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  1. I can't believe how long winter is lasting in some spots of the US. I am headed to North Dakota in a couple weeks and I sure hope this weather breaks soon.
  2. How many speakers are in the Spark and what sizes?
  3. Anyone use Turtle Wax car care items? I heard they have re-done their line up of products and it's pretty good.
  4. Is the Sonic on a high theft list? Not sure if an alarm is worth it or not.
  5. Do you guys recommend synthetic or standard oil?
  6. Be sure to post some pictures of the new car!
  7. That's great news! Ford has been doing that as well from what I've been told.
  8. Do you think the two brands will ever condense into one? I always thought it was a little odd that they are almost the same.
  9. Haha who really has the time to keep track of all that stuff? People must be bored!
  10. Thanks for the pictures guys! I like the white and black one too!
  11. Does the Spark come with factory leather? I don't know if I've seen one yet.
  12. ANyone have pictures of their Spark with a stripe kit on it? I saw one the other day and I like it!
  13. Anyone know the rear wiper blade size on the Spark?
  14. Did you get it figured out yet?
  15. Oh my gosh!! i just saw a SPARK!! They are so cute!!! At my job i drive around a lot and its good to see so many Sparks in my city!