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  1. So have been in loaner car for 2 weeks now dealer called yesterday to say that GM says it will be at least 2 or more weeks till they even have an answer for the problem so looks like I will be in this loaner for more than a month. Now just have to decide what to do about it.
  2. Take it back and tell them to keep it and get a loaner GM knows about the problem they will have it awhile.
  3. I hear you JCinSTL I will have no choice but to get another Spark because I cant afford anymore out of pocket. I guess Ill have to wait and see what happens. Good luck to us both
  4. They are saying that the pistons have to be replaced and are testing the fix on the 10 worst cases and they will have to be test driven for a few weeks to see if the fix works. Hope they arent just blowing smoke. I wrote GM this morning in an e-mail about my issue and have not gotten a reply which doesnt surprise me at all so we will see whats up soon.
  5. So the dealer called me today after I dropped the car off and got a loaner they said GM was aware of the problem and that they think it is the pistons that keeps causing the problem and they are working on testing a fix and if it works they will release a bulletin confirming the fix procedure but my car is under a no drive order and that I will be in the loaner car until they figure it out. So I will have to wait and see what happens as this is only the third trip to the dealer and there has to be 4 or more for the same problem for the lemon law in Missouri or 30 days or more down time with the dealer so I have to give them time to try and come up with a solution. If it goes over 30 days I will have no choice but to proceed. Thanks JCinSTL for the help we will see what happens.
  6. So what should I do guys just contact BBB online and contact GM this is all new to me kinda lost here.
  7. Yea so I had it back at the dealer on friday to get the new part installed for the 2nd time got the car back and again within 48 hours the light is back on so I will be calling the dealer and gm in the morning and see what happens this is strike 3
  8. My problem is I probably wouldnt be able to get financed through anyone else and I do really like the car I just want it fixed and if they cant then I will take another identical car and hope it doesnt do the same thing.
  9. So took it back to the dealer on Thursday was there for 2 hours n they said it was the knock sensor again and that maybe the new one they installed last week was defective and that they of course had to order the part thats on back order also they dont know what the cause is. Thats strike 2 and the thing is I love the car but to have a brand new car that I havent even made a payment on yet do this is just stupid. I didnt even have the car 3 days when it first happened they fixed the sensor and not even 48 hours went by for it to happen again so if it happens 2 more times I will have no choice but to file a lemon claim and have them replace the car.
  10. I hope that mine isnt gonna be that way with mine I mean there is no way I can go a month without my car and cant afford a rental heck im having a hard time just coming up with the money for sales tax n that I had to take a job making way less than im used to because I was laid off. Shouldnt the dealer be giving you a loaner? Man I hope things work out for you. Sad thing is I love the car just wasnt expecting to have problems with it I mean it is new. Isnt that why we buy new cars so we dont have to worry about them breaking down. Sorry to hear your having that much trouble
  11. Was just wanting to know what the best way to take care of my Black Granite finish.
  12. Was just wondering what kind of mpg I can expect from my spark ls 5spd.
  13. Proud to own a 2014 Black Spark Ls and love the car so far. Just got the car on the 7th of Feb. been a blast so far.
  14. Hi Patsy I will do that ASAP Thank You!
  15. Well thats not what I wanted to hear lol