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  1. Nice. Hey when does the winter blend of gas start selling at the pumps?
  2. Will a dealership reflash the ecm of you ask? Ever since they did the cvt update on my 17 spark the transmission has been shifting funny sometimes and worse gas mileage.
  3. That's what I do too. What I don't get though is the highway is where it should be (38/39) but driving in the city is 24-25 around there. I don't get it. I filled up today I'm gonna wait until empty and if it's still low I'm bringing it in. And to be fair I'm not using the ac.
  4. Tires are at 38, air filter is good, using Mobil 1 5w20 synthetic oil up to full mark on dip stick. Using BP 87 octane gas. The last time I was in for a free oil change and tire rotation they did an update on the computer a recall for the cvt new programming instructions I forgot the recall number. Maybe that's what could be. Since then and including now I'm getting 25-26 mpg. Yes I have been using the A/C off and on but still. It used to be where the 1st mark on the gas meter would go away at maybe 26/27 miles now its at 7/8 tank at maybe 18/19 miles.
  5. It would be nice if it was a little bigger like the copper club car but yea I agree. They are nice. Maybe increase it to at least 120hp or something and a 6 speed auto instead of the cvt. I just hate how it just sits there when you press on the accelerator pedal for a couple seconds.
  6. Idk lately I have been having my eye on the Chevy Trax. I heard a redesign in 2020 with 9 speed auto? Is this true? Anything else with the redesign??
  7. I think what they should do at very least if non turbo is use the new 1.5 from the Malibu in the spark. Maybe it might help. And make the spark a little bigger like the size of the new mini Cooper. Heck just replace the sonic with the spark.
  8. Lol my 2017 purchased in Dec 28 2017 has approx 7300 miles and that's only because I took a roughly 2000 mile trip to Florida and back.
  9. Just last week (August 13-17) I took a mini vacation in Panama city beach Florida and drove about 1000 miles there and back to my hometown central Illinois (Peoria). Each time I filled up I constantly got around 38-39 mpg average when I calculated it on paper. And I did about 75 mph driving too. Now city on the other hand is still lower. Just filled up and got a figure of about 25.5 mpg. Still trying to figure that one. Just filled it with BP gas so I'll see what happens.
  10. Lol
  11. That brings me up on another issue though. While I was driving especially through hills the engine would rev high like 3500 to 4000 rpms to get it up to and keep it at the highway speed. Is this going to hurt the engine at all like blow it up or anything? It has synthetic oil at proper weight 5w20 and filled to proper level. Just curious. Thanks.
  12. Well actually yesterday came home from a 980 or so mile trip home from Panama city Florida to Central Illinois (Peoria) consistently getting 38-39 mpg on fill ups so I'm not really too worried there.
  13. It seems to not have as much power as before like I need to give it more gas. Yes I know this car isn't really powerful to begin with but still. I'm taking a 1000 mile trip from Central Illinois to the Florida pan handle so hopefully it'll relearn the cvt by then. Idk.
  14. When I took my car in for maintenance work (17 spark lt cvt) they performed a recall 18089 which has some kind of programming I guess with the cvt. Ever since then the mpg average had gone gm down by maybe 5 or 6 from what I'm used to in the city. Would this update cause it. Would disconnecting and reconnecting the battery cause this. How long till it goes back to normal?
  15. I have 5w20 Mobil 1 fully synthetic in there now. Should I empty it and put synthetic blend in or should I be OK?