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  3. This is for door mounted speakers. I guess you are looking for rear parcel tray support location. P.S. pardon, I was expecting that because previous year have only front dash and rear parcel tray support speakers, not in door.
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  5. this wouldnt work?
  6. Here are the two 2' straight 2.5" aluminum pipes I ordered for my tubing from the intercooler to the throttle body. I will be cutting to fit and using silicon boots as needed. I paid $19.99 for each 2/ft section with free shipping and it was next day (unexpectedly). I'm really happy with the quality for the price. $40.00 for piping so far.
  7. My vband clamp and intercooler pipes arrived today! I literally ordered the pipes yesterday! I couldn't help but test fit the downpipe and turbo connection and I was pleased with the fit.
  8. i drove it for 400 miles or so. the tires are quieter than the stock ones. car feels smoother and it seems it was cuz the tires are so much taller, you get more cushion. after i took them off, i put 205 50 15 ventus v2 concept 2 on the stock rims to see how they ride. less noise than the stock. about as much as the cheap west lake 195 60 15. the tires seem a little heavier than the 195s. car sometimes gets into the road groves and i see myself correcting it more often than on the 195s. i do the same 400 miles every week so same roads and condition. I also tried blizzak 195 55 15 all around but those tires are louder than the stock. i got some rims from the bonnies in NJ. after i clean them up ill try them out with some 195 55 15 Michelin tires(if i can find them) i also have contiprocontacts. maybe a premium tire makes lot less noise?
  9. General Motors Co. today announced Chuck Stevens, GM executive vice president and Chief Financial Officer, has indicated his plans to retire after more than 40 years with the company, effective March 1, 2019. View the full article
  10. I've ordered 4 ft of 2.5" aluminum tubing for my intercooler pipes. I figure that is a good place to start. I have picked out the boots and clamps to order but I may be able to pick some up cheaper locally so I have not ordered those yet. I'll be on vacation for the weekend and I'm looking forward to coming back to some parts to keep putting the puzzle together.
  11. OK sorry my bad
  12. General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) announced today at its annual meeting of shareholders the preliminary results of voting, representing 85 percent of shares eligible to be voted. View the full article
  13. Sustainability is integral to General Motors’ business strategy and core to the company’s global operations, as demonstrated in its latest Sustainability Report ( released today. View the full article
  14. Those cars also use direct injection engines instead of multi port. Allows for higher compression pistons, more advanced timing, and leaner fuel/air ratios without detonating. Modern turbos also offer a lot of torque at low RPM's. No need to "rev 'em up" and waste gas to get in the powerband like a naturally aspirated engine. If the Spark had a traditional automatic it would still be tuned by the factory to upshift into the next gear as soon as possible for maximum MPG's. Doubt if they would even offer a "sport'" mode or paddle shifters on such a budget vehicle. This is why I went with the 5sp. manual. I like to decide when the tranny shifts and when the power engages and disengages from the front wheels.
  15. EVO-ONE by Fortin and RF642W transmitter kit. Had to add a resistor to the clutch input signal to EVO-ONE. Works great.
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  17. I've seen some cars such as the chevy cruze or hyundai elantra with 6 speed that get comparable mpg and the scion ia with 6 speed auto has a little big higher horsepower/torque and slightly better gas mileage. Just saying.
  18. CVT is cheaper to manufacture and gets better MPG.
  19. I like the way they fill out the wheel wells. They are a little wide but some factory splash guards or ground effects would have helped with the looks and to prevent stone chips and road slop. Did you take it for a test drive before taking them off? Was wondering if it was quieter and smoother riding with those fat tires? One of the few gripes with my Spark is the deafening tire noise and jarring ride on certain roads but then I remind myself it is after all an economy car and not a Benz.
  20. Eric, you can see this post by Aviran for 3D printing option. Also, there is a post for wooden one. Hope this may help you. Good luck.
  21. Its really strange as these glass are bonded very well to sustain high air pressure. As you have mentioned that just with slight air pressure from closing a door it popped, it's really thing to worry. Better get it checked at service station, I hope this must be covered by warranty as manufacturing defect.
  22. Because I was just wondering why they chose the cvt over the 6 speed.
  23. hope it all step at a time..don't get the ECM reprogram until it all fits and is tested as working OK...nice work!
  24. Indeed it would give better performance and the 6th gear is normally an overdrive ratio. Might not be easy to find one that fits though...
  25. I took out the exhaust manifold this weekend for a really basic test fit to get an idea of what kind of space I'm dealing with. It's tight but doable. I ordered my vband clamp for the downpipe and a flange for the exhaust manifold. Now, I'm going to order the pipes from the intercooler to the throttle body. After that, I will be focusing on oil lines. I'll update the budget soon to reflect these parts.
  26. I'm hoping to do the same. May have to call the dealer and find out.
  27. Just out of curiosity would a 6 speed auto get better take off from a stand still VS the cvt or no?
  28. Oz racing ultralaggera 15x7 +37 195 60 15
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