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  1. I believe the poster above was wanting to replace the whole headlight assembly with the one from mexico, as it has halogen projectors and led DRL's, similar to the new sonic. Like you said, replacing the bulbs with led's in the basic headlight assembly is trivial. The hardest part for me was fitting my hand in between the airbox and the bulb to remove it. lol I think just wiring the upgraded headlight assembly's led DRL circuit to a switched ignition circuit should make them work the same as the mexico spark, and the projector uses the same bulb type as the reflector, so nothing changed there. For reference, here's a picture of the upgraded headlights. Why do the good things never get released in America/Canada? I would have gladly paid extra for these.
  2. Looking within the service manual, the high/low beam bulbs are identical, so that will work without issue. Signal lights should also work. The led DRL system has a bit of a different wiring scheme, and it seems the BCM controlling it works slightly differently, as it keeps the led DRL on during the day instead of the low beam headlight bulbs. This would require BCM reprogramming or some custom wiring to get working correctly as per factory spec There's also a headlamp leveling actuator that's connected to a rocker/roller switch directly beside the interior lights brightness switch in the cabin. That would need custom wiring to get working. I don't know what would happen if the actuator isn't connected. Hope that helps.
  3. The weight limit for all cargo and passengers is 300kg, or 660lbs. so long as you stay within it, you should be fine.
  4. Has anyone gotten a tune yet for their spark? Trifecta tuning and BNR have nothing for any spark, and I'd like to get a little more power out of it.....
  5. I want to fit an upgraded alternator on my 2016 spark. I'm thinking of adding a 300w subwoofer, but I'm not sure if the alternator will handle it. Just turning on the rear window defogger drops voltage from 14.7V to 12.7V at idle. i saw a replacement alternator from a chevy cruze that has a 140A capacity, up from the 85A from my spark. Is this just a bolt-on replacement? I haven't found any aftermarket suppliers that make anything for the spark.
  6. I haven't removed the upper grille, but I have removed the lower grille. From what I remember, the front fascia needs to be removed to pop out the clips on the grille sections before the grille can be removed. then the emblem can be removed. The service manual states that both front wheels, wheel well linings, underbody covering, and headlights be removed before the fascia can be removed.