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  1. SO, a little over a year hasn’t gone by since this happened and was fixed. Last night after turning my car off for a few minutes upon restarting it has happened again.
  2. I took it into the dealer they redid the update and fixed it
  3. I called the dealer they have no knowledge of such defect with the new update. But I'm going to call the service manager because I know him personally and see if he has any information.
  4. Disconnecting batter didn't work. It's either a fuse or wiring? Unless its software. It is strange that all of a sudden it tries to use a backup camera
  5. I did the update. But a month or so ago. Just now having issues. It's super frustrating. I don't want to pay the dealer for something simple. I'll try disconnecting the battery.
  6. Also no temp on the display. Wish I know what happened and also wish I actually had the backup camera
  7. Only for the radio. Cruise works.
  8. Today my steering wheel controls stopped working? I turned off car a couple of times and hoped it would reset but no luck. Then when I put it in reverse now it tries to pick up back up camera which I don't have.
  9. Did you replace the tank? Or fix it some other way?
  10. Ok. I was just hoping to correct the high temps that are not good for the junk plastic they used for the coolant tank an who knows where else. Also thought it might be better for the engine.
  11. Anyone try lowering engine/coolant temps using additives like Lucas super coolant or Royal Purple's purple ice?
  12. I got 63k miles now and just replaced tires yesterday. I keep them inflated, rotated and balanced. Few minor issues since I got my 2013 2lt auto trams. Some I feel should be fixed by GM not me. Some have been fixed by GM. We all know the numerous recalls. I thought about starting a forum of complaints and suggested improvement. I do love my spark. But miss my 1996 chevy Truck (recently got rid of it). That truck only had minor and very fixable issues every arise. The one exception was an issue with the intake manifold gasket that the GM Orange coolant eats away. GM knows this and doesn't care b/c it takes awhile to do it. The replacement part is all metal and no issues. I also really miss my Hyundai it needed no maintenance for 8 years not even a battery. I just feel like my Spark is always at the dealer for something.
  13. i just cut off flush here and threaded in a brass barbed fitting. Reinforced with high heat epoxy.
  14. FYI. While waiting on GM to reply or fix and for the part to arrive I think I've found a nice work around. Maybe even (I hope) a permanent or better fix for the top intake nipple. I've replaced it with a brass barbed 5/16" to 3/8" threaded adapter (these specs maybe backward or reversed now) . I used some guesstimating to find the right part and got lucky. I was able to remove the cracked/broken nipple and drill out the now flat Union to the tank and thread the brass barbed nipple into it. I used some high heat epoxy around the union to insure good seal and strength. I'm hoping it works. Plan is to replace and keep the fixed old tank in the trunk for a quick fix should it happen again. Basically used the brass nipple to replace the plastic one. Used brass because that is the insert material used in the plastic nipple. There is enough material to allow for this replacement but margin of error is small. Basically the nipple is the the smallest thread make end I could find at store and the barb is the same as the internal diameter of the hose that already goes there.
  15. Thank you. I know it's super easy to do and I've found the part online for about $40 with shipping. While that is probably the course of action I'll have to take and the pretreatment with yours or some other conditioner will happen. I feel like this is a defect on GM's part and shouldn't be something I have to do or worry about. The All I'm going to do is worry and wait for the next part to fail in a couple years. I don't think the coolant tank should be something I change more frequently than my headlights.