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Found 5 results

  1. I have a 2013 Chevy Spark and it's been stalling frequently and I don't know what to do anymore. * The check engine light doesn't turn on. It has stalled multiple times. Car will turn off when car is not moving while stuck in traffic, when coming to a stop and I press on the gas, a couple times when turning. Mechanics have checked it out, but apparently they can't find anything wrong with it. Has anyone else encountered this? If so, was it resolved? Thanks!
  2. I bought a used 2013 Spark (w/ automatic transmission) about a month ago - it has high mileage (83k) but I had it inspected before I purchased - my mechanic said everything, including engine and transmission, were in great shape except the tires, which I had replaced a few weeks ago. However, in the last 3 weeks, the car has stalled 3 times. Twice it happened while taking a sharp right turn, slightly uphill, at a slow speed, while in my parking garage at work (after driving only about 2 miles from home). The third time it happened when my boyfriend was driving the car — we had just gotten off the freeway after driving about 30-60 minutes, and he was making a sharp right turn into a parking lot. I brought my car to a mechanic, who took it to a Chevy dealership for me. The dealership had my car for 5 days and claimed they could not get the car to stall for them, so they couldn't diagnose the problem. They handed the car back to me. Today, I had the car at my mechanic to fix a leaking coolant surge tank. He did the repair, then took the car for a quick test drive. At the end of the drive (only a couple minutes), he made a sharp left turn into a parking spot, put the car into park, and then the car stalled again. I am so baffled as to what the issue could be, since my mechanic and the Chevy dealership have been unable to diagnose it. My mechanic said that when it stalled for him, it felt like the car thought it had run out of gas (I had about 1/8 of a tank of gas when it stalled for him, and at least 1/4 tank every other time it has stalled for me). He checked the computer, and nothing is showing up (no check engine light or anything, either), so he doesn't think it's an engine or transmission problem, but instead something with the fuel system or an electrical/wiring issue. He is looking into this for me, but in the meantime, I have a potentially dangerous car that I really want fixed. Has anybody had ANY similar problems, or have any thoughts on how to diagnose or fix?? I love this car, and it seems to be in good shape otherwise. I know the mileage is high, but I want this car to work for me for at least another year or two... Please help!
  3. I bought a 2013 Chevy Spark for work, and twice it has turned off while turning. I'm not sure why it does that. It turns back on right away, but I would like to know if anybody knows a solution to this.
  4. Hi all, My brother has a 2014 Spark that was purchased new that randomly stalls every time it gets to be at least 95 degrees outside. Since we live in Tucson that happens 1/2 the year. The stalling happens at intersections. When he is not in the middle of the intersection it is exceedingly annoying. When in the middle of the intersection it is terrifying! This has been going on ever since the car was purchased. The car has been in the shop repeatedly at Watson Chevrolet. The last time was in October after the car stalled in the middle of a very busy intersection and did not want to start right back up. This is incredibly nerve racking. My brother uses this car for work and it is an awful feeling to not be able to trust your vehicle when you drive it all the time. I told him he should buy a Toyota, but no…he wanted to buy a US made car. In October, the service manager asked how much more effort he wanted to keep putting into this car. Well at this point the loan is upside down, so there are not a lot of choices. During another visit he was told there were currently 4 Sparks in the shop for the SAME reason and they managed to get one of them to stall out. They have yet been able to get his car to stall. A ticket was opened with GM (8-1593685976) and my brother was contacted by Sabre. While she was very nice, her efforts were totally ineffective. She told him about a week ago, after multiple phone calls, that the District Sales Rep basically told her that he would have to suck it up and keep a very dangerous car or take a huge loss with a trade in. It does not matter that this is a known issue based on what I have read on this forum or that Watson Chevy was able to get one of the 4 Sparks that were in the shop at the SAME time as his to do EXACTLY what is happening with his car. Sabre was told it is a good thing this is so well documented since when the car is finally struck and there is injury or death, then we would be sure and let them know. (He also added “so I’m dead man walking?) Sabre had no reply to that. I have offered to help with the upside loan, but my brother is a good man and worries about the person who will buy the car after he trades it in. He worries that a child will be killed. I wonder if GM worries about this since they have not shown any concern for my brother. I’m posting this note here with the hope that either someone has a suggestion that will fix this issue since GM and Watson Chevy has failed miserably or that a GM rep will see this and contact the District rep (We don’t know his name) and ask him for his address so I will know where to send an invite to my brother’s funeral. (I’ve started helping him with this issue because I have a bit more spare time then he does.) The car has 32k miles so from my understanding we can't use the Lemon Law. Thanks to anyone with suggestions!
  5. I have bought a used 2014 Chevy Spark with 38000 miles on it for my daughter in college, we have had it one week and it has stalled on her three times. No jumps, jerks, noises nothing just very quietly shuts off. I this something that has to do with a recall or has anyone had this issue. Now that the 36000 warranty is over is this something I will have to cover one week in? Or is this a power-train issue? Can someone help me with where to get started. What to look at.