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  1. What do you mean by flashing the cruise control to the car?
  2. So, I have a Spark LS, and I wanted to remove the steering wheel and replace it with the LT version so that I can use the cruise control switch on the LT wheel instead of drilling a hole for a Cruise Control "lever". I'm having major issues with taking the old wheel off, is there any tool that will fit the Spark? I bought a universal tool and broke it :/ Also, what is the layout for the wires of the cruise control and how can I set this up? The Spark has two wires, my cruise control kit has 6.
  3. So, I got this amazing set of 4 actuators, a receiver, and two clickers off amazon for about 25$. Theyre really great and highly reccomended, but they are too big to fit into the back doors. (Find them here they dont really come with instructions and the mute and ringer buttons (as they display themselves as) either do nothing or the wrong command (which isnt too surprising, I only have it connected to power). But I got the lock and unlock buttons working right. Does anyone know of any actuators that will fit in the back?. Also any advice on how to hook this up to my lights and horn? There is are two wires left over from the install, not sure what they do. I'm a novice so assume I know very little.
  4. I'm trying to install a third party backup cam, and I'm not sure how to wire it. Any tips? And any point that would be best for mounting?
  5. I drive a 2013 Spark LS Whenever I run my heater, it dries my car out. My throat goes DRY and it affects my day. Whats going on? Is this something normal with new cars? (My last car was a 2002 CRV.) Is it something normal with the Spark? Am I able to fix this? The heater works fine otherwise.
  6. The wheel peice is very difficult to remove and id assume itd be worse to replace. I lifted it to put vinyl on it. There are Two screws on the bottom behind the air bag, you'll have to turn the wheel and probably use a curved screwdriver to pull them out efficiently. Then theres a screw on either side of the wheel, you can feel those. I really domt reccomend trying to pull it all the way out, but you can safely pull it just outside of where it rests with enough force. Again, I would say not to pull it any further than that. You can modify it from there, but as far as spray paint goes, I dont see you able to work this out. Try vinyl, liquid paints or some other method. I dont know anything about the dash part.
  7. Wow ok, that's actually really easy. Thank you. I think I'll go with the Plasti-Dip instead just because so far my vinyl cuts have been very shaky. I still want to finish this test for anyone who decides vinyl is the way to go, I guess. Thank you again.
  8. Maybe working with that all would work better, but I am a minimum wage teenager with intro knowledge to car mods. I feel like a good melt with a hairdryer will help the vinyl stick. If not, id like to try just a layer of Spray Adhesive. (Probably my favorite tool Ive ever used). Ill keep yall posted, just waitin for clear weather (and free time) to test the pieces ive cut so far. I guess ill do different tests on each wheel and see what works best.
  9. I drive a 2013 Spark and I wanted to make my wheels a bit more customized. I ended up deciding to add vinyl instead of changing the rims out. I will try to keep this post updated as I continue this project. I don't mean to be a tease, but I will not be posting the final design until I am finished and satisfied. So far, I'm close to finishing the first Vinyl Prototype. Here has been my progress so far: Step 1, I took some paper, put it against my wheel and tried carving the paper to get a basic idea of what the design will look like with very general sizes and very general shapes. I edited some images on Adobe Photoshop to what I had believed the project would look like when I had finished. Step 2, this step was mostly just on Adobe Illustrator, trying to get a finer shape and size down. It was summed up into Design, Print, Cut, Spray Glue, Edit, Repeat. I now had a new idea on the final project. It consisted of 5-6 pieces (this part is still to be determined.) Step 3, with my currently finalized prototype, I printed it out on cardstock and started drafting on actual vinyl pieces. I'm in the process of cutting them out to see how they fit before I make final vinyl cuts. More updates to come. (Side note, if anyone can tell me how to scale these image sizes down a bit for better reading, that'd be nice.) Edit: February 17th, 2016: I've applied the test vinyls. One wheel is the control, I did nothing to it. Wheel 2 is Spray glued-over. Wheel 3 saw 5 minutes of a hair dryer. Wheel 4 got spray glued, then 5 minutes of a hair dryer. I'll keep it on for a week and see which one stands up the best. I will not be going through with my original idea of putting vinyl on my car. I have been suggested to use Plasti-Dip. I guess this information can be for whomever really wants to use vinyl on their wheels or someone who needs to put vinyl on steel. Either way, the test will proceed and I will post results.
  10. Thank you, Ray! I appreciate the help!
  11. Hello, I am a novice at cars, so assume I know little to nothing above that a Radio uses wires and fuses exist. I'm looking to upgrade my '13 Spark's radio because it is the base model. I was wondering, first, if I can fit this thing in there Kenwood DNX572BH (Amazon says it's no good but I don't know if it's from DIN (I'm not clear on what this is, I know it's something having to do with hooking the radio up and "ribbon"(?) cables) count or actual physical size) Second, I want to know how I would be able to find a suitable replacement cover for the dash there. Any and all advice is accepted, thanks a tonne -Viktor
  12. I figured it out. So, the accessory fuse was actually a relay, so the tap and the 20a were not very useful. I did some experimenting and put the positive under the top left peg and the negative on a bolt under the console (directly under the fusebox).
  13. Thanks! I'll try it out when I get a chance. If at all you could post a pic or so, I would love that; if not, it's fine. I'll keep you updated!
  14. I do, its hard to get ahold of him, though. I'll try to find someone, though. If anyone can help in the meantime, though, thatd be cool. Thank you.
  15. I bought a interior light kit thinking I'd be able to install this by myself. I, unfortunately, am very untrained in working on cars. (Expect I know next to nothing). I have a volt meter (I'm not sure the actual name). I would like to know a dummy's guide on how to find the wires I need and/or what fuse to use. I have a Chevy Spark LS and I need a 12v source for my lights. I've been looking at a lot of references and I haven't been able to find out where the wires are and what I should do to them. I don't want to blindly strip wires or whatever (which is what I am understanding needs to happen?) Any and all help is greatly appreciated, pictures help a lot. Thanks in advance!