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  1. Went today to get one of the free maintenance trips done. I asked them to put in fully synthetic oil and they put in 0w20 dexos semi synthetic instead I noticed from the printout they gave me. Can I still put in full synthetic or no? Also, they say on the sticker that I need to go in 5 months/5,000 miles but in the book I go 7500 miles on the oil and up to 7500 miles on tire rotation. I thought 5 month/5000 miles is a short time for oil changes. I'd like to just put in fully synthetic oil to protect the engine and then just do it myself from now on but I don't know if I would be safe since there was semi synthetic oil in there.
  2. It's a 17 spark.
  3. Do I need to use to free oil changes and if I don't will it mess up the warranty? I don't know if they will use synthetic blend or full synthetic I'd rather have full synthetic used which I filled up at the first oil changed at 1000 miles. If I do my own oil change will it mess up the warranty? I'm guessing the correct oil filter to use is the UPF64R? That's what I saw in the manual but the car had PF64 on when I bought it new. I'm taking a 1,900 mile total trip in about a month and I want to be ready. Thanks.
  4. Or a dial display gas guage. I really hate the display with the dash marks.
  5. OK sorry my bad
  6. I've seen some cars such as the chevy cruze or hyundai elantra with 6 speed that get comparable mpg and the scion ia with 6 speed auto has a little big higher horsepower/torque and slightly better gas mileage. Just saying.
  7. Because I was just wondering why they chose the cvt over the 6 speed.
  8. Just out of curiosity would a 6 speed auto get better take off from a stand still VS the cvt or no?
  9. I purchased my 17 spark in on December 28 with I think 25 miles approx. I changed the oil myself at 1000 miles on 2/26/18 just so I could have fresh oil in it plus I wanted to use synthetic oil instead of synthetic blend which is factory fill right? I'm not sure how long that factory fill oil has been in the engine. Anway when the factory fill oil was drained at 1000 miles the oil was black. Now I have about 3600 miles on the car and the fully synthetic oil is amber/light brown color.
  10. I was drying the car off.....the underside of the hood. I accidentally knocked one of the rubber hood bumpers off the hood and it fell somewhere in the engine compartment. I cannot find it anywhere. Is that covered under warranty?
  11. I really wish it would work on the 17s. That would be so awesome.
  12. Plus I dudnt like all the rattles that car had on the inside.
  13. I might have still had my 07 cobalt if it wasn't for the accident where someone hit me from behind causing me to hit the car in front.
  14. Now with fully synthetic oil it's supposed to be long lasting right? So even if it's black looking say at 3000 miles it should still be good to go since synthetic doesn't break down as easily as conventional or semi?
  15. +1