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I have a 2011/12 Chevy Spark LS. I have a issue with the central locking.


Unlocking With The Remote


  • The rear RH door unlocks and locks again. Could this be due to the system detecting an error in the LH doors?
  • The drivers door does nothing but actuator does sound.
  • Both LH door locks slightly move but don't open. Sounds as if both actuator motor gears inside are stripped. Both doors make a loud grinding sound.


Locking With The Remote


  • If open all the locks by hand and push the locking button on the remote all the doors lock except LH passenger door.


Locking With Key


  • If I lock the drivers door all doors lock except LH passenger door.


Unlocking With Key


  • If I unlock the drivers door only the RH doors unlock.


Locking By Hand


  • If I lock the drivers door all doors lock except the LH passenger door.


Unlocking By Hand


  • If I unlock drivers door only RH doors unlock.
  • When I pull the LH rear door lock slightly it will unlock when I pull the locking pin of the drivers door.
  • LH passenger door does nothing.


Key battery is new but didn't help at all.

There is no door unlocking button in the car.

RH doors I believe are fine.

Could it be that both electrical actuators of the LH doors have failed?

All connections of the actuators are clean and are making good contact.

All connecting rods are in good condition and in the correct places.

All fuses are good.


Dealership is not an option as I am far from one.


Does anyone know where I could start looking?


I was thinking to start at the LH passenger door since it does absolutely nothing. Remove the lock and test the actuator.


Also, how does one remove the rear door window winders?? Whoever thought of putting that plastic ring behind the window winder is a diesel mechanic's worst nightmare.






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Hi Dean,

Welcome to forum :welcome:


As we both share similar era and type (mine is 2010 LS India, left hand traffic vehicle). I have a question is your have after Market or GM accessories remote kit? If so, can you just disconnect the RKE (remote keyless entry) module and then check for lock unlock by key and hand. This will confirm that atleast spark's basic central locking is working fine. Then it may be the RKE module may have a problem. I am asking this as the details you have given are very strange. In my car the RKE module was hung above cabin relay module, behind lower steering column filler panel.


For the rear door window winder thing, I am with you. :sos: I too want to know how to remove that handle. I tried many thing from YouTube got nothing but just scratch around the lever.

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