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Hi there!!!


Just bought me a 2016 Spark LT with 25kmiles, it's in very good condition and I'm planning on using it to commute to work and travel to visit my family or just vacation somewhere. I have a Wrangler Rubicon and that beast like to eat gas like a mofo!


Anyway, I have a question regarding the rear liftgate/tail gate. When it is open and you want to close it, I notice there is this "hole" where you are supposed to stick your hand in and just pull the gate but mine doesn't have a trim or a rubber piece; it's just a plain cut out hole maybe 2"x5" (radius corners, not sharp, but it is just "bare"). Am I missing a trim, panel, cover????



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Yes. There is a plastic piece that fits in that cutout. It is not held in place very securely so the previous owner probably lost or tossed it.

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