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    • I thought of doing that but with the amount of times this car has had me in and out the dealership , and having to use other forms of transportation for work , etc ..I’m hesitant of other repair places option . I want the dealership to have documents of everything .    I feel this time and money should be accounted for in some imaginary bill statement . Anywho , there was one time , the coolant resovior was leaking , about a year ago . The dealership replaced this and a few other radiator components . So I just found this incident a bit weird , I also understand I may be just a bit too concerned . I paid 14k back in 2014 and in total with the back loan , a high 15k. But shoot , if I knew of this future , I’d gladly invest the extra 4K pfor a different brand and model . I’d rather have a trustworthy vehicle than not knowing or how many Lyfts it takes to kill a working citizens bank account . Working as a substitute teacher in a big city , where commute is 10 min or more , no less , does not help this situation , makes it worse .  
    • Very nice flashy red color!
    • My last manual was a 1964 Corvair Monza (top end model). Living in greater Chicago for 37 years, I never bought another manual again, saving me 1 Billion gear shifts over 37 years.  As for a speedster, my 6cyl Camaro could squeal the tires if I wanted to. And that was with an automatic. That car saved my life when the light turned red and I was halfway into the intersection, so I began finishing my turn, when I see a car coming straight at me at high speed in the opposite direction, obviously jumping the red light. By purely with reflex action I flicked the steering wheel to the right avoiding a horrible collision. The amazing quick & power steering on my Camaro did it's job.
    • I wish I knew, I want to paint mine black but I didn't have the time to get under and look yet. They may be sandwiched between the bottom part of the dash and the top part.
    • Fantastic memory Mr.tozzi...correct you are! I am driving a 2017 Spark LS, 35 psi recommended. I could go to 40 psi, but that could make noticeably harsher ride, and extra punishment for the suspension components. Better to replace tires instead of shocks, ball joints and springs. 
    • How much did your significant other paid for that Camry? I recently bought a new 2017 Spark which was listed for $14k, was discounted thousands of dollars, aprox $3000. So net $11,000. I bet I can buy 2 Sparks and have money left over from a Camry purchase.    Also, try to find a NON-dealer shop for such things as hose changes, brake jobs, etc after warranty expires.
    • I decided to join this forum in search of guidance to shed some much needed light in the painful past 3 years of constant recalls and dealership visits regarding my Chevy Spark 2014 . Just recently I noticed a leak coming from the front passenger side . After taking the vehicle to get diagnosed , turns out the coolant  hose was leaking. I was shocked to hear this , yet another mishap involving this car . No where does it state in the maintence schedule , something like this is suppose to happen . My car also has 50k miles on it . Has anyone else dealt with a similar situation like this ? Can anyone tell me whatelse I should look forward to ? The dealership is the only place I allow to get my oil changed and routinely checked , this really came to me as a surprise , how did they miss this , yet another fire hole in my pocket , 287 dollars worth this month . A couple of months ago , it’s 250 regarding a battery replacement . My significant other happens to have purchased 2014 Toyota Camry and he has yet to take the vehicle in for anything , only oil changes . He happens to also work for the Chronicle for the city and finds this just as peculiar as I . Can someone share anything ?! Please and thank you .  Side note ! Does anyone know more information regarding the 2015 class action settlement for this particular model , 2014 Chevy Spark . 
    • Im trying to paint the interior pieces in my spark. I want all the silver to be red. I know how to remove the steering wheel piece, and the door pieces. But i cant find all the screws or clips on these pieces. Can anyone tell me how many there are and where they are located.
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