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OEM Cruise Control on LS

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Hey folks!


New to the forum, as I'm new to the Chevy Spark scene. My company is about to purchase a few of these as fleet vehicles, and I'll be receiving one. However, they are the LS base trim model, as every other company does when it comes to buying fleet vehicles in bulk. I noticed on the Chevy website, it states that the LS does not come equipped with cruise control, but every other trim does.


Has anyone confirmed if the Spark's ECU is already programed and just needs the mounted controls? I ask because my current fleet car being replaced is a 2010 Toyota Yaris, which literally only needed the $15 part and a hole drilled in the plastic trim on the side of the steering column. Like the Spark, It is also a drive-by-wire, so the ECU was already programmed; it literally just needed the part, connected and bolted right up, perfectly OEM.


I know there's an aftermarket option by Rostra, but I'm not looking to drop $300 on "someone else's" car. The Yaris project only ran me $15 for the part on ebay, and an hour of time.


Looking forward to a newer subcompact commuter vehicle, but really would appreciate the long interstate commutes with some cruise capability within reasonable $$. 


Thanks in advance!

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