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  1. Hi, So far I only have about 800 on my 2017 LS with CVT but I am getting about 33-34+ mpg per tank according to the Info Computer, in a mix of suburban/light urban traffic (with a little highway driving thrown in). Pat
  2. Hi, I paid $10977 for my LS with CVT at a year end sale, in northern VA (though they also quoted me $9850 for an LS with manual transmission). Pat
  3. Hi, I bought a 2017 Spark LS to replace my 2012 Fiat 500 Pop. I really liked the small size and fuel efficiency of my Fiat, and only started looking around at other cars because the Fiat was right about the age where I would have to either start putting some money into it for new brakes, replacing the timing belt and other basic maintenance. When I saw how inexpensively the Spark was going for (as part of many dealers year end clearance sales) and read some reviews on line, I decided to give it a look. In general it is very similar in size and MPG to my old Fiat, but the two extra doors make it a little more practical, and I decided to go for the CVT in place of the manual transmission on my old Fiat, which helps a bit in morning and evening rush hour traffic, while still getting great mileage numbers. So in general I guess I bought the Spark for its size, efficiency, practicality and looks. Pat
  4. Hi, I've only had my 2017 LS with CVT for about a month, but I am extremely happy with it. After test driving both a manual and a CVT my mind was made up pretty quickly to go with the CVT event though all my daily driver cars since the mid 80s have had manual transmissions. In my previous Fiat with a manual transmission the owner's manual gave to recommended shift patterns, one for good efficiency and one for good acceleration which I tried to more or less follow. So far in driving the Spark, I have found that if I try accelerating a bit more quickly, similar to how my Fiat felt when following the shift recommendations for "good acceleration" I sometimes will notice just a bit of "whirring" and maybe a little hesitation around 25-30mph or so, where I assume that the CVT pulleys are shifting to provide a different "gear ratio", kind of similar to how in a normal automatic you can feel the transmission shifting from one gear to the next. However, if I accelerate gradually, similar to how my old Fiat felt when shifting in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations for good efficiency, the CVT in my Spark is extremely smooth, and any "adjusting" of the "gear ratio" in the CVT is frequently difficult to even notice. Pat
  5. Hi, I've only had my Spark LS with a CVT for about a month, but I am thoroughly enjoying it. It is very similar in size and MPG to my last car (a 2012 Fiat with a manual transmission), but the two extra doors make it a little more practical/easy to carry stuff, and the CVT is a little easier on my knees during bumper to bumper traffic. Pat
  6. Hi, My 1st car was a 1965(?) Plymouth Belvedere 4Dr/Automatic. For my best car, I don't think I could really say, as I've pretty much have liked every car that I have owned, which has also included a 1978(?) Ford Fiesta/Manual, a 1988 Mazda 323/Manual, a 1993 Plymouth Sundance/Manual, a 2000 Mazda Protege'/Manual, a 2001 Hyundai Accent/Manual, a 2005(?) Toyota Matrix/Manual, a 2012 Fiat 500 Pop/Manual, my new 2017 Chevy Spark/CVT, and an old 1951 Buick Special Deluxe/with a DynaFlow Torqueconverter Automatic. Overall I was pretty happy with every car that I have owned, though the 2000 Mazda did experience some engine issues (which I got repaired under warranty). Pat
  7. Hi, I think it's just the LS model that doesn't have the steering wheel buttons. If I am understanding correctly the LT and 2LT both do have them. Pat
  8. Hi, Thanks for the info. I think part of the issue may be that the 2017 LS does not have any steering wheel buttons. Regards Pat
  9. Hi, I just picked up a 2017 Spark LS with a CVT a few weeks ago, at a dealership in Tysons Corner in Northern VA, at a year end sale. It was surprisingly inexpensive and so far I am very happy with the car. This is my 1st automatic regular driver car in a little over 30yrs, so it is taking just a little effort to get used to it, but I like the CVT much better than the regular automatic that was on some other cars that I have driven. I traded in my manual 2012 Fiat Pop, which was fairly similar in size and EPA mileage estimate, though the FIAT recommended using 89 octane gas while the Spark doesn't appear to. So far the only issues that I have had are remembering that I don't have to shift (or down shift) and trying to figure out the infotainment system (unfortunately this is also my 1st car that has been smart phone compatible, so I bought my 1st smartphone at the same time, so its taking me a little bit of effort to figure all that out ) Anyway, I really like my new car. Pat
  10. Hi, I'm a former manual transmission driver who just picked up a Spark LS with a CVT, Its taken just a little getting used to, but so far I am very happy with it. Pat
  11. Hi, Thanks for the response. A friend suggested that I try resetting the default audio source to my phone instead of the radio, and then maybe just queuing up something not too load or obtrusive (or maybe even just some faint background noise) as my 1st audio on the phone. I'll see if that works. Thanks again. Pat
  12. Hi, I just picked up a 2017 Spark LS a few weeks ago and have been having trouble trying to figure out the Infotainment system. This is the 1st car that I have owned where I can link a smart phone too, but I cannot figure out how to keep the infotainment system up (to use Google Maps and for phone calling) while turning the radio completely off. If I hold the power button down briefly it will mute the radio station, but if I make a phone call, once I hang up the radio comes back on (typically at a volume higher than the phone or Google Maps voice directions). If I hold the power button down longer, the entire infotainment screen appears to shut off completely. What I would like to do, for now though, is just have the radio completely off, so that I don't have to worry about the radio blaring when I hang up the phone. As such, I am wondering if I am just missing something simple somewhere, that will allow me to do that. Thanks Sorry for the dumb question Pat