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  1. 2013 that is now 6 years old with 35,000 on it.
  2. My 13 does the same thing since brand new.
  3. 121r was just too tall at the terminals. It was pulling on the ground wiresand the battery hold down would not work, too bad. So I returned it and swung by the dealer for another battery, done deal for another 3 years.
  4. Well, three years later and 2nd factory battery is failing again. It’s crazy as both batteries are failing almost the same amount of time. I noticed slow start a week or 2 ago and now getting the full reset with start again. Time for new battery. I found a battery at Walmart that is the same size as the 26R in the 5 year warranty. It’s a 121R, I put it side by side with the 26R this weekend and it looks the same. Might pick one up.
  5. Picked up a new tank with revised part at my local dealer. Going to swap tomarrow.
  6. My spark finally got the overflow tank issue. I think it’s leaking from the seam. Going to get a new one and do the swap, only have 28,000 on her now.
  7. Just did this a few months ago and figured out this cheap solution.
  8. oil

    I ran out of the free ones too. I just changed my oil myself a few weeks ago with factory filter and Mobil 1. I do notice also it is a little quieter too.
  9. Can you feel the scratch with your finger nail? If so I'm afraid you need a body shop. If it's not to back you can buff some of it out.
  10. My 2013 factory battery went out right before the 3 year warranty. Dealer replaced it free of charge.
  11. You could try the cleaner CLR. But try a very small area first, like a small dab. It's an iron/rust remover. Just make sure it does not damage anything.
  12. Like to remind all members to please be courteous to each other. This is a great site and would like it to stay that way.
  13. Welcome to the club. Hope you enjoy your new ride.
  14. Can you post a picture please.