did see this older hp tuner forum that leads me to believe they may have something that could work. Like most online forums, the convo sort of just ends so I'm going to reach out to HP tuners and see what I can find out. I'll let you know what I find.
  21. Have you put any thought into tuning? I know that way down the road, but I haven't been able to find anyone that can tune these cars. The project looks great though. It's making me want to give it a go
  22. 2014 Spark LS, Manual Transmission - 101K Miles Driving vehicle, Speedometer stops working, Fuel Gauge becomes erratic. Pulled over, turned vehicle off and on again. CEL never illuminated. Gauges then started working properly, but the car would hesitate upon hitting 4000 RPM in any gear. Cautiously drove another ~20 minutes. Near the end of the trip the hesitation issues stopped. I am absolutely super confused. At first I thought it was a cluster issue, then the bogging made me think engine issue. All combined I am wondering if something is up with the ECU. Any thoughts?
  23. Sounds like there is a short to ground in the wiring and it is confusing the control modules. Should have a dtc for this.
  24. My Spark does the same, belt chirp and loss of power. Does this around 3200 - 3500 rpm. Doesn't matter if easing on throttle or matted. It is a 5 speed manual.
  25. Thanks! I honestly don't have any expectations for horsepower. I'm starting out with 84 hp. I plan on starting at 5psi for boost and seeing if I can increase from there. I plan on dyno testing if all goes to plan. I will be happy to share any results.
  26. Hi All, My wife got me a remote start and installation at Best Buy and it works great. Really nice on the cold winter mornings, Doogie
  27. In the pic you posted, it looks like the fog lights on the blue LS have chrome trim. The dealer told if ordered fog lights for my LS, the lights would have chrome trim. Only the grill is different. There are aftermarket fog lights on eBay without any chrome.
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