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  1. OK sorry my bad
  2. Just out of curiosity would a 6 speed auto get better take off from a stand still VS the cvt or no?
  3. I've seen some cars such as the chevy cruze or hyundai elantra with 6 speed that get comparable mpg and the scion ia with 6 speed auto has a little big higher horsepower/torque and slightly better gas mileage. Just saying.
  4. Because I was just wondering why they chose the cvt over the 6 speed.
  5. I purchased my 17 spark in on December 28 with I think 25 miles approx. I changed the oil myself at 1000 miles on 2/26/18 just so I could have fresh oil in it plus I wanted to use synthetic oil instead of synthetic blend which is factory fill right? I'm not sure how long that factory fill oil has been in the engine. Anway when the factory fill oil was drained at 1000 miles the oil was black. Now I have about 3600 miles on the car and the fully synthetic oil is amber/light brown color.
  6. I was drying the car off.....the underside of the hood. I accidentally knocked one of the rubber hood bumpers off the hood and it fell somewhere in the engine compartment. I cannot find it anywhere. Is that covered under warranty?
  7. I really wish it would work on the 17s. That would be so awesome.
  8. Plus I dudnt like all the rattles that car had on the inside.
  9. I might have still had my 07 cobalt if it wasn't for the accident where someone hit me from behind causing me to hit the car in front.
  10. Now with fully synthetic oil it's supposed to be long lasting right? So even if it's black looking say at 3000 miles it should still be good to go since synthetic doesn't break down as easily as conventional or semi?
  11. +1
  12. Hell yea those ground effects are sweet. Same as with the chrome exhaust tip. I wish there was a worthwhile way to turbo this car.
  13. My gf has the exact same color. Her car is the reason I got one. I myself am impressed by the car except it gets bad acceleration with the ac on which is to be expected. I got silver though I wish I got the gray. I myself thought about new wheels from tire Those rims are nice. Would you put 195 55 15 on them or stay stock? I wanna see what they look like on the car. U gonna put them on?
  14. I had a 2007 cobalt which is identical to the hhr it was a decent car fully loaded I don't know why I got rid of it.
  15. I personally have seen it closer to 2500-2600 at 75-80 mph but that is still better than 3000+ rpm as in my old 2013 corolla. The engine I noticed as well as the car in general is made in Korea so I'm guessing it should be reliable as most cars made in Korea are about as reliable as Japanese cars. I guess the only thing I don't like about this car is the brakes could be a little bit stronger but I think that is because of the size of the front disc/rear drum brakes. Other than that I like the car. I kinda would have liked to see a 6 speed automatic but it is what it is. Thanks.
  16. On my 17 spark I did the first oil change myself with 1000 miles on the engine back in February. I now currently have almost 3200 miles. When I changed it I noticed the oil filter that was on the engine at the time was PF64. But the owners manual calls for UPF64R. I put a new UPF64R filter on as part of the change. What is the difference between the two. Should I use the UPF64R or can I use the PF64 since it was on from the factory and is cheaper at Walmart? Also, could I use 0w20 oil since that is what is used from the factory on the 2018 spark? Is there much of a difference between 0w 20 and 5w20? Thanks. I have only changed the oil once on this car so far.
  17. Just like when I had a Toyota corolla it was 5w20 for 2010 and then 0w20 I think 2012+
  18. Hi. I just bought a new 17 spark lt1 last Wednesday Dec 27 and I have some questions. What oil is the engine filled up with at the factory? Fully synthetic or synthetic blend? Do I need to use one over the other or does it matter? Could I use just synthetic safely and would I be able to go up to a year between oil changes since I don't drive any more than 8000 miles in a year. Also, would this car be safe to drive at speeds around 75 mph with the engine rotating at 2500 rpm for about say 3 hours or about 300 miles or so?
  19. On a 17 spark lt cvt are there any brands of brake pads or rotors that will stop the car better than factory/oem? Is the reason the factory brake parts don't stop well because they are so small? Thanks.
  20. Oh I'm getting decent mileage now. I also have about 2600 miles and summer blend of gas is out.
  21. 2017 spark LT cvt 250 miles. Just bought Dec 27th. Getting between 20 and 22 mpg average. Is this normal?
  22. I was driving the car up a hill and trying to pass a car. The speed limit was 45mph. The engine was going around 3500-4000 rpm. I'm guessing this is bad for the engine? Could I have done damage to the engine doing this?
  23. Just out of curiosity.... I think I already know the answer.... But will the 1.8 liter engine from the the sonic and cruze fit and work in the 17+ spark? Or is it prob too big?
  24. Or at the very least a new 1.5, 1.6, or 1.8L engine.
  25. 2017 spark with cvt