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  1. in addition, I had them throw in the floor mats and vent visors at no additional cost too!
  2. I'd like everyone to get a good idea of how much they should spend on a new Spark and not get ripped off. My local dealership told me that the sticker price on the spark really couldn't be touched because they're so cheap already. The sticker price of my 2013 LS was $12995. I paid $11971 In New Hampshire, USA. Don't let the dealer tell you they can't lower the price! Tell us what you paid!
  3. I spoke to local Chevy parts guy about this. I too have an LS and want the MyLink infotainment system for it. He told me it's a 3rd party company that makes the radios for the sparks, and he called them for me. He asked them if the connections in the back of the systems are the same (which I assume they would be, to cut costs) and they said they didn't know. He said he doubts it, but I think he's wrong. He said the Infotainment system itself would be about $800 but isn't available alone yet
  4. Just use Mobil1 5-20, it exceeds Dexos1 standards and you're better off using synthetic oil anyway
  5. don't know how Mexico does it, but in the USA the Sparks are factory filled with Semi-Synthetic 5-20 and CANNOT be filled with ANYTHING OTHER THAN 5-20. If Dexos-1 certified oil is not available, any 5-20 with the API starburst will be acceptable. If you put synthetic in it, you're exceeding Dexos1 standards anyway, so Mobil1 5-20 will be just great. Dexos2 in the US is for diesel specs, and do never ever ever fill it with anything other than 5-20 if you're in the US.