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  1. Software update did not solve the stalling -- it stalled twice in two days, both times while I was in Park...
  2. Ugh I know! And then they charge an arm and a leg to do practically nothing. Yesterday they updated my ECM software (or something along those lines...I might be phrasing that wrong) and replaced a "G107 bolt" and charged me $83. At this point I'm so desperate to get this figured out that I just went for it. My independent mechanic had it for nearly 2 weeks, he ran several tests and still couldn't diagnose it. Checked the fuel pump, wire harness, full transmission inspection, throttle body for any buildup, ran a smoke test to check for any leaks or cracks in vacuums/pumps....nothing. Will be driving it all weekend to see if it stalls again (which I expect it will)...!
  3. Question: was your check engine light on when the car was stalling for you? I just talked to a Chevy service manager to see if the ECM or TCM could be the problem for me. He said that according to the Chevy bulletin, my VIN isn't part of that recall, but that there is a slim chance it could still be affecting my car. However, he also said that my check engine light would be on if that was the case, and mine isn't on (and no codes coming up in the computer)
  4. Hmm interesting, thanks! Would have expected that the Chevy dealership service guys I had looking at it a couple weeks ago would have thought of that, but it's definitely worth bringing up to them and my mechanic again. Appreciate the input
  5. Well aware that cars don't fix themselves, thanks. Brought it to a mechanic, he has had it for 1.5 weeks, has run countless tests, and has not been able to diagnose it.
  6. Ah, I literally posted about this the other day! Interesting that another '13 Spark is having the same issue as mine! Mine has stalled multiple times while turning, but then today it stalled while going straight. I still haven't resolved my issue, so please please keep me posted if you figure out what is causing yours. Some bullet points to get you started diagnosing yours... Someone commented on my thread that "a weak or partially blocked fuel pump or fuel line filter may contribute to this issue” They also said "If it happens with a full tank, then it is most likely a fuel pump issue or a slight blockage in the fuel delivery system between the tank and injectors." Some things a family friend suggested (he's a service manager at a dealership in Pennsylvania) clean a carborator @ gas intake Throttle plates in throttle body need cleaning idle control motor- something would need to be reset if the battery was recently changed? Buy fuel tank additives to clean out the gas tank Seems 2013 Sparks are known to develop small cracks in a ribbed rubber tube between the air cleaner and the intake manifold. The small cracks mess up the idle. Worth mentioning these to your mechanic when trying to diagnose.. and again, please let me know if you find a solution! Mine has been ongoing for weeks and nobody has solved it yet.
  7. A quick update...haven't gotten the car to the mechanic yet, but it stalled on me again this morning. Gas tank was 7/8 full, and this time I was driving completely straight, no turn at all. I was in pretty heavy traffic, very start-and-stop, so a lot of slow driving/coasting and idling; I'm pretty sure I was just coasting when it stalled, not giving it gas or braking. When it stalled, I tried lifting my foot off the gas pedal and then giving it a bit of gas, the car seemed to sputter once or twice? Had to put it in park, turn the car off, and turn it back on; everything started back up fine and I thankfully was able to keep driving and get to work but this is the first time it has happened in the middle of the road in traffic, so it was really scary.
  8. I don't have any keychains on my key, so I don't think it has to do with ignition/the key shifting around while it's in the ignition. Gas tank question has come up with my mechanic/Chevy folks too -- I can't recall exact fuel levels during each stalling experience, but I think every time it has happened, the tank was less than half full. I am trying to experiment with my fuel levels to see if this happens when my tank is more than half full - so far, it hasn't. Definitely thinking a fuel system problem could be the cause because of this. Thank you for your input! I am going to talk to my mechanic and see if he can take a closer look at the car's fuel delivery system
  9. I bought a used 2013 Spark (w/ automatic transmission) about a month ago - it has high mileage (83k) but I had it inspected before I purchased - my mechanic said everything, including engine and transmission, were in great shape except the tires, which I had replaced a few weeks ago. However, in the last 3 weeks, the car has stalled 3 times. Twice it happened while taking a sharp right turn, slightly uphill, at a slow speed, while in my parking garage at work (after driving only about 2 miles from home). The third time it happened when my boyfriend was driving the car — we had just gotten off the freeway after driving about 30-60 minutes, and he was making a sharp right turn into a parking lot. I brought my car to a mechanic, who took it to a Chevy dealership for me. The dealership had my car for 5 days and claimed they could not get the car to stall for them, so they couldn't diagnose the problem. They handed the car back to me. Today, I had the car at my mechanic to fix a leaking coolant surge tank. He did the repair, then took the car for a quick test drive. At the end of the drive (only a couple minutes), he made a sharp left turn into a parking spot, put the car into park, and then the car stalled again. I am so baffled as to what the issue could be, since my mechanic and the Chevy dealership have been unable to diagnose it. My mechanic said that when it stalled for him, it felt like the car thought it had run out of gas (I had about 1/8 of a tank of gas when it stalled for him, and at least 1/4 tank every other time it has stalled for me). He checked the computer, and nothing is showing up (no check engine light or anything, either), so he doesn't think it's an engine or transmission problem, but instead something with the fuel system or an electrical/wiring issue. He is looking into this for me, but in the meantime, I have a potentially dangerous car that I really want fixed. Has anybody had ANY similar problems, or have any thoughts on how to diagnose or fix?? I love this car, and it seems to be in good shape otherwise. I know the mileage is high, but I want this car to work for me for at least another year or two... Please help!