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  1. EVO-ONE by Fortin and RF642W transmitter kit. Had to add a resistor to the clutch input signal to EVO-ONE. Works great.
  2. Thanks, WaltK, I plan on contacting the dealership after the holiday. Gearhead, i am most certain that the hose was not replaced either. The work ticket says " R&R PCV AND CLEAN THROTTLE BODY. RELEARN IDLE." I can only assume that "R&R" means remove and replace? The only reason I am just now verifing these repairs is, because yesterday morning when I started up, it had a rough idle for a few seconds, then quickly went away.
  3. 2013 Spark LS I have a technical question regarding the 14110 recall. Why does the service bulletin say "clean throttle body"? The connection point of PCV hose, at manifold end, is "past" the throttle body! The intake manifold is what should be cleaned. My Spark was serviced on 12/4 for the following: 13434(a/c low pressure switch), 14110(PCV replacement), and 14456(hood latch). The A/C switch-filter was installed and new wire harness ran correctly. I am having a hard time believing that my PCV valve was replaced, because of the road grime that was covering the spring clamp, securing hose to PCV. My neighbor is an ASE Technician. I asked him to remove the hose between PCV and manifold. When he removed it it was coated internally with oil. Looking down into hose tube on manifold, there is oil standing. Not sure what avenue to pursue. Anyone have any ideas?