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  1. Anyone want to take a video of the process for the visual learners?
  2. Hey guys, so I have maxed out my spark, attached is a photo going about 111. That is not the max, the max is at around 116. When the car reaches that speed it immediately shuts of gas to the engine and shuts the engine off until about 100 when the car will start receiving gas again and will run like normal.
  3. Hey, I mean I can't complain too much with it going flat, I was able to fold them down, put down pillows and went to the drive ins with two other people. Wasnt the roomiest but we made it work with little problem. The first movie we even kept the rear door closed cause we had the ac on.
  4. Phil_Can Year: 2013 Model: 1LT Transmission: Manual Build Date: 6/12 Problem: Yes
  5. I want to get the update for my car, but I'm not sure if I should. The reason being that my XM radio has not shut off and I have had my car for about 7 months now. If they update my car, then I am afraid I will lose my XM. I do really want the bringgo in my car tho.
  6. I did too. I replaced the back one like 2 weeks ago because they were only like 4 bucks, now I am waiting for the front one.
  7. Thats how I would like my gas light indicator to be honest. Dont make me go fill up when I still have over a gallon of fuel left. Start blinking when there is under 10 miles left. The gas light comes on too for low gas.
  8. If someone runs the wires thru a manual transmission plz take pics as you go so I can see how it would be wired to the battery.
  9. Yeah I downloaded it last night, so I got the app. Installing all of the roads were a huge pain and my thing froze twice like a long time in and had to restart the whole download of the maps again. Eventually it started to work and downloaded all the locations I wanted. And I also dont see the app in the app store. Luckily I already grabbed it before it left the store!
  10. How did you get it to show up on your car tho?
  11. Your picture upload made me download it! lol
  12. It also says on the app that you are going to have to take it into the dealer for an update. I doubt the dealer has it in yet. Also how much is the lifetime maps? You cant see the prices until you buy the app
  13. Thanks for everything you posted. $270 for my budget right now is a little high but when I am able to, Im sure I will upgrade to the sub. Hopefully the sub may drop a little in price eventually. Especially since all four kicker speakers only ran like 80 bucks for me. Thanks again for all the info.
  14. I put those exact speakers in my spark less than a week after I got my car. A couple questions is how hard was it to wire the Sub? Where did you wire it to? Its a little confusing to follow the wiring of the sub. Also how much was the sub? Where did you get it? How long was the sub install? How difficult is it to wire? How much was the wire? Where did you get the wire? Lastly, how does the bass sound? Sorry for all the questions but I would like to eventually throw a bass in myself. It looks awesome. Is there a fold up or anywhere for extra space next to the sub? Thanks.
  15. Yeah the other day I hit 104 in mine. Ran out of real estate so Idk what it could have gotten to.