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Found 2 results

  1. So, I have a Spark LS, and I wanted to remove the steering wheel and replace it with the LT version so that I can use the cruise control switch on the LT wheel instead of drilling a hole for a Cruise Control "lever". I'm having major issues with taking the old wheel off, is there any tool that will fit the Spark? I bought a universal tool and broke it :/ Also, what is the layout for the wires of the cruise control and how can I set this up? The Spark has two wires, my cruise control kit has 6.
  2. Hey! first post here, I did as much research on my own as i could. I have a pretty much stock 2013 LS and the lack of cruise control has really been bothering me, almost as much as the $300 price tag on the after market ones. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about possibly jerry rigging your own together? especially if its just a bunch of buttons and the cars BCM takes care of the rest. One prospect i was looking into was a steering wheel swap, I know guys have been doing this on sonics and cruzes with camaro wheels assuming that the harness is the same behind the wheel you should be able to just bolt a new (possibly leather...) one on and connect or splice in the wires. whether it be a spark LT wheel or from another similar model. I also noticed that rostra sells the same model for both sparks and sonics "Rostra 250-9618", so that suggests electronic uniformity. And after installing the Rostra kit you don't have to flash anything so it seems that the car is ready to accept it.