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  1. 2017 spark LT cvt 250 miles. Just bought Dec 27th. Getting between 20 and 22 mpg average. Is this normal?
  2. Currently have 250miles on it
  3. Hi. I just bought a new 17 spark lt1 last Wednesday Dec 27 and I have some questions. What oil is the engine filled up with at the factory? Fully synthetic or synthetic blend? Do I need to use one over the other or does it matter? Could I use just synthetic safely and would I be able to go up to a year between oil changes since I don't drive any more than 8000 miles in a year. Also, would this car be safe to drive at speeds around 75 mph with the engine rotating at 2500 rpm for about say 3 hours or about 300 miles or so?
  4. Where could I get headlight assemblies for the 2017 Chevy spark Indonesia with projector/led. And would I be able to install it in my spark same year?
  5. 2017 spark LT 200 miles. Sometimes the transmission whines/whistles. Is this something I should be concerned with or no?
  6. Hi im in Central Illinois. My gf and I just bought a 17 spark LT. Anyone up for a meet anywhere like say Chicago?
  7. I wonder if I should be pessimistic about my cvt breaking on my 17 spark with 250 miles on it.
  8. 2017 spark LT about 200 miles. The cvt has been whining on occasion. Is this something I need to be concerned about? Also I am only currently getting about 22-23 mpg
  9. All I know is there is a switch on the hood that tells if the hood is open or not.
  10. Is there anyway to install the factory remote start in the 17's?
  11. Are there any projector led headlight assemblies anywhere for the 2017 spark?