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I want to fit an upgraded alternator on my 2016 spark. I'm thinking of adding a 300w subwoofer, but I'm not sure if the alternator will handle it. Just turning on the rear window defogger drops voltage from 14.7V to 12.7V at idle. 


i saw a replacement alternator from a chevy cruze that has a 140A capacity, up from the 85A from my spark. Is this just a bolt-on replacement? I haven't found any aftermarket suppliers that make anything for the spark.

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I have the 2013 spark LT with a stock alternator, and I have a Sony xplode 300w rms sub powered by a memphis audio mc1.1100 amp. i recently put a new head unit and the alternator seems to handle everything just fine at idle. Before I installed it I tested my 2 12" which are a combined 400w rms idling in my drive way didn't cause the lights to noticeably dim but, i didn't multi-meter it. I did try installing a second battery in the hatch with dedicated 4awg positive and 0awg negative cables to the main battery but it wasn't receiving a charge from the alternator so I removed it. Hope that helps

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