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  1. Awesome! Yeah, I think that's a much simpler way to go. I can probably find a USB power cable for the Garmin (to replace its regular 12v power cord), and then I'll have 3 extra USB ports. Thanks!!
  2. Have you installed any additional USB ports for charging devices in your Spark? I have a 2015 Spark 1LT manual and have been thinking about putting in a couple dash-mounted USB ports. I found a few aftermarket backlit USB ports available online; obviously the install would require some dash/panel modification and running wire either to a spare fuse block or directly to the battery. Was thinking they could be mounted on either side of the factory USB/aux ports on the little panel below the A/C controls. My GPS occupies the 12v lighter outlet, and my wife likes to plug her iPhone into the factory USB port to charge, but then the MyLink always randomly switches to "iPod" playback which automatically disables the Bluetooth music function...really annoying. And the factory USB must have really low amperage because it takes forever to charge the phone. Just curious if anyone else might have attempted a mod like this for better charging. Thanks in advance!
  3. I just had the MyLink recall work done on my 2015 Spark 1LT Manual last week while it was at the dealer for regular maintenance, and I've noticed the same issue- Bluetooth won't connect to phone automatically, but it connects when I do it manually in the connection settings. However, it could be that the "auto connect" isn't working because it has the same profile for my phone that was stored in the radio since before it was in the shop. The software update for the recall may have had some impact on the Bluetooth functionality. It might help to delete all phones from the radio and go back through the entire pairing process from scratch. I haven't tried that yet, but I will do that and let you know if it resolves the issue.