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Found 18 results

  1. And just when me and the Tomato had come to an understanding and where willing to live together Just dropped off the Spark (I.E. The Tomato) at the dealer today, they suspect bad wheel bearings. The dealer still does not know if its a front hub or rear wheel bearing. I just clocked 7000 miles on my 2013 Spark LS Manual, for wheel bearings to go bad this early is beyond absurd! I just got my first oil change and tire rotation at 6500 miles, after that, I kept my ears sharp for excessive wheel noise, just in case plausible bad alignment had caused abnormal wear on the front tires, which has been an issue on some 13's. I noticed an increasing hum that would start at around 40mph and would increment as vehicle speed increased. This hum would occur regardless of road surface type, asphalt or concrete. The hum is low in volume, and can be hidden by the usual tire noise and engine noises. The service advisor was perplexed that such a thing could happen this early in the car's life, and remarked this was the first Spark they had with this problem at Ron Craft Chevrolet. My advice to all who read this, listen for wheel bearing defects in earnest. Below are the things to listen for: 1. Increasing humming sound when accelerating to highway speeds regardless of road surface type 2. Decreasing humming when exiting a highway. 3. Humming that does not go away when changing gears or coasting. 4. Humming that is noticeable under a determinate speed range, for my car it was between 40 and 60mph. These cars are pre-equipped with cheap, noisy, Goodyear tires, but a bearing noise will be different from tire and wind noise. Tire noise will fluctuate depending on road surface quality, wheel bearing noise will not. A wheel bearing or hub bearing in good condition will make absolutely no noise or humming. If you have this situation in your Spark, do not hesitate and get it checked out at the dealer. Bad wheel and hub bearings are very dangerous, in the least, they will cause extra noise in an already noisy car, worst case scenario they can seize a wheel or even make a wheel snap off the hub. If you do have this situation and go get the car tested, try to make your test run on an asphalt road, preferably a freshly paved one, as it is a quieter surface for the tires and will make bearing noise really stand out.
  2. I want to hook up leds into my dome light fuse but I don't know what fuse that is I looked in the manual that didn't help what so ever can someone help me of what fuse it is and what it says last resort I start pulling fuses till I find out which one it is but I rather not do that there's a pic of the fuse box panel to tell u what they say thanks so much
  3. I bought a used 2013 Spark (w/ automatic transmission) about a month ago - it has high mileage (83k) but I had it inspected before I purchased - my mechanic said everything, including engine and transmission, were in great shape except the tires, which I had replaced a few weeks ago. However, in the last 3 weeks, the car has stalled 3 times. Twice it happened while taking a sharp right turn, slightly uphill, at a slow speed, while in my parking garage at work (after driving only about 2 miles from home). The third time it happened when my boyfriend was driving the car — we had just gotten off the freeway after driving about 30-60 minutes, and he was making a sharp right turn into a parking lot. I brought my car to a mechanic, who took it to a Chevy dealership for me. The dealership had my car for 5 days and claimed they could not get the car to stall for them, so they couldn't diagnose the problem. They handed the car back to me. Today, I had the car at my mechanic to fix a leaking coolant surge tank. He did the repair, then took the car for a quick test drive. At the end of the drive (only a couple minutes), he made a sharp left turn into a parking spot, put the car into park, and then the car stalled again. I am so baffled as to what the issue could be, since my mechanic and the Chevy dealership have been unable to diagnose it. My mechanic said that when it stalled for him, it felt like the car thought it had run out of gas (I had about 1/8 of a tank of gas when it stalled for him, and at least 1/4 tank every other time it has stalled for me). He checked the computer, and nothing is showing up (no check engine light or anything, either), so he doesn't think it's an engine or transmission problem, but instead something with the fuel system or an electrical/wiring issue. He is looking into this for me, but in the meantime, I have a potentially dangerous car that I really want fixed. Has anybody had ANY similar problems, or have any thoughts on how to diagnose or fix?? I love this car, and it seems to be in good shape otherwise. I know the mileage is high, but I want this car to work for me for at least another year or two... Please help!
  4. Hi everyone, I drive a 2014 Spark, and I am interested in purchasing a dealership-level service manual so I can do maintenance the way GM intended. Purchasing a 2014 Spark manual costs $300, but getting a 2013 Spark manual is only $200. Why is that? Also, does it make a difference if I use a 2013 manual to service a 2014 vehicle? Surely there can't be many differences between vehicles one model year apart, right? The 2013 manual is located at: The 2014 manual is located at: Thanks for the assistance, Pat
  5. I'm looking at the optima 34r battery from autozone I haven't had them test to see if it fits inside the tray or not it says it fits my spark lt would It fit and would I be able to close the brackets or would it not fit with the brackets able to close in it? Because I need a deep cycle battery for a subwoofer
  6. chispa

    From the album Chispa

    Behold, the chevy spark 2013 is here.
  7. All my doors do not lock anymore after starting the car, just drivers door. Using key remote or door controls only locks drivers door. Cant lock or unlock any other doors using drivers door control panel except for the drivers door.. I know there is supposed to be a rod in the drivers door that locks/unlocks all other doors and I have not checked that out yet. Reason being is the "twist" to my story. I can reach over to the passenger door and hit the lock button and it only locks/unlocks the driver door! So I dont think it is the disconnected rod issue. I have been into my infotainment touch screen settings as well and all is set up there right. 2013 spark and only had 5K miles on it when this first happened. Took it to 2 dealers and got the run around. Was told it could be a body control module (BCM) and all my interior would have to come out just to check it. Lastly my hatch never locks anymore either sense this first happened.
  8. I drive a 2013 Spark and I wanted to make my wheels a bit more customized. I ended up deciding to add vinyl instead of changing the rims out. I will try to keep this post updated as I continue this project. I don't mean to be a tease, but I will not be posting the final design until I am finished and satisfied. So far, I'm close to finishing the first Vinyl Prototype. Here has been my progress so far: Step 1, I took some paper, put it against my wheel and tried carving the paper to get a basic idea of what the design will look like with very general sizes and very general shapes. I edited some images on Adobe Photoshop to what I had believed the project would look like when I had finished. Step 2, this step was mostly just on Adobe Illustrator, trying to get a finer shape and size down. It was summed up into Design, Print, Cut, Spray Glue, Edit, Repeat. I now had a new idea on the final project. It consisted of 5-6 pieces (this part is still to be determined.) Step 3, with my currently finalized prototype, I printed it out on cardstock and started drafting on actual vinyl pieces. I'm in the process of cutting them out to see how they fit before I make final vinyl cuts. More updates to come. (Side note, if anyone can tell me how to scale these image sizes down a bit for better reading, that'd be nice.) Edit: February 17th, 2016: I've applied the test vinyls. One wheel is the control, I did nothing to it. Wheel 2 is Spray glued-over. Wheel 3 saw 5 minutes of a hair dryer. Wheel 4 got spray glued, then 5 minutes of a hair dryer. I'll keep it on for a week and see which one stands up the best. I will not be going through with my original idea of putting vinyl on my car. I have been suggested to use Plasti-Dip. I guess this information can be for whomever really wants to use vinyl on their wheels or someone who needs to put vinyl on steel. Either way, the test will proceed and I will post results.
  9. I have owned (and quite enjoyed) my 2013 Spark (1LT auto) for the last year and a half. Since driving it off the lot, I'd had no major problems whatsoever. Granted, I don't do as much driving as most here - it currently sits at 18179 lifetime miles - but now, that number's not going any higher. On the 10th of this month, I was involved in a three-car collision on a twisty road (around a relatively blind curve). I should mention this is a road I've driven countless times for many years. I know the roads around here very, very well, and of course I was going the speed limit as that's plenty fast for a curvy back road! As I went to go round a corner, the car gave up completely. The steering kind of "locked up" and the engine revved much more than it should have. Instead of going round the corner, it kind of went straight on, clipping an oncoming sedan. My reaction was to swerve more to the right and thus get off the road, but instead of a hard shoulder there was an embankment, and with no real control over steering or throttle I bounced off that and sideswiped an oncoming SUV. That sent me more or less off the road to the right, albeit still blocking half the lane. I couldn't move it. The radio was still working (I turned it off, suddenly not in the mood for whatever the heck I was listening to) but the hazards wouldn't go on. I put it in park (griiiiinnndd) and turned the car off. At this point I was pretty shaken up. Please note I have a severe anxiety disorder AND have never been involved in an accident. Anybody who's ever lost control of a car at speed will probably understand why I was kind of freaking out at this point. The police (who arrived oddly quickly) were very understanding, which surprised me. Everyone in all three cars was unharmed. No airbags deployed anywhere, including all 10 in my Spark. I somehow gave the Volvo SUV a flat tire, so it got towed away with mine. I'm not sure how they moved my car, though, since every gear was neutral. The officer pushed it back onto a driveway, or tried anyway, which is why I'd put it in neutral. It kept rolling in park, so I put on the handbrake. There wasn't much external damage. Front left quarter panel and front bumper looked banged up, and for some reason the rear bumper had come detached. Doors were fine. Left headlamp and taillight assemblies were smashed, as was my left mirror. As I found out today, it's totaled. The front suspension and transaxle are what did it in. As I suspected, body damage would have been repairable easily. According to the head mechanic (at a place we know and trust), the hidden damage was all too much. He sent me a 10-page estimate that came out to over $9000. I'm going to be talking with insurance later today, but figured I'd post here first. See, the car is still under warranty and I have GM's protection plan to boot. As far as I'm concerned, this was a complete mechanical failure that caused me to lose control and crash. Nobody - police, insurance, whomever - is officially saying it's the collision that broke the suspension and transmission. This is all new to me. How do I pursue this under warranty? Have I even got a chance? The car just failed catastrophically at speed, but it's effectively my word against their's (GM's). It would help to hear other stories about failed or problematic steering racks / transaxles / auto transmissions / suspensions with the 2013 (or any) Spark...way too much going through my head right now to know what to say and to whom. GM's warranty is confusing to me. I have my protection plan ID card thingy right here, and of course all the original paperwork from purchasing the car, but...I never expected it to total itself. Sorry for the long message. Thanks for any insight you can provide.
  10. New record!

    From the album And we call her Baby Bacon

    2013 Chevy Spark LT1
  11. Only 145 miles on her

    From the album And we call her Baby Bacon

    2013 Chevy Spark LT1
  12. Love my touch screen

    From the album And we call her Baby Bacon

    2013 Chevy Spark LT1
  13. From the album And we call her Baby Bacon

    2013 Chevy Spark LT1
  14. The day I brought her home :)

    From the album And we call her Baby Bacon

    2013 Chevy Spark LT1
  15. Good morning, I am having issues with my power windows not going up and harldy going down. I'd rather have them up since I live in Florida and we tend to have a lot of rain! Here's the situation: My back passenger window got stuck one day in the down position. I jiggled the driver switches a bit and it rolled back up. Eventually this was happening to all 4 windows. Now they will not go back up, but will go down occassionally if I hit the switch. I am getting the run around from my dealership. I think it's a loose wire or the switch. How do I take the panel off, I see under the door handle there's a place where I can unscrew, but where else. And, what is your opinion: loose wiring or swtich? It's a 2013 Spark with 47,500 miles (so, out of warranty). What is an estimated cost to fix this? Thanks for any guidance and help I can receive on here ~Jessy
  16. Spark Detail

    From the album Carbon Interior

    A detail of the carbon fiber pattern. It's silver ink on white base so its subtle, but at the right angle it really pops.
  17. Spark Panorama

    From the album Carbon Interior

    Sorry for the quality, but I changed from Silver to White Carbon Fiber It looks amazing in person. I will try to get better pics later.
  18. image

    From the album Yoshi

    Yoshi decal