P0132 P0138 error code - O2 sensor

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After my recent cleanup, I put it on idling as I am not driving it much. Just plugged OBD2 adaptor and this time it gave 2 error code (1st time in 3 yrs).

P0132, P0138 - O2 sensor high voltage (sensor1 &2).

I am worried as I am not good with engine and transmission part.

Just to add, for last 2 -3 weeks when I idle it, it smell like gas for while and when I checked in bonnet nothing found or smelled.


Can someone suggest me what to do next? And if, this is minor or major issue?

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Update -

Ok, so finally last week tried clearing the fault code and these not returned after that.

Another thing noticed, 2 days back battery was out of juice, reason, it was sitting idle for last 2 months, although I keep engine running for 5 min in every 7-10days. :hammer_self:


Just a doubt, if low voltage from battery can generate such codes, as a side effect.

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Hi Chevy beat...

If battery is more than 5 years old, it is possible it will charge OK, but if left idle for a week, will not hold the charge very well.


If the error codes did not re-appear after clearing, chalk it down to intermittent mis-behavior by some component. So long as car is running good now, do not worry too much about it. When the fault code shows up again and stays on, only then the dealer or other shop can do something about it. In the meanwhile, enjoy life without worries.

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