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Found 2 results

  1. I, and I'm sure other members would would be interested to hear from owners who have 40Kmi or more and what, if any, issues you have had. I think the wheel bearing failure is now becoming more common as is the drivers seat stitching coming apart. The bearing issue has been narrowed down to two causes: Defective inner seal on the bearing assembly from a 3rd party supplier (some manufacture dates causing grease loss) and incorrect install of bearing/hub at the factory resulting in loose or off center bearing contact..again some manufacture dates. When posting, it would be helpful to include the year, model and the build date (on the sticker on door center frame) date is very helpful in determining which dates have a common problem. I have slightly over 40Kmi on my 2013 1LT Auto...built:1/13. So far only the PCV recall done before failure. Burns no noticeable oil (5w20 synthetic) between 4,500mi oil changes bearings and seat upholstery: no issues.
  2. Does anyone out there have a lot of miles on your Spark. I was on pace to have about 30000 miles on my Spark by now, but my driving habits have changed and I only have about 20000 after 20 months. I'm curious as to anyone who has a significant amount of miles on their car. I've had mine almost two years and the only thing I am needing to have done is have the dealer check the air conditioning per the letter send out by GM... I figured by now that there is somebody out there who is a road warrior...How many miles??? What type of driving conditions (hills, mountains, flat areas, hot vs. cold weather etc...)