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  1. I agree. Our spark is still sitting on the used car lot since the end of July. A decision I am glad I made and haven't looked back!
  2. Wow that is crazy. We pay $154 a month for both the new Camaro and my Grand Prix GTP both full coverage.
  3. After a long hard battle with this car we finally got some results from gm. It isn't the greatest but we are very happy. They gave us 2k for our troubles if we got another gm product. We bought a new camaro. Base model 6 speed manual but that's what we like! Couldn't be happier. Trade in on a 2lt manual with 17k miles was 9k plus the 2k from gm. We got in a brand new camaro for $100 more a month. And the best part...... Wait for it..... The AC works!!!
  4. Mine goes in on Friday for the recirc flap issue.
  5. Bad news. The dealer was on the phone with GM and they said it is operating normally other than the recirc flap sticking. Parts on order. The service advisor agreed that it was still cycling and isn't right but said they can't do anything else until GM figures something else out. I was hoping the recall would finally fix the A/C issue and it seemed fine for about a week but now it is back to business as usual. And to top it off I just checked the oil and it is barely showing on the stick. Will it ever end with this freaking car?
  6. Mine went back to the dealer for the A/C again! The compressor is cycling again causing cool cold. Should find out something shortly. Will post whet they find.
  7. I take that back... The smallest piece of $
  8. Mine seems to have started the cool cold cycle again. Not nearly as bad as before the recall but it is noticeable. Will give it a week and see what happens. I am sick of this car. It was in the shop last month for faulty power locks and again 2 weeks ago for the cruise control not working. 16k miles and been in the shop 8 times for warranty work. This has been the biggest piece of $hit I have ever owned. I am sick of it!
  9. Got ours done today along with yet another new compressor. Finally the A/C works the way it is supposed to.
  10. Salisbury md
  11. Might want to change the oil filter. AC Delco used to be good until they went with the new "ecore" design. Total crap! Google it and you will see what I mean..
  12. I dont recommend the kickers because our left front speaker is blown only after a couple of months and we dont listen to the radio all that loud.
  14. My only gripe is that I wish it were easier to post pictures. I have a cornucopia of pics I would love to share.
  15. This place is GREAT! I just wanted to mention that this is by far the best forum I have ever subscribed to. I know its in its infancy and that is what makes it so appealing. I dont post alot but I read everything. For those who dont know, other than the Spark I have a half way decent car that I am enjoying and having fun with (04 Grand Prix GTP Comp G). I have no desire to join any group related to the GP whatsoever because there are so many as$holes and trolls. I just want to thank everybody who contributes and to the Mods. Great job. Your work doesn't go unnoticed.